J Crew Men’s: Slim Soft Heather Twill Shirt in Glen Plaid, Heather Twill Shirt in Houndstooth, Soft Heather Twill Shirt, English Wool Tie in Glen Plaid

I have to thank J Crew Guy in Canada, in the comments of this JCA post, for pointing out the Glen Plaid shirt. It was sold out in the Small but I was able to have The Boy’s VPS order it and have it overnighted so I could take it to him this past weekend. 
This was my favorite of the three shirts I purchased him and the ONE shirt he did not like. I was so disappointed. But, I had a feeling he might not want it since the glen plaid looks like large stripes across the shirt. Ever since he was little, basically when he could talk coherent sentences, he said he did not like stripes and would not wear any shirt that had any type of stripe on it. Yes, blasphemous to Gigi’s Stripe-Sick ears but since he verbalized it, I made sure there were no stripes in his closet. Even types of plaid he would not wear since they were close to looking like stripes, like this beautiful glen plaid shirt below. 
~ Soft Heather Twill Shirt, Heather Midnight, Small ~
I purchased the blue in store since The Boy looks very nice in blues. The color makes his eyes a beautiful blue-gray. He was hesitant to take it, thinking it was a thick shirt, but Husband convinced him that he’ll use it since his new city gets much colder than home. Once he felt it, he realized it wasn’t very thick at all. 

I grabbed this one on a whim while I was in-store. I’m glad I did since the Glen Plaid shirt didn’t work out. All three fit him well, to just a little big, but he prefers his clothes a little looser. He’ll be able to add an under-shirt comfortably. 
I also found this tie in-store and love it! The Boy has a couple of other solid shirts that will work well with this tie. And, of course, he has his Ludlow Suit in Worsted Wool {pants, jacket} to wear with the tie. Oddly enough, he liked like this. I think because the Glen Plaid was at a diagonal and there is blue mixed in. 

I think he’ll get a lot of use out of the shirts he did keep. He is pledging a Fraternity so he has to dress up for meetings, i.e. – shirt and tie, so more options is always good. 
Anything else I should keep an eye on in the men’s section for The Boy? 

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  1. October 10, 2014 / 3:57 am

    No stripes? What is wrong with this child? lol I love the blue in the tie. Color is where J. Crew excels, adding subtleties like that. It's sad to see so many drab things this season. Yay for 2 out of 3 shirts.