J Crew: Gingham

This afternoon we have all the Gingham I could find in the store to try on.

~ Campbell Blazer in Gingham, Cobalt Blue Ivory, size 8 ~
~ Linen V-Neck Tee, Bright Butternut, Small ~
~ Lightweight Short in Gingham Linen, Cobalt Blue Ivory, size 8 ~

This was a really cute blazer. The Cobalt Blue is nice and bright and exactly matches the shorts. I felt silly wearing them together though. I do have a pair of white Linen shorts that would look fantastic with the blazer. The size 8 fit fine so this is TTS, but since it’s offered in a Petite I would size to my normal 10 Petite. It fits much better in the chest, waist and sleeve length. Single button is not great but will work. I usually leave my blazer buttons undone. I reviewed the Linen Tee yesterday. This blazer also comes in Pink Ivory.



The blazer is lined in poly resembling a seersucker stripe.


~ Lightweight Short in Gingham Linen, Cobalt Blue Ivory, size 8 ~

J. Crew baffles me sometimes with their product names. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a linen item not be “lightweight”. Maybe that’s their way of saying it’s not a blend? Moving on, the shorts are just as cute as the blazer and more my style. Though I wish these were offered in a true navy gingham, I do like the cobalt blue color. It’s just as bright and saturated as the blazer. The inseam is 5-inches, a pretty good length for me. If I can recall correctly, these shorts are not lined but not thin enough to be see-through.


~ Tippi in Gingham, Caravan Blue, Small ~

This sweater is made of  a very lightweight and somewhat sheer Merino Wool. The Small fit really well and would be the size I’d get. I am normally a Medium in Tippis but the Medium was very slouchy on me so I would say this Tippi runs big. The Caravan Blue is pretty in person but I like the Vivid Canary that’s offered instead. I can definitely see that color with the Ponte Wide-Leg Pants.


~ Lightweight Linen Tunic in Gingham, Small ~

I had already ordered this in the Hydrangea color. This runs large and the Small was fine and works for a decent coverup. The Gingham in Navy and White and has a tie at the neck. The sleeves are long but I’d definitely roll mine up.


~ Lightweight Linen Tunic, Hydrangea White, Small ~

This the one I ordered and is the same style and fit just a different color. For the price, I decided I could find something cheaper (Factory) or take one of my Linen button-downs as a cover-up.


I had purchased the Tippi but have since returned it. It was one of those things where I decided if I didn’t wear it in the first week of purchase I would return it and wait for it to go on sale. I won’t be heart-broken if I don’t get it. I have a feeling there will be other retailers copying the Gingham look soon.