I’m still trying to find my way, and thoughts again, but I do have a few reviews of actual orders; things I really wanted. Let’s see if they find a place in my closet.

~ Cashmere Bodysuit with Velvet Bow, Medium ~

I loved last year’s Cashmere Bodysuit. I’m a fan of bodysuits in general. There’s no shirttails coming out and everything lays flat. Of course, there is the bathroom issue, so I try to where them when I am not drinking too much or have easy access to a bathroom. Anyway, last year’s bodysuit was a cap-sleeve and came in a featherweight cashmere. I have it in light gray and navy and they are so easy to wear and layer.

I went with a Medium in this, the same as my other two, and it fits really well. The cashmere is featherweight and very soft. I love the black as it can easily be worn with anything. It looks really good with my favorite Vince Union Slouch Jeans. I am living in these and the Distressed version as well.

Here’s my dilemma with this bodysuit. Look how big that velvet bow is! And you really need a helper to tie it correctly. It took a little while twisting my head to look in the mirror to get that bow to lay a little straighter and not pointing at my head. I thought about taking to my tailor and having them cut the ribbon, add some snaps to close it and then make a bow and attach it to one piece and have it line up in the middle. It would be straighter and an easier closure. There’s plenty of ribbon for it. Honestly though, even though I bought it at a really good price, it’s not worth it for me to alter the bow to keep it. We are having a very mild Fall and I think Winter will be the same. I may only have an opportunity to wear this once or twice.

~ Striped Turtleneck Sweater-Dress, Black Saddle, Petite Medium ~

I can see why everyone loves this dress. It’s very comfortable and fits really well. I chose the Petite sizing to shorten the hem a little but I know I could have gone with a Small as well. I’m also happy the turtleneck on this is not tight. I don’t like being choked by my clothes. I’m wearing this dress with my Born Felicia Boots that I bought during the Nordstrom sale over the Summer. You can get them on sale now too! I have tall black boots as well and once it gets colder, for that one day in January, I’ll add some black tights.

~ Velvet Bomber, Navy, Medium ~
~ Madewell Cotton Whisper Tee, Gray, Small ~
~ Vince Union Slouch Jeans, Dark Vintage, 28
~ Soludos Velvet Llama Sneakers, 7 ~

This outfit has been my uniform. Sometimes with the Velvet Bomber but mostly without, until the days are cooler. This has been one of the most versatile jackets I purchased and it’s a nice break from a standard jean jacket. I can’t wait to add some tartan shirts underneath it in December. And aren’t these Llama Sneakers just the cutest? Husband hates them so I know I have a winner with these. I just love them!

I know J.Crew has some new arrivals in store and more coming but I haven’t really been too impressed. I am so very tired of the boxy and would like more fitted looks. I did see one or two items that look promising so I hope to see them soon in-store. When I do, I’ll share those with you!

Have a Great Day!

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I wouldn’t mention this if I didn’t so love this dress, but the Tiered Spaghetti-Strap Midi Dress in Eyelet is currently on promo for $168. J.Crew also has a a sale promo going on. You can take 30% off sale items with code SALESTYLE.

This dress is so very flattering, even though it’s not a normal midi length on me. I originally bought the Navy in a size 4 and it fit very well though was a little long for me, hitting below my calf not in the middle.

I took a chance and ordered the size 6P and it works so much better.The bodice fits the same but the skirt is much shorter, hitting at the top of my calves, making it more midi-style for me. You can shop the flats of this same sandal here and here.

I just ordered this in the Lemon color in a 6P. I really think the bright color will look very flattering on me. I have already decided this will be my birthday dress, even though it’s at the end of June. I will just have to decide which color to wear. Maybe a “costume change” is in order that day.

I hope those of you who ordered this beautiful dress have been happy with it. The weather’s been a little rainy and cool for me to wear it but I’m hoping to during this long weekend we will have.

Happy Shopping!

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I found the Tiered Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress in Eyelet in one size, a 4, in-store. I had no expectation that it would fit me, being a size 4, but I took it to the dressing room with me anyway because it just seemed to “call to me”. I can’t explain it but I know you know that feeling of some item speaking to you. LOL!

