I literally ran in to J Crew on Thursday to grab a birthday present for my mom and glanced at all the new arrivals for Spring. I was able to immediately find a great pearl necklace for her with a stone design attached. I wish I had taken a pic. Here are a few things I found.

Ripple Stripe Pencil Skirt – Black – Sz 6
Fits TTS

Vintage Slub Striped Tee –  Sz M
Normally I wear a Medium in JC Tees but I am exchanging this for a Small. It seems to run a little big. See it on Ema here and AppGal here.

Candy Plaid Perfect Shirt – Green Moss – Size 8
Such a pretty green plaid. I always get an 8 due to the perfect shirts being a little snug in the shoulders and arms for me.

Metal Herringbone Schoolboy Blazer (on receipt) – Sz 6
Fits TTS

Close-up of the material/pattern (w/o flash)
And today’s OOTD…
Sweater: JC Cashmere V-Neck
Shirt: JC Candy Plaid Perfect Shirt (from above)
Jeans: JC Ankle Stretch Toothpick in Cherish Wash – This is the lighter wash of the Ankle Stretch Toothpick. 
Shoes – GAP City Flat in Patent Olive Green! New colors in patent are so cute! I have several colors and can wear with a 7 or 7 1/2 without issue. 

Have a great evening! I have some pics from Anthro try-ons I am just trying to find the time to get them organized.

I’m off to jury duty in a little while but wanted to post a few pics of what I wore last week. I hope to post my court outfits by the weekend.

I couldn’t wait to wear my Double-Serge Stripe Pencil Skirt and was able to head in to the office on Wednesday last week. I paired it with my black cashmere tee and black suede Bronson Booties. I went sans tights only because it wasn’t a cold day. Necklaces are J Crew.

This was just a quick dinner outfit I wore on Friday.

J Crew Cashmere Tee in Matisse Blue –  These are just so easy to wear (and layer…see below). 
J Crew Suede Bronson Booties
J Crew Blizzard Pearl Necklace
J Crew Flower Pin
J Crew Boutonniere Blazer (not seen)

This was to go see Black Swan Saturday night. After telling husband I never get to pick a movie when we go out he surprised us with tickets for Saturday night. And by us, I mean me and The Boy (Husband too, of course.) There was no right way to tell him that the movie wasn’t quite a teen-age boy kind of movie so I just encouraged Husband to watch the other trailers and decide for himself. We took The Boy anyway and he walked out of there saying it was a scary movie! and he was going to have nightmares. Funny that he thought of it that way. Oh, he also said he will never tell his friends he saw it, even if it was with his parents.

J Crew Polar Bear Sweater – Holiday 2006 (I think)
J Crew Cashmere Tee in Rose Dust
J Crew Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jeans
Louboutin Black Flats
J Crew Boutonniere Blazer (not seen)

I purchased both the Matisse Blue and Rose Dust Cashmere Tees on final sale and was very happy with them. I am hoping to pair the Rose Dust with my Lolli pants soon. The Boutonniere Blazer has been a great staple I’ve been using as outerwear since I purchased it. It hadn’t been that cold for a real coat but that all changed this weekend. I will be able to use my new Italian Wool Blazecoat this week.

Now off to jury duty.

Have a great day.

Normally we stay home and celebrate when NYC hits midnight but Husband and I enjoyed our first NYE out in quite a few years. We felt bad leaving The Boy home but he was actually online with some of his school friends at midnight playing PS3.

Here’s what I wore for New Year’s Eve.

All J Crew
Belt: Glimmer Sash in Heirloom Pink
New Lip Gloss: Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque

I have been wanting a red lipstick for a while so last week when Husband was shopping I walked over to the Chanel counter to see what they had. (Told you I only wandered away once.) It is really red but not orange-y or pink-y. I love it. I put it on lightly, if that can even been done, let it dry a little and then added another layer and blotted. Husband really noticed it but since my usual lip color matches my lips he would have noticed anything darker than that.

Have a great evening! Back to work for me tomorrow.

It’s been awhile. I’m still here but I just couldn’t do the remix any longer for a few reasons. I have to say it is an amazing challenge but I should have been a bit more thoughtful in my selections. Also, the weather changed significantly on Thanksgiving Day. And, I am just not much of an accessorizer, which is a major part of this challenge. I have lots of them – scarves, rings, necklaces, but I rarely wear them. Maybe if shoes were not included but used as an accessory I could have stuck with it.

BUT…to you other remixers out there – keep it going. I love seeing your outfits!

Here are days 12, 13 & 14 as promised last week.

And here’s today’s outfit. I thought I’d pick a different setting for my pics today so I grabbed the tri-pod and went out to my front yard.

Sweater, Skirt, Belt, Tights: All J Crew
Boots: Steve Madden

And I had an audience. All does, no bucks.

Have a great day everyone. I am enjoying our cooler temps and happy to finally be able to wear my sweaters, tights and boots!

So here’s Day 2. Very super casual with a tee, jean and barefoot.

Tee: J Crew Imperial Tee
Jeans: GAP Destructed Boyfriend
Belt: Lucky Brand

The I had to run some errands and added the cardi and shoes.

Cardigan: J Crew Factory Primrose Cardigan (Factory cardi is cotton not merino)
Shoes: Steve Madden Trouser

Day 3 – Had an appointment today so I’m dressy casual. (Is that a style of dressing?)

Shirt: J Crew Factory L/S Stretch Perfect Shirt
Jeans: GAP Curvy
(I couldn’t find my Essential Jeans **dirty** so I swapped these in. I’ll keep these in the rotation and leave out the Essential. I just wanted a basic dark jean to wear with heels. This pair isn’t too good for flats like my Essential but they’ll do.)
Heels: Ann Taylor Perfect Pump
Necklace: J Crew

I just wanted to share how great the shirt is with the Gray color of the J Crew Sunnie Pencil Skirt.

Have a great evening!