Que Bella – Christmas Day Cashmere

Christmas Day went by in a flash for me. I was up really really early (4:30 a.m.) and had to wait for everyone else to wake up. We finally had to wake up The Boy or he would have slept all day, Christmas or not! Once presents were opened I was in the kitchen until our guests started arriving, still in my Christmas PJs (pj pants, tee, slippers).

I knew I was going to wear my new Cashmere Sweatpants. They were such a splurge, even with 40% off, but they were so cozy and comfortable once I put them on. I really didn’t think I would get into the sweatpants trend but they really did look nice with my Janey Printed Flats. (I chose a Leopard Kiki option in my image below.) I went with a size Small in the pants, based on the reviews, and I think I probably could go to an XS in these. They do stretch out a little. I’m hoping I can catch the Navy or Heather Acorn color on sale. Today’s the last day for 30% off on these.

The Merino Wool Pocket Tunic in Deep Forest has been waiting to be worn since I purchased it. The tunic was just enough warmth for the day. The stones in the Gemscape Layering Necklace (now on sale + 40% off!) paired well with the green tunic.

I am now officially on vacation, which is through all of next week and am totally ready for it. We are hoping to see some friends in Dallas for New Year’s. I’m shopped out right now but I’m sure I’ll be refreshed by the time we get to Dallas!

Have a Great Evening!

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