I wanted to make sure I shared pics that would show shoes I’d wear with this dress like these strappy sandals from last year’s collection. I really cannot believe the size 4 fit me. The bodice is perfect but not too tight or form-fitting. The skirt is dropped and starts around the hips. The length is at the end of my calves but still above the ankle and looks fairly close to the online image.

I was thinking of getting this altered, maybe bringing up the skirt portion a few inches but with the pleating at the seam I’m not sure it would be possible without deconstructing the skirt. Not to mention expensive to do. I loved the fit of this dress so much I was tempted to order the Lemon color. I also thought about ordering this similar shorter version, the Ruffle-Hem Spaghetti Strap Dress in Eyelet, but the bodice is not the same.

Here are some other shoes I’d pair with this dress.

What do you think of the Tiered Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress in Eyelet?

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A short review today of some of the new tees.

~ On Island Time Tee, Medium ~

I liked this in the Style Guide and online but when I received it I felt the letters had more of an iron-on feel and could peel off after a few washes. This fits TTS but is a pass for me.

~ Salut! Tee, Medium ~

One image in the Style Guide shows this to be purple and it looks like that to me on my monitor but it’s more of a blue. The fit is TTS in this one.

~ Made in the Shade Tee, Small ~
~ Ruffle Skirt in Cotton Poplin, White, 8P ~

The small fit well in this linen tee so I would suggest sizing down one. I needed a new white skirt as my Kate Spade a-line skirt has gotten a little dingy. The 8P fits well in the waist and hips though I do wish it was about two inches shorter. The white is bright and crisp and it is lined. I’m still on the fence about the ruffle and thinking maybe I just want a pencil skirt without any fuss.

~ Tippi Sweater in Embroidered Palm, Medium ~

This is such a cute sweater. All the black you see is embroidered. It’s already so warm but I will find a way to wear this a few times this “Spring” and Summer.

Super quick today. If you’re shopping the BIGSALE all of these items are 30% off!

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All the items below are included in the BIGSALE promo of 30% off.

~ Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Bodysuit, Ocean Ivory, Medium ~
~ Ruffle Wrap Skirt in Cotton Poplin, Bright Peri, size 6 ~

This is the Medium in the Bodysuit. I really did find the fit almost the same as the small. There is a good amount of stretch in this bodysuit and I do like the stripes on this one. The skirt is one we saw from Fashion Week and I thought it would be a little more Cha-Cha-Cha than this. I have on a size 6 which is a good fit. The waistband has two sets of button holes so you can adjust the sizing a little. I believe I had mine to make it a little more snug so it could be loosened if needed. There’s too much fabric and it’s too long for me. I did expect the price to be about $50 higher than it is, pre-promo, so it is a good price IMO. I just don’t know if you want all that fabric for Summer.

~ Eyelet Shirtdress, Navy, size 6 ~

My store received all three colors in this shirtdress and the Warm Clover was sold out except for a 2 on the mannequin. I was disappointed in the fit on this. I should have lightened the photo but the skirt is too full for me and the top is a little loose. I think it runs a little big and maybe an 8P would be a better fit. I did find a few other shirtdresses in my closet I haven’t worn so I am all stocked up on them and don’t need another. If you can get your right fit this will be really cute in the White with some fun sandals. The length is long so try a Petite size if you want it shorter.

The lining is sown into the dress and not a separate piece. That is fantastic! And it still has bra keeps!

~ One-Shoulder Dress in Eyelet, Black, size 6 ~

Just like the One-Shoulder Eyelet Top, this dress runs big. I finally got the size right in the top (size 4) but it then became a little too cropped and short in length. I originally ordered a size 8P in this dress, and failed to get pics. That fit well in the top portion with no gaping but was crazy short, just like the 8P in the Fringe Dress that I ordered. The length in the size 6 on this one-shoulder dress was great but the top portion was loose. I am holding the dress up on the side with my arm. It gaps about 3 inches and you can see that a little bit in the side photo.

Also, one thing to note, is though this dress is lined, it’s not fully lined.See those little holes/eyelets all in a row. That’s not lining underneath it, but my hand. The row of eyelets go all the way up the dress and are at the waist.

So it was a bit of a strike out on all these items. I don’t have a need for any dresses but I did find one that happened to be a returned that I absolutely loved! More to come on Sunday!

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