I am really liking the Mirabel pattern right now. Having bought two dresses and passing on the pencil skirt, only because I have the dress in the same color, I saw the shorts in-store as I was checking out. The pattern is different with each short. The size 0 was more like the online photo with less embroidery in the front and more in the back. The size 8 I purchased had more in the front and less embroidery in the back.

This is the city fit and a 4 inch length. I’m not much of a light pink person but with the yellow embroidery I liked it. I wear an 8 in all J Crew shorts now. I have a few pair from pre-2009 that are a 6 that fit just like the 8s now. It was pretty humid Friday evening so I chose these shorts to wear instead of my original white jeans/navy linen shirt combo.

Short Sleeve Selvedge Chambray Shirt, S (sized down in this, see it on Ema)
Joley Patent Flat

Right after I took these pictures I sat down and the shorts ripped!! It was on the inside seam right at the hem and if you look at the 2nd picture up close you’ll see that it was already starting to rip. I’m not sure if it was like this when I bought them or after I put them on but they’ll be going back and not be re-purchased. Other than buttons popping off I’ve never had a bad experience with J Crew clothing like this. And I’ve heard the stories. The cotton wasn’t thin and these shorts are lined so it totally sucks.

Here’s what I’m wearing today in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

J Crew Summerweight Bermuda Shorts, 6
Toms Wedges, 7

And here are some other outfits I’ve worn over the past week or so.

For the Royal Wedding – I missed the ceremony but was up in time for the 2 kisses. I then watched the replay of the ceremony on E! I figured gold was appropriate.

J Crew Gold Linen Lame Bermuda Shorts, 8
J Crew Serengeti Cami, 8
J Crew Jackie in Beechwood, M
Toms Wedges

And I painted my nails in Butter London “Snog”

Over the Weekend…

J Crew Broadcloth Scalloped Shirt, Navy, 6
J Crew Cocodrillo Shorts, 8
J Crew Capri Sandals, 7
It was pretty chilly on Monday, compared to our warm weekend weather so I was able to break out my Casbah scarf! 
J Crew Vintage Cotton Ruffle Tee, White, S
J Crew Factory Bling-Button Cardigan, White, M
J Crew Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jeans, 30
Toms Glitter Shoes
J Crew Casbah Scarf

It was a little warmer yesterday but still nice enough for a cardigan.

J Crew Featherweight Cardigan
J Crew Whisper Linen Tee, Black, S
J Crew Garden Skirt, Sage, 6
J Crew Tri-Buckle Waist Belt, S
J Crew Loretta Wood Heels, Modern Red, 7

The Tee and Skirt are currently available online and in-stores in various colors. The Linen Tees are sheer, hence the “Whisper” in the name. I am wearing a cami from The Limited underneath it. Even through these are sheer they are perfect for summer. I bought the tee in several colors and plan to get a lot of use out of them. The tee runs big so size down one. The skirt fits TTS and I had a hard time deciding between this skirt and the Perfect Linen Shirt in the same color (which is not online BTW).

And now for the shoes. These fit TTS. I am a consistent size 7 in J Crew shoes. The wood base/heel reminds me of the Dr. Scholl’s Shoes. I don’t like the way it ties and they are a little loud when you walk. I do like the color and style of this sandal and I think these will be a fun summer sandal.

Have a great day! VIVA!

Here’s the J Crew Casbah Dress. This is my new favorite print and I love the green jewel tones.

Size 8

It is a side zip and has and extra zip for the bust paneling. I’ll try to get a shot of it later.  I tried a belt right under the bust but it didn’t look great, IMO. There is pleating right under the center of the bust which gives it that “float away from the body” look as well as the “I may be pregnant” look. It will be good when hiding “food babies” too.

J Crew Jackie in Beechwood

I also bought the scarf in this print. Even though it’s wool it is very lightweight and sheer/thin. Texas seems to have skipped Spring and jumped right into Summer (92 today!) so I may not have a chance to wear this outside until next Fall.

This is what I wore today. It’s our wedding anniversary and Husband and I spent the day together by having breakfast, getting our free coffee, and getting massages, facials and pedicures. Here’s the new Anthropologie Apothecary Skirt. There are so many colors in this print but they all go well together. Also, this buttons down the front, just like the J Crew Dorrie Skirt. While at Anthropologie last night I spotted and met Molly, from AnthroMollogies! It was so cool to meet another blogger in person for the first time. And she is so nice and stylish in person!

J Crew Max & Molly Tee
Apothecary Skirt – 6
J Crew Capri Sandals

Wednesday’s outfit

J Crew Indigo Silk Shirt
J Crew Summerweight Bermudas
Tory Burch Flip-Flops

And this was Thursday’s outfit.

J Crew Milla Tank – 8
J Crew Lunette Mini – 8
Tom’s Metallic Wedges

I’m off to get ready for dinner. I will be wearing the Casbah Dress this evening.

Have a great Easter weekend!

I just wanted to show you my outfit from Monday when I had to go into the office.

All J Crew
Jackie in Pearl (2010)
Factory 4-strand Pearls
Christian Louboutin Simple 70 Pumps in Navy

A true navy shoe…I’m in love.
I removed the belt from the cami since I was wearing a cardigan over it. I should have belted over both of them but I didn’t have a skinny navy belt and I didn’t want to do a skinny brown leather so I left it alone.

Also, here’s an IRL shot of my new Gold TOMS wedges.

You’ll see them soon in an Que Bella post.

Have a great day!

I’m off to the Spurs game tonight with Husband. But I have nothing to wear! I know you are all saying “IMPOSSIBLE!” but it’s true.

I do not have any Spurs gear at all. I have my suspicions that The Boy helped himself to my Ginobili tee because it’s nowhere to be found. So I’m having to make do with what I have.

White J Crew Factory Jackie
Gray J Crew Factory Tank
Black Glitter TOMS
Gap Pegged Boyfriend Jeans (R.I.P. my favorite distressed boyfriend jeans)
I’m hoping Husband takes pity on me and buys me a new t-shirt at the game.
Have a great day!