J Crew: Fitting Room Catch-Up

So I found some old fitting rooms pics, from around January, that I’ll throw in at the end of this post.

~ Perfect Shirt in Scattered Daisy, Navy, size 6 ~
~ Side-Zip Denim Short, size 8 ~

The Scattered Daisy shirt is really cute and immediately caught my eye during its roll-out. I hesitated to purchase it only because I have been wearing only the Foil Dot Shirt and my Ann Taylor Embroidered Dot Shirt frequently. My store had three shirts left so I grabbed the 6 knowing it would be snug in the chest, shoulders and arms. I need my normal size 8 in this shirt. The daisies are white with pink in the center. I rarely look at the online image details, preferring to see the detail in person so I completely missed it while browsing online. The print also comes in the Patio Pant and the Campbell Blazer, though in a brown color.


~ Side-Zip Denim Short, size 8 ~

This is a nice, dark, thicker denim short, as compared to, say, the denim on a Toothpick Jean. The zipper is on the side, allowing for a flat front. The inseam is 3 1/2 inches but the rise is higher, at 11 inches. It’s a really good, dressy short and I’ll certainly get a lot of use out of these in the Summer, especially over Chino or printed shorts. I am in a size 29 and it fit just fine. The size 30 were bunchy in front. A solid pick from J Crew that I am considering them in White as well.


~ Trench Cape, Barley, XS/S ~

I know capes are not my friend but I couldn’t resist trying the Trench Cape. I feel really awkward with my arms sticking out of those armholes. The Tippi in Gingham looks good with it. This is really oversized and I am in the XS/S. The interior buttons were a bit difficult to fasten too. Leaving them un-buttoned made for a little bulkiness underneath and not smooth.


Hand in pocket…Doesn’t look too bad. But, I did struggle trying to slip my arm back inside the trench to get my hand in the pocket. The back is wide. Though I’m taking the pic with one arm it’s still right next to my side on top so it isn’t adding to the width of the Trench Cape. Give me a hood and a shapely silhouette!


~ Sunday Slim Chino, White, size 8 ~

I have these in Sunset Haze or at least a similar color, that I purchased over the Summer. I chose a size 6 since it was the only one in that color. The size 8, in the White, runs a big large in the waist and bunchy in the front. I know the size 6 is just a little snug in the thighs for me but the pants do stretch a little with wear. I’d still get the size 6 in these, opting for the stretching out as opposed to baggy. Of course, now I see that there is a Petite option online so the 8P would probably work well. The Belvedere Red was really striking in-store. The red is pretty saturated in person but I wonder how much of that will fade with wash-and-wear.


~ 5″ Chino Short, Storm Grey, size 8 ~

I don’t have a “true grey” short and wanted to try both this color and the length. The color isn’t as dark IRL as it is online. I like them and the size 8 fit fine but I do have a 4″ Chino Short in Quarry Green which looks grey but isn’t. Anyway, these are a good pair of shorts, if you are in need of any, and come in a few different colors.


~ Lightweight Bermuda Chino Short, Navy, size 8 ~

I really needed to replace a pair I’ve had since at least 2009. They still fit, aren’t frayed or holey but are really faded. Size 8 was a good fit and I’m keeping these. I ordered the British Khaki too but it’s on back-order until Mid-April.


~ Sunday Slim Chino Short, Honey Brown, size 8 ~

Comfy, casual, slouchy. That’s the Sunday Slim Chino Short. The fit is just like the Chino Pant but this time I do prefer the size 8. I bought these in the Navy as well though I’ll probably return them since I have the Bermuda’s above.


~ Boy Shirt in Navy Weekend Plaid, size 8 ~
~ Colorblock Striped Skirt, size 6 ~

I recall being interested in this shirt when it arrived online. It’s currently on sale plus 30% off with SPRINGSALE. I recall it being a lightweight flannel type. The blue is just as saturated as it is in the pics. Size 8, good fit.



I really liked this skirt. It’s not quite a pencil shape but more a-line as you can see it flares some from the hips. The size 6 was ok but I’d go with an 8 or 8 Petite instead. The length was not as long as I expected it to be and the Elsie in Leopard help. The mix of navy and bright blue are pretty and unexpected. I’m not shopping for skirts but this one gives some nice interest to it.


~ Ruffled Button-Up Shirt in End-on-End Cotton, size 8 ~

The tiny ruffles are at the cuff, collar and button placket. A simple little touch that makes a basic button down a little more interesting. Not enough for me to buy it but still interesting, none-the-less. Fits TTS


I’m curious if any of you bought the Scattered Daisy shirt or have tried on the Trench Cape? Anyone?

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  1. Tati
    March 18, 2016 / 9:13 am

    Thanks for the reviews, chiming in to answer your question, but I didn’t try either the Daisy shirt or the Trench cape. I haven’t been crazy about the prints lately and the daisy one was no exception for me 🙁 As for the stylish cape, I couldn’t pull it off — too short at 4’11” and my broad shoulders would probably make me look as if I was impersonating a linebacker (tho Gigi said it would actually work well.) I saw it in stores and it looks beautiful and well-made, but I think I’d better stick to regular trenches. (I’ve just ordered the Chateau Trench, we’ll see how that goes.)

    Love that Storm Gray color, a great neutral. I just bought a pair of Sunday Slim Chino in a dark gray color (in store, so not sure of the exact shade name), but you’re right, there’s something bunchy about the fit. I have them in Petite, in the cobalt shade, and these gray ones are even smaller, also in Petite, and they look fine when I stand but when I sit, they balloon around my stomach, making it appear as if I ate one too many taco. 🙁 Not sure what to do.

    Anywho, thanks for the reviews as always, they’re really helpful and fun as always!