Wah Wah…I know corny title but as soon as I saw myself in this outfit it came to mind.

Here’s what I’m wearing today. I had an “APB” text from The Boy…no lunch money. I had plans to stay in lounge wear all day, or at least until my board meeting this evening. So off I went, to get lunch for a “starving” boy, who begged and pleaded, via texts, for me to pick up Chik-fil-a.

I’m not only wearing the same color, Orange, but doing a little pattern mixing.

Blouse: J Crew Marseilles Cami
Skirt: J Crew Embroidered Ikat Pencil Skirt

Have a Great Day!

I found this lovely cobalt blue skirt in my Anthropologie a few weeks ago in the sale room. It’s the Water’s Edge Skirt by Velvet and almost a straight column skirt and is lined.

Shirt: J Crew Silk Henley Top in Melon Spice 
Skirt: Water’s Edge Skirt
Belt: J Crew
Shoes: Miss Trish for Target

Now, here’s how I picked this shirt to wear with this skirt. I knew I wanted to wear the skirt Thursday to my monthly neighborhood Ladies Luncheon but I didn’t have any idea in my head about the shirt. I grabbed the skirt and walked the length of my closet, holding it up to my shirts. They are all organized by color. When I got to the orange section I was intrigued. My peach/melon section was right after that. And that is how I came up with the outfit. I even grabbed a yellow cardigan but it was too hot to wear. I’ll wait until cooler temps to try that color combination.

Husband and I had date night Thursday night so I grabbed my favorite dress, the Stripe Blouson Dress. The Boy was off to his first high school football game. He never went last year.

Dress: J Crew Stripe Blouson Dress
Belt: J Crew (similar)
Necklace: gift from Husband
Have a Great Day!

I haven’t done an OOTD in a while but the Jardin skirt is too pretty to have it miss out on any blogger love. I tried to re-create this image from the August Catalog for a hot summer day.

Skirt: J Crew Jardin Skirt, Rich Purple
Flats: Joley Peep-Toe in Pink/Blush

Sammy decided he was in a hurry and couldn’t wait for me to take the picture.

Well, here’s what he was in a hurry to do. I have no idea what he was doing exactly but it seems I interrupted him.

Have a Great Day!

I was blessed to celebrate my birthday yesterday with my family yesterday. We had lunch at one of my favorite places in SATX, La Gloria. Husband and I went there last year for my birthday and loved it. They have these great life-sized metal art figures in the front. Perfect picture taking spots. They also just added an outdoor, fully-stocked bar.


Menu Board complete with metal Ants crawling around it.

My regular…Pollo en Escabeche Sopes

I’m wearing an Eddie Bauer Crinkle Dress in Plaid. I am in my normal size 6. It was nice and casual and cool for the day. I added a Cole Haan purse I received for Christmas and my new Christian Louboutin Brown Espadrilles.

MamaBella, AudreyBella, La Senora-one of the art figures, MomoBella

Husband and The Boy shopped at Anthropologie for my presents this year and they did good.

Lunar Cycles Top in Dark Orange

Here’s a teaser for “Super Shoes-day” next week…While shopping at one of the little boutiques in Boerne, a small town nearby, I found these TOMS. They are the Bimini Stitchouts in Yellow. Unfortunately the TOMS site only has two sizes left in the red. I love the yellow and the Top-sider accent. I took a 7 1/2 for three reasons. 1) I really wanted them but this was the smallest size they had left. That immediately told me they were very popular and I would be hard-pressed to find this color in my size elsewhere. 2) They run slightly smaller than my Black Glitters, which are a 7. 3) I really wanted them. I read in some of the reviews that a lot of people are going a half to a full size up in these.

Have a Great Day! I have a busy day and weekend ahead of me preparing for our party tomorrow. See you “Shoes-day”!

Oh…and Feliz cumpleaños to Gigi and Dina!!! Have a wonderful birthday!

I am thoroughly enjoying my summer despite the 100 degree weather. Hence the lack of posting. But I’ve been taking pictures and here they are.

Skirt: J Crew Garden Skirt, Sage, 6
Espadrilles: Christian Louboutin

Dress: J Crew Silk Serenade Dress, Deep Lagoon, 6
Cardigan: J Crew Jackie, Bavarian Blue, S
Shoes: J Crew Joley Flat, Pink, 6 1/2 (ebay!)

Jeans: Gap, 6 (similar)
Shoes: J Crew Ballet Flat Cocodrillo, 7 (ebay!!)

Complete outfit remix from here

Shoes: Old Navy Denim Espadrilles

Blouse: Ann Taylor Twist Knot Front Top, Fruit Punch, S
Shoes: J Crew Capri, Pink Ombre, 7
Hope you’re having a great week! I’m on “stay-cation” and I’ve been super-busy. I’ll need a real vacation when I’m done. I haven’t stopped moving. Just this morning I drove 75 miles in my truck taking The Boy to Driver’s Ed, picking up a friend and dropping her off at my house, picking up The Boy and dropping him off at his strength and conditioning work-out, running errands while he’s doing that and then picking him up and going home. I am exhausted and it’s pretty much non-stop the rest of the week. It’s my birthday on Thursday and we’ll be going to my favorite restaurant with my whole (immediate) family. My brother is visiting from Singapore and my other brother and his family will be joining us as well. Then, on Saturday, we’ll have a birthday/hello-goodbye Brother/4th of July party. We try to have our 4th party on the Saturday before just so people are not travelling home so late on the 4th. Especially if they have to work the next day, which is the case this year. 
Have a great day!