~ Bow-Shoulder Top in Oversized Gingham, size 8 ~

I liked the look of this top but the fit was odd for me. I don’t know if the bow, which unties, was the reason but the top felt uneven. The only way to get this on was to pull it over your head. The bow does untie so you have a little more room at the opening. It could also be that there’s extra material in the top, to accommodate for the bow. Either way, I wasn’t a fan of the style though I like the print and colors.



~ Off-the-Shoulder Top in Ratti Happy Cat Print, size 6 ~

I’ve read several reviews of the off-the-shoulder tops from J Crew that they are not staying put so I haven’t tried them. My VPS added this to my room. This should have been called “confetti print”. I don’t see a “happy cat” anywhere on here. But the print itself is fun and would be cute for Summer. It looks ok as a regular top, not off-the-shoulder.


But the off-the-shoulder is so much more fun. I’m in a size 6 and that fit really well. I passed on this only because I bought one I’ve been wanting for months from another brand. I’ll share that review soon.



~ Tippi Sweater in Blue-Emerald Gingham, Medium ~

This blue-emerald color of the Gingham Tippi is really pretty IRL. I happened to be wearing an ivory tank that day so it helps hide some of the sheerness of the sweater. I wish this had been in a lightweight cotton instead, as we are now too warm to be wearing thin merino wool. Of all the colors in the Gingham Tippi, I think I liked the Vivid Canary best.



~ Short-Sleeve Popover in Vintage Plaid, Berry Multi, size 6 ~

I immediately wanted this top when I saw it online. The purples looked so pretty online. When I saw it in-store, the colors were more muted and faded. I prefer the blue in the shirt-dress. This runs big through the body but I can wear both the size 6 and 8. I prefer the fit of the sleeve in the size 8, over the size 6.



You’ll have to fuss with the shirt a bit to tuck it in and make it look presentable and less sloppy but it does look nice.


~ Short-Sleeve Popover in White Irish Linen, White, size 8 ~

The linen popover shirts were my favorite of all the popovers. I’ve been searching for some linen tops with short-sleeves for a while. I found one a Zara, in White, a few years ago, and one in Black and Gap last year but I wanted additional colors. This fit like the Vintage Plaid popover and, though this runs big, I do prefer the size 8 over the 6. Go ahead and size down in this one. You will still get the slouchy, casual look that your normal size would create.


~ Short-Sleeve Popover in Irish Linen, French Blue, size 6 ~

The only real different I felt in the size 6 was the length. It wasn’t cropped but did feel a little shorter than the size 8. The French Blue is a pretty color IRL but I already have 3 various blues in long-sleeve linen.


~ Short-Sleeve Popover in Irish Linen, Golden Rose/Warm Emerald, size 8 ~

Out of these two colors, I preferred the Warm Emerald over the Golden Rose. These were taken after my vacation so you can see how they both look with a tan.



~ Short-Sleeve Popover in Candy Stripe, size 6 ~

Again, this fit like the other popovers above but the stripes, yeah, not my taste. I do think you can pull this off with skinny white jeans or a denim skirt. Nothing too wide-leg or flowy on bottom.



So, as you can see, I liked the popovers and it was just a matter of deciding which print and material I wanted to get. I chose the linen over all of them. You can still take 25% off with SUMMER or 30% off with your J Crew Card and CARDSONLY, through today.

Happy Shopping!

This afternoon we have all the Gingham I could find in the store to try on.

~ Campbell Blazer in Gingham, Cobalt Blue Ivory, size 8 ~
~ Linen V-Neck Tee, Bright Butternut, Small ~
~ Lightweight Short in Gingham Linen, Cobalt Blue Ivory, size 8 ~

This was a really cute blazer. The Cobalt Blue is nice and bright and exactly matches the shorts. I felt silly wearing them together though. I do have a pair of white Linen shorts that would look fantastic with the blazer. The size 8 fit fine so this is TTS, but since it’s offered in a Petite I would size to my normal 10 Petite. It fits much better in the chest, waist and sleeve length. Single button is not great but will work. I usually leave my blazer buttons undone. I reviewed the Linen Tee yesterday. This blazer also comes in Pink Ivory.



The blazer is lined in poly resembling a seersucker stripe.


~ Lightweight Short in Gingham Linen, Cobalt Blue Ivory, size 8 ~

J. Crew baffles me sometimes with their product names. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a linen item not be “lightweight”. Maybe that’s their way of saying it’s not a blend? Moving on, the shorts are just as cute as the blazer and more my style. Though I wish these were offered in a true navy gingham, I do like the cobalt blue color. It’s just as bright and saturated as the blazer. The inseam is 5-inches, a pretty good length for me. If I can recall correctly, these shorts are not lined but not thin enough to be see-through.


~ Tippi in Gingham, Caravan Blue, Small ~

This sweater is made of  a very lightweight and somewhat sheer Merino Wool. The Small fit really well and would be the size I’d get. I am normally a Medium in Tippis but the Medium was very slouchy on me so I would say this Tippi runs big. The Caravan Blue is pretty in person but I like the Vivid Canary that’s offered instead. I can definitely see that color with the Ponte Wide-Leg Pants.


~ Lightweight Linen Tunic in Gingham, Small ~

I had already ordered this in the Hydrangea color. This runs large and the Small was fine and works for a decent coverup. The Gingham in Navy and White and has a tie at the neck. The sleeves are long but I’d definitely roll mine up.


~ Lightweight Linen Tunic, Hydrangea White, Small ~

This the one I ordered and is the same style and fit just a different color. For the price, I decided I could find something cheaper (Factory) or take one of my Linen button-downs as a cover-up.


I had purchased the Tippi but have since returned it. It was one of those things where I decided if I didn’t wear it in the first week of purchase I would return it and wait for it to go on sale. I won’t be heart-broken if I don’t get it. I have a feeling there will be other retailers copying the Gingham look soon.