Christmas Day went by in a flash for me. I was up really really early (4:30 a.m.) and had to wait for everyone else to wake up. We finally had to wake up The Boy or he would have slept all day, Christmas or not! Once presents were opened I was in the kitchen until our guests started arriving, still in my Christmas PJs (pj pants, tee, slippers).

I knew I was going to wear my new Cashmere Sweatpants. They were such a splurge, even with 40% off, but they were so cozy and comfortable once I put them on. I really didn’t think I would get into the sweatpants trend but they really did look nice with my Janey Printed Flats. (I chose a Leopard Kiki option in my image below.) I went with a size Small in the pants, based on the reviews, and I think I probably could go to an XS in these. They do stretch out a little. I’m hoping I can catch the Navy or Heather Acorn color on sale. Today’s the last day for 30% off on these.

The Merino Wool Pocket Tunic in Deep Forest has been waiting to be worn since I purchased it. The tunic was just enough warmth for the day. The stones in the Gemscape Layering Necklace (now on sale + 40% off!) paired well with the green tunic.

I am now officially on vacation, which is through all of next week and am totally ready for it. We are hoping to see some friends in Dallas for New Year’s. I’m shopped out right now but I’m sure I’ll be refreshed by the time we get to Dallas!

Have a Great Evening!

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Good evening all! I have been trying to post this all day but have been so very busy. But I wanted to get this outfit out there since I loved wearing it. It was so comfortable and Christmas-y without over-doing it. The Perfect Shirt in Tartan is one of my all-time favorite J Crew shirts. Alone or layered with a sweater it just looks good. It even goes with Leopard!

I bought this version of the Pilcro Stet Slim Ankle Jeans on sale over the Summer and they are awesome. These and my two Tory Burch pair are in heavy rotation right now. I like the darker wash on both for Winter. I will be getting the Stardust color of these as soon as I can, since they fit so amazingly well. 
 The Quinn Ankle Booties are still my favorites to wear out of all the new ones I’ve purchased this season. Though I have a pair of black ankle booties, I am so tempted to get the Quinn’s in Black Suede. 

My department had a little Christmas lunch and Secret Santa gifting on Tuesday. I though this outfit was perfect with the little touch of Christmas plaid to have a fun lunch break with the co-workers.

I am off to write my list of what I’m missing and who I’m missing that I need to buy for. I have wrapped quite a bit.

I love to wrap presents and have gotten into buying pretty ribbon for the bows. I’m not fancy about it or anything. I just put it around the gift and tie a bow. I like to sit there with a glass of wine and wrap the gifts. I like J Crew’s black boxes because you can be creative with the different colors and textures of ribbon to put on the box. The one in the bottom pic has a red plaid felt ribbon around it. The gold ball wrapped box in front of it has this glitter ribbon. After I was done with just that ribbon, glitter was everywhere so I might have to try and find some less messy ribbon.

Oh, if only life was as simple as avoiding glitter. Haha! Have a Great Evening!

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I loved the Harvest Moon Poncho in Maize so much I bought it in Ivory as well. Of the three remaining colors, I knew the Ivory would pair well with what’s currently in my closet. The Silk Sleeveless Blouse is one of the best and most favorite tops J Crew has offered. I would continue to buy these every season in the various colors offered, if that were to happen. They layer so well under cardigans and sweaters. I have all but one color and wear them often. I’ve had the original Origami Mini Skirt in Houndstooth (similar) for a few years now. I also have the other two colors as well (Jacquard, Peony). This ran small and I ended up sizing to a 10.

Along with my Corso Como Samual Boots, I added all Madewell jewelry to complete the look.

I’m trying to stay chic and cozy through the season, while also wearing something new or that I haven’t worn in a while.

I have a house-warming party this evening and another Christmas party on Saturday so there will be more Que Bella outfits to come next week.

Have a Great Day!

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It might only be 15 days until Christmas but they will pass by quickly. I try to do a lot of errands and shopping during the week to avoid the weekend craziness. A skirt or jeans, a tee and a cardigan are my three key pieces to an outfit. These three core pieces help make me ready to go if I need to run to the store during lunch or after work.
~ Reindeer Tee, J Crew (one, two, three) ~
~ Merino V-Neck Cardigan, Distressed Quartz, J Crew (one, two, three) ~
~ Plaid Fit-and-Flare Skirt, Banana Republic (pencil, midi, mini) ~
~ Cece Ballet Flat, Black, J Crew (Lanvin, Toms, Vince Camuto) ~
I love this little skirt and decided to go a little festive with the J Crew Reindeer Tee from Holiday 2009. Instead of a red or green cardigan I chose this soft pink (distressed quartz) cardi instead. It looks a little more normal than “crazy Christmas lady” in green or red. 
I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping this year online, mostly from Amazon. Yay for Amazon Prime! That doesn’t mean I still won’t head to the mall but at least I don’t have the anxiety of trying to find that last minute gift for someone. How close are you to being done? 
Have a Great Day! 

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I wanted to share my outfit from my neighborhood’s Christmas Party. As a board member, I’m expected to attend. Most everyone usually dresses in Christmas attire – red, green, Christmas sweaters, etc. I try to wear something fun when I attend Holiday and Christmas parties, especially if it’s an item that’s hard to style or is just meant for a party. The Origami Skirt in Elephant Parade is a great example of a unique party skirt. 
I originally had decided on a Navy Cashmere Tee but chose Black at the last minute instead. I still can’t tell if the background of the skirt is navy or black, not that I wanted to match it. I stuck to gold jewelry but had a little trouble finding shoes to wear with the skirt. I thought about my Bronson Booties but eventually went with a pop of red. 
I have two more parties this weekend, with one being pretty casual and the other not so I may wear this skirt again to one of those. I could probably casual this up in flat boots or black flats in general along with a Chambray shirt. 
What do you think? How else would you style this skirt?

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