This image below inspired my next outfit. I loved the simplicity of it. 
The Cashmere Tee in short-sleeves was perfect for the cool evening. I have these in many colors, in both short and long-sleeves. I have the basic colors – black, navy, grey, white – and then a few saturated colors in dark green, red, and bright pink. I wear my basic colors a lot in the Winter, usually layering them over button-downs or under a blazer. Add a necklace, though I didn’t here, and I’m ready to go for the day or night. 

I swapped out the printed jeans for my white jeans. I have never worn white jeans or skirts in the Fall or Winter. I’ve worn Ivory or Winter White but not a true White. I would like to try to incorporate these into my Fall wardrobe, if not the Winter too, but I’ll only wear these when the weather is nice. 
~ Collection Cashmere Tee, Heather Grey, J Crew  ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jeans, Tory Burch ~
~ Newbury Nubuck Bootie, Rag & Bone ~

We went to a restaurant we frequent weekly and sit at the bar so I didn’t want to over-accessorize. I could have used a belt at a minimum though. The bartender made a pumpkin spice shot that didn’t look like it was going to be tasty when he was making it but turned out to be really really good. I was pleasantly surprised. 

Can you believe it’s November? My calendar is filling up quickly so I hope to have several Que Bella’s for you this month.

What are you thoughts on wearing true white bottoms during the Fall and Winter? Do you stick to the “No white after Labor Day” fashion rule?

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Happy Halloween! I hope your morning has been filled with more treats than tricks. I’m not in the office today but I know they are planning for a Door Decorating Contest, and trick-or-treaters later today. Not to mention all the cookies, cakes, cupcakes and other goodies that have been filling my Facebook and Instagram streams from co-workers. Though I miss this fun part of being in an office, I am a little glad I’m not tempted by all the yumminess that is there.

We are finally getting into Fall weather, on this last day of October. With temps lowering I was excited to wear the Factory Pleated Mini Skirt in Plaid. Surprisingly, if you haven’t taken a closer look at the skirt, it has tiny stripes of blue mixed in.

Using my Stylebook App, I created two additional looks for this skirt. Each time I make a purchase I create multiple looks with my Stylebook App. This helps me decide whether or not I can really use it in my closet and also prepares me when I think I have “nothing-to-wear”. Sometimes they look great IRL and other times, the outfit is a big fail. I think this will look really cute IRL with the blue bows bringing out the blue in the plaid pattern of the skirt. Depending on the day, I may need to add tights or switch to tall boots instead of the booties.

Of course, a little check-on-check pattern-mixing will work too. I’ve added the Hugo Guinness sweater for a layering option. 

{update} This won’t look too bad styled with last years shirt in the same pattern. The Factory version might be a little closer in color to the gray in the skirt. 

I’m halfway through the day and still have a lot to do, including going to Vote! The days got away from me and I didn’t plan out a costume until yesterday. I’ll at least be sure to share on Instagram. I can’t wait to see all the little Princess Elsa’s and ghouls and goblins tonight. 
Have a Great Day!

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One of the hazards of working from home is that no one sees me all day. I could stay in my pajamas all day (done that), wear workout gear all day (done that), or a tee and pair of shorts, not giving any thought to how I looked. Lately, I’ve been trying to not phone-it-in and actually put on what’s in my closet. This process is also helping me determine what can stay and what needs to go. The closet purge never stops.

I’ve only worn the Butterfly Blouse once as it runs a little small. I ordered my normal size 8 but the arms are tight and there’s a touch of pulling across the chest. I still love it and the green is saturated and beautiful.

I was able to order another pair of my Tory Burch Cropped Skinny Jeans when they went on sale. I’m so glad to have a back-up pair. I brought the cost-per-wear of my other pair down to about $7. 
My Sophie Embroidered Loafers were comfortable all day. I will definitely get plenty of use out of them this Fall. 
Similar Blouse Options
~ Anthropologie Verimovo Peasant Blouse ~
~ Anthropologie Sumba Peasant Blouse ~
~ Equipment Floral Print Blouse ~

Since tomorrow is Halloween, I’m off to Michael’s. I’m just now tossing some costumes ideas around to wear while handing out candy. 

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Husband and I went to see Bob at Sam’s last night. It was so much fun. We’ve seen him before with a band but he was solo this time around. So along with a yummy burger and tots we saw a great live show.

Sam’s Burger Joint is a cool little venue to hear some of your favorite singers. They have a music hall separate from the dining area but you can always order food during the show too. We saw Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison over the Summer. That was a great show too. They had their kids with them selling tees and CDs and such. Bruce is soooo tall and Kelly is just adorable. Not to mention, great artists.

Two pieces in my outfit are the last of my Madewell reviews from my visit Tuesday. The Madewell Leather Pocket T-Shirt Dress was perfect for a small concert.

I wore the dress with my Vintage Denim Jacket from J Crew and Old Navy Booties. I felt stylish and comfortable. I’m glad I brought the jacket because the venue was a little chilly. 

The dress is so lovely. It’s a poly/spandex blend and feels a little like crepe. The SA recommended I size down to a Small and he was right. The arms are just a bit snug but the fit is perfect everywhere else. The dress has a shirttail hem so the back is just a little longer than the front.

The Halfmoon Layering Necklace was longer than I thought it would be. I think I was expecting a shorter more delicate necklace. I’m glad it’s not. There are three jump rings to adjust the length. I have it on the very last one, to make it as long as possible. Necklaces like this one make it so easy to wear one every day. No deciding which necklace to layer with pearls or to select a short necklace to go with a longer one. Simple and easy. I like it!

Have a Great Saturday!

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We traveled to visit The Boy last weekend at college and I packed some items I couldn’t wait to wear. Unfortunately, I only took a pic of this outfit, but it was one of my favorites. Even Husband liked it with all it’s crazy pattern mixing. He really liked the skirt, I think the flare is what he thought was flattering.


~ Merino Cardigan, J Crew (sim) ~
~ Martina Wedges by way of JCF, J Crew ~
Happy Momma!
I hadn’t seen him in over 6 weeks but he did not change any. He’s doing good and involved in various activities. I was a little concerned that he would be really homesick since none of his friends are at the same college or even nearby but I shouldn’t have worried. He’s made a lot of friends, including two young men who are from my small hometown. How crazy is it that he moves a few hundred miles away and his new best friend is from the town he spent his Summers!
He was busy, even knowing we were coming, but he was able to get in a few good meals and find a blazer and new tennis shoes. And of course, the obligatory extra cash from mom “for emergencies”…or dates. 😉
I am going to try my best to have some Factory reviews first thing in the morning. Everything in-store and online is currently 50% off. The only exclusion in-store that mattered to me was the Excursion Vest. That was only 30% off.

Have a Great Evening!

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*Doing a little interactive picture thing to see how it goes.