Hi everybody! It’s been a little while hasn’t it? Whew…real life tired me out these last two weeks. We finally had The Boy’s birthday party which Husband and I are finally recovered from. We had NINE!! 15 year-old boys over this past Saturday and Sunday. Counting The Boy made 10 teen-aged boys taking over every room, inside and out, of our house except our Master Suite. And since we weren’t officially crazy by Sunday, we took them to play paintball for 3 hours. I changed clothes into fresh loungewear daily and that was it.

I wasn’t really even in the mood today to get dressed. I had on another outfit but then the dogs started barking and the doorbell rang. I peek outside and it’s my Brown Sancho leaving me a package! Woo Hoo!

Here’s what he brought me.

J Crew Men’s Belt from last year. It doesn’t fit around the waist so I tied it.
As soon as I woke up the day after trying on this dress I knew I needed to have it. What was I thinking saying it wasn’t me!?! At that price I can certainly wear it until it hits 80 (which was two days ago by the way) or over 80 and windy. Of course, in two days the dress sold out at my store and the only size left was an XL. So even though it was back-ordered until May I did a little clickety-click and ordered it. Well, it shipped Monday and arrived today! Woo Hoo! I like it better with the sleeves rolled up, but maybe not this high (3 times rolled). What do you think?
These sandals are a great replacement for my Nine West Velas I bought last year in a 6 1/2. I really really wanted them in that specific color and suffer for it everytime I wear them. I love this Cognac color and I like that the Black sandal also has a dark heel and platform. If I get another color it would have to be the gray (even though I need a black sandal). I haven’t worn these for very long yet but I’ll update the post on the comfort factor later.
Have a great day!

Here are a few OOTDs from this week.

Monday – Valentine’s Day – Honestly, Husband and I decided long ago to not celebrate. It’s nice to receive flowers and cards and chocolate but I’d rather have them on a day where he doesn’t seem like he’s forced to do it. Just make it random. Of course, that didn’t stop me from buying a card and for he and The Boy, along with making a nice dinner and having some wine.

Blouse/Corset: Polynya Corset Top in Black Anthropologie
Cardigan: J Crew Factory Store in Dark Peony (I think – DPE)
Skirt: JC Ripple Stripe Pencil Skirt in Black (6)
Shoes: JC Penelope in Black

Tuesday – Shopping with Husband for his Vegas trip. We had some beautiful, 75 degree weather that day.

Blouse: J Crew Silk Sequin Scoopneck – Size Small (look for popbacks)
Jeans: JC Ankle Stretch Toothpick in Cherish Wash – Size 30
Shoes: Prada Leopard Flats

Wednesday in the office – Such a gorgeous dress and it feels great on. It makes me feel great! I was looking for a cardigan to go over it and thought of a lime green or mint color. But then I walked into J Crew and saw the Warm Buttercup Jackie was a PERFECT PERFECT match!

Dress: Take Action by Girls from Savoy Anthropologie – Size 6
Cardigan: J Crew Jackie in Warm Buttercup – Size M
Shoes: J Crew Joley in Twig (I think)

See what I mean!

Have a great evening!

I joined husband for lunch today at PF Chang’s and he has been waiting for me to wear a Christmas gift he gave me. It’s a Magnifier necklace also known as a Monocle Necklace. Because it as light aqua colored beads on it I can’t really wear it with everything but I found something today that worked! See a similar necklace on Amy K here and here.

Shirt: J Crew Tux Boy Tunic
Belt: Lucky Brand Double Wrap
Shoes: Gap City Flat in Patent Green
Scarf: J Crew
Necklaces: Magnifier and J Crew Dangling Gold Disc

Coming up for Shoes-day…Peacock!

Husband and I went to a wedding this past weekend. It was held at an Art Institute that had a chapel on it. It was a very small wedding so we were happy to share in the wedding couple’s special day. We had lots of fun, ate great food, drank some good wine and did lots of dancing.

All Jcrew
 Golden Bubbles Skirt
Chiffon Tuxedo Cami
Beaded Scarf Cardigan
Super Opaque Tights
Christian Louboutin Wallis Mary Janes
Husband in brand new, all picked out by himself, suit, shirt & tie!