One problem I seem to have lately is time. Hence the week long separation from one post to the next, after returning. And it seems everything I am wanting to share with you is selling out. But I’ll share this one and hope to prep another post of active items this week.

~ Suede Motorcycle Jacket, Medium ~

The color is a lighter olive and the original stock image made me think it was a muted brown. I do like my outerwear to make a statement, which I probably why I haven’t ever purchased a black or tan motorcycle jacket in suede or leather. The fit is TTS and the medium fits well in the shoulders. The sleeves are a little long so I’ll have to scrunch them or fold them up once. Considering I’m going through a style change and wearing more casual/sporty looks, this jacket will fit right in. The hardware and zipper are gold and fit with the olive color.

I have a Navy suede motorcycle jacket I purchased last year from BCBG. From what I’ve discovered, Blank NYC seems to offer the biggest range of colors for their motorcycle jackets.

I wasn’t looking for another one but saw this olive motorcycle jacket in the last round of the J Crew Factory new arrivals and couldn’t resist ordering it. It was promo’d and then I had a coupon so it wasn’t full price.

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I’ll start with a review this morning of an item that, unfortunately, is currently sold out. I’m sure there will be returns on it, or at least hope so, in case you’re looking for one.

~ Signet Flap Bag in Italian Calf-hair ~

I missed out on the non-flap version with colorblock calf-hair a few seasons ago. It seemed to always be excluded from promos and then it just sold out, at regular price. I loved that light olive colorblock and was happy to see this snow-leopard calf hair with the deep jade coloring being offered this season. I’ve moved away from bigger bags and have been using smaller cross-body bags for a while. The colors of this bag make it perfect to transition from Fall to Winter.

There’s a little lock on the side and I was originally disappointed thinking it was for show but then I found the keys.

There are two interior pockets along with a bigger section to hold most of your things. There’s also a semi-exterior pocket that the flap covers. I do wish there was one more pocket on the back to stash your cell phone for easy access.

The straps are removable and can be interchanged with others J.Crew offers.

There are lots of options for these little crossbody/camera-style bags.

I do love the Dark Peony of the non-flap Signet Bag. It reminds me of my Bisbee Satchel in Summer Hyacinth, but more saturated in color. Gorgeous online so I would hope it’s the same IRL. I have a specific outfit in mind to wear this bag with, as soon as the weather cools.

Do you own the Signet Bag or a similar camera-style/crossbody bag?

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This post contains affiliate links.

Hi there! How have things been these last 4 1/2 month? I certainly didn’t expect to take that long of a break from the blog. I shopped some. I’ve worn some outfits. I’ve worked out, a lot. And the biggest change is that I chopped all my hair off. It was something I needed to do and I LOVE my new style.

I had it done on my 45th birthday. It ended up being a bright spot of the Summer as everything went to crap after that. I’ve had a few health issues and doctors appointments but I think I’m in the clear with everything now. It sucks getting old.

I’ll be back to blogging again and have a few review posts scheduled for this week. Time is probably my biggest hurdle right now but I hope to have 2-3 post a week for you.

I’ll leave you this evening with my birthday outfit. I wasn’t quite sure about the Linen Jumpsuit from J.Crew because it looked and fit a little odd in the back, just above the pockets. I ended up keeping it and wearing it for my birthday and felt amazing all day. The necklace and earrings are from Kendra Scott and were my birthday gift from my husband.

Have a wonderful evening!

I wouldn’t mention this if I didn’t so love this dress, but the Tiered Spaghetti-Strap Midi Dress in Eyelet is currently on promo for $168. J.Crew also has a a sale promo going on. You can take 30% off sale items with code SALESTYLE.

This dress is so very flattering, even though it’s not a normal midi length on me. I originally bought the Navy in a size 4 and it fit very well though was a little long for me, hitting below my calf not in the middle.

I took a chance and ordered the size 6P and it works so much better.The bodice fits the same but the skirt is much shorter, hitting at the top of my calves, making it more midi-style for me. You can shop the flats of this same sandal here and here.

I just ordered this in the Lemon color in a 6P. I really think the bright color will look very flattering on me. I have already decided this will be my birthday dress, even though it’s at the end of June. I will just have to decide which color to wear. Maybe a “costume change” is in order that day.

I hope those of you who ordered this beautiful dress have been happy with it. The weather’s been a little rainy and cool for me to wear it but I’m hoping to during this long weekend we will have.

Happy Shopping!

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I found the Tiered Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress in Eyelet in one size, a 4, in-store. I had no expectation that it would fit me, being a size 4, but I took it to the dressing room with me anyway because it just seemed to “call to me”. I can’t explain it but I know you know that feeling of some item speaking to you. LOL!

I wanted to make sure I shared pics that would show shoes I’d wear with this dress like these strappy sandals from last year’s collection. I really cannot believe the size 4 fit me. The bodice is perfect but not too tight or form-fitting. The skirt is dropped and starts around the hips. The length is at the end of my calves but still above the ankle and looks fairly close to the online image.

I was thinking of getting this altered, maybe bringing up the skirt portion a few inches but with the pleating at the seam I’m not sure it would be possible without deconstructing the skirt. Not to mention expensive to do. I loved the fit of this dress so much I was tempted to order the Lemon color. I also thought about ordering this similar shorter version, the Ruffle-Hem Spaghetti Strap Dress in Eyelet, but the bodice is not the same.

Here are some other shoes I’d pair with this dress.

What do you think of the Tiered Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress in Eyelet?

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