I decided to try introducing The Boy to some short-sleeve button-down shirts to wear instead of tees and polos. I have tried this before, when he was in high-school and he was not a fan of me even suggesting it. But I brought the following three shirts home last month and he was surprisingly receptive to them. His favorite is the first one, the Secret Wash Shirt in Blue Jasmin. He even asked for more shirts like this so I decided to give Old Navy and Gap a try.

~ Slim-Fit Linen Blend Shirt, Bluetification, Small ~

The Boy is very slim and is a Small in shirts. This specific shirt is a slim-fit and fits him just fine. You can see how the shirt slightly tapers in a bit just below the chest. He said the shirt fit him well and felt comfortable on, not too itchy. 

~ Regular Fit Linen Blend Shirt, Midnight River, Small ~

The color on this is a true Navy though I captured the color badly. This regular fit shirt also comes in Just So Cerulean – a baby blue – and White. This one is a little more roomy but still fits TTS. 

These linen-blend shirts have washed and dried well in the machine already.  He’s been adverse to wearing linen shirts in the past, especially when we traveled to Italy but it seems he’s gotten over that and likes both of these. He even specially asked for me to iron/steam the solid one so he could wear it to work. That took me completely by surprise but I’m glad he has decided to step up his dressing game.

I’ll have the GAP shirts review later this evening. I think he’s humoring me with those since I went a little overboard with the prints.

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve. We made it to and from Dallas without any major issues. We had to cut our trip a little short since Husband had some tooth issues but otherwise, it was so nice to catch up with our friends.

I am excited to share this Que Bella today since it has the whole family. The Boy has really stepped up his wardrobe since going off to College. At least he has since he’s been home. He’s probably been wearing basketball shorts and ironic tees to class but I don’t see that.

He does have to dress up for his Chapter meetings and really liked this sweater he received for Christmas. I bought him this Heather Maroon and the Heather Elm. 

For New Year’s Eve, I wore my Willa Dress from Tory Burch with some sweater tights and my Harper Boots. Hubs has on a J Crew Merino Sweater and some AG Cords!! 

Thank you all for spending a little time with me every know and then! I really appreciate it and look forward to a Great 2015!

Have a Great Evening!

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I have to thank J Crew Guy in Canada, in the comments of this JCA post, for pointing out the Glen Plaid shirt. It was sold out in the Small but I was able to have The Boy’s VPS order it and have it overnighted so I could take it to him this past weekend. 
This was my favorite of the three shirts I purchased him and the ONE shirt he did not like. I was so disappointed. But, I had a feeling he might not want it since the glen plaid looks like large stripes across the shirt. Ever since he was little, basically when he could talk coherent sentences, he said he did not like stripes and would not wear any shirt that had any type of stripe on it. Yes, blasphemous to Gigi’s Stripe-Sick ears but since he verbalized it, I made sure there were no stripes in his closet. Even types of plaid he would not wear since they were close to looking like stripes, like this beautiful glen plaid shirt below. 
~ Soft Heather Twill Shirt, Heather Midnight, Small ~
I purchased the blue in store since The Boy looks very nice in blues. The color makes his eyes a beautiful blue-gray. He was hesitant to take it, thinking it was a thick shirt, but Husband convinced him that he’ll use it since his new city gets much colder than home. Once he felt it, he realized it wasn’t very thick at all. 

I grabbed this one on a whim while I was in-store. I’m glad I did since the Glen Plaid shirt didn’t work out. All three fit him well, to just a little big, but he prefers his clothes a little looser. He’ll be able to add an under-shirt comfortably. 
I also found this tie in-store and love it! The Boy has a couple of other solid shirts that will work well with this tie. And, of course, he has his Ludlow Suit in Worsted Wool {pants, jacket} to wear with the tie. Oddly enough, he liked like this. I think because the Glen Plaid was at a diagonal and there is blue mixed in. 

I think he’ll get a lot of use out of the shirts he did keep. He is pledging a Fraternity so he has to dress up for meetings, i.e. – shirt and tie, so more options is always good. 
Anything else I should keep an eye on in the men’s section for The Boy? 

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The Boy’s Prom was over the weekend and there were plans to meet at a local hotel for pictures. He went with a very large group that rented a large bus for the night. I wasn’t quite able to stick to my outfit remix plan for Saturday as my Zora Tee was dirty. I subbed in my Ruffled Rhinestone Top and new Tory Burch Alexa Sandals I found at Nordstrom Rack.

Here are a few pictures from the evening. The Boy had a great time and I didn’t cry ;-).

Best friends
~ Gilda Skirt, Kate Spade (Tommy BahamaJ Crew) ~
~ Alexa Flat Sandal, Tory Burch (Polyvore) ~
~ Belt, J Crew (sim) ~

The Boy
~ Ludlow Suit in Worsted Wool, Jacket/Pants, J Crew ~
~ Ludlow Spread-Collar Shirt, J Crew ~

All the girls looked gorgeous, of course!
Have a Great Day!

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We had a chilly but sunny Thanksgiving and I’ve been waiting to wear my Leather Pocket Mini-Dress from Madewell. I paired it with a Light Gray Tissue Turtleneck Tee from a few years ago since my Black color looked dingy. I added Black Assets Leggings and my lovely Harper Leather Boots. I was comfortable all day and had plenty of room to hide the Thanksgiving Food Baby.

The Boy and I goofing around. 
Friday evening we went out as a family to celebrate Husband’s birthday. He had been sick all week, including his birthday and even missed out on Thanksgiving. I have on my J Crew Sample Cashmere Pants, a Cashmere Tee in Olive, Martina Wedges I purchased from a JCA, and my jumping-on-the-bandwagon/better-late-than-never Lexington Blazer in Ivory. I have been slowly finding the Lexington Blazers in the solid and tipped and I think I now have every color I want. I have also been able to find two Wool Oxford Blazers that are gorgeous! I wish these two would come back. I added my Dorado Necklace at the last minute and it paired wonderfully with the outfit.

I did stop at the J Crew Factory store on my way home on Thanksgiving since it opened at 6 p.m.!! It wasn’t busy at all since everyone was at Kate Spade and Coach on that side of the mall. I didn’t venture out on Black Friday as there are just too many people out-and-about. Unfortunately, one of those people was in a little bit of a hurry and pulled out in front of The Boy. He wasn’t hurt, Thank The Lord! but the truck his grand-father gave him is a total loss. We are sad only because the truck is sentimental to us but we know dad was looking down on his Grandson that day to keep him safe.

Even though I’m one of the first in line when there’s a sale or new arrivals, in the end it’s all just stuff. Nothing is more important than the time we have here on Earth with our loved ones. And, now, because The Boy has no vehicle, I get to dust off that black Chauffeur Hat and spend a little more time during the day with him than I normally would. Woo Hoo!! Which is great for me (and him but he won’t admit it) because he’ll be off to College in 6 months and then I’ll be really sad! (J Crew better have a great Fall 2014 to cheer me up!)

Have a Great Evening!