Old Navy Men’s: Slim-Fit Linen Blend Shirt, Regular Fit Linen Blend Shirt

I decided to try introducing The Boy to some short-sleeve button-down shirts to wear instead of tees and polos. I have tried this before, when he was in high-school and he was not a fan of me even suggesting it. But I brought the following three shirts home last month and he was surprisingly receptive to them. His favorite is the first one, the Secret Wash Shirt in Blue Jasmin. He even asked for more shirts like this so I decided to give Old Navy and Gap a try.

~ Slim-Fit Linen Blend Shirt, Bluetification, Small ~

The Boy is very slim and is a Small in shirts. This specific shirt is a slim-fit and fits him just fine. You can see how the shirt slightly tapers in a bit just below the chest. He said the shirt fit him well and felt comfortable on, not too itchy. 

~ Regular Fit Linen Blend Shirt, Midnight River, Small ~

The color on this is a true Navy though I captured the color badly. This regular fit shirt also comes in Just So Cerulean – a baby blue – and White. This one is a little more roomy but still fits TTS. 

These linen-blend shirts have washed and dried well in the machine already.  He’s been adverse to wearing linen shirts in the past, especially when we traveled to Italy but it seems he’s gotten over that and likes both of these. He even specially asked for me to iron/steam the solid one so he could wear it to work. That took me completely by surprise but I’m glad he has decided to step up his dressing game.

I’ll have the GAP shirts review later this evening. I think he’s humoring me with those since I went a little overboard with the prints.

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