During the Black Friday weekend Asos had a pretty good promo so I finally ordered the Minkie Loafer in Tortoise. I didn’t want them to be alone in the box and have been looking for a flat black bootie so I also ordered the Airbound Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots.

~ Minkie Loafer in Tortoise, size 7 ~

I’m so very sad as this size was too small. I knew as soon as I pulled them out of the box that they wouldn’t fit. I put on the left shoe and the Minkie Loafer was so tight. They don’t come in half sizes so I would have to size to a 38. I think they would be fine in that size though and not loose at all. Especially considering how tight they really felt.


Oh, but I love the coloring of the patent. I like the lighter brown and tan as opposed to the darker colors of the Collins Tortoise Loafer. And the effect looks like a watercolor painting. The patent finish didn’t look cheap or plastic. The sole is a little thick but still flat. From what I could tell when I had the shoe on, it was really comfortable.


They are only $51 so I will re-order them in the size 8. Asos only allows returns, not exchanges. You have to re-order if you need another size. In hindsight, I should have ordered two sizes, especially since I had not tried shoes from Asos before. They also come in Black Croc and Tan.


~ Asos Collection Asos Airbound Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot, size 7 ~

So these were a better fit in the size 7 and they do come in half sizes. I was already disappointed about the Minkie Loafer not fitting so I wasn’t as excited about these as I could have been. These area  pull-on bootie and the upper is real leather. Originally, I was worried my foot wouldn’t slide down into the bootie but because the sides have some elastic they did stretch.


I’m really not sure what type of flat black bootie I want but these were just a little too plain, I think, for my style.


I should have gone for the Riddles or the Oasis Premium boots.


So, I re-ordered the Minkie Loafer, size up, and returned the Chelsea Boots, true-to size. I will keep Asos in mind when looking for shoes.

I reviewed the Collins Tortoise Loafer last week and they were basically a bust because of the gaping that occurred when I stood and walked. Lucky for me, and YOU, my Insta-gal fleurdelijs found a copycat at Asos.

~ Minkie Loafer ~


I have yet to try these but she reports that they are comfortable and needed no breaking in. AND! they are priced way way less than the Collins.


It’s always great when you can find something that is a perfect duplicate to a higher priced item, don’t you think?

Go check out the Minkie Loafers in Tortoise, Brown or Black. And go follow Fleur de Lijs on Instagram. She’s a pretty stylish gal!

I was browsing for some shoes and came across these Melanie Slip-On Sneakers by Frye. They looked like a great alternative to a ballet flat and less bulky than the slip-on sneakers.


I ordered my normal size 7. I tried them on as soon as they arrived. But when I slipped my foot in, without any struggle or using my hands, they were the most dreamy comfortable pair of shoes I think I’ve ever owned. They were a little snug across the top of my foot but within minutes the leather seemed to stretch out. I would stick with your normal shoe size because they will stretch.


From the outside, it looks like these Slip-Ons have no support but the inside is all leather and well padded. There must be memory foam or something in there. I wasn’t going anywhere but these shoes didn’t leave my feet the rest of the evening.


I bought them in black as well and as soon as I see MamaBella, I’ll make sure she likes them before getting her a pair too.


You have to get a pair. I’m not kidding. If there ever was a single pair of shoes to own, the Melanie Slip-on Sneaker is it. And, they come in a array of colors and styles.

I live in these shoes right now. I could almost get rid of all my other shoes and wear these forever. Almost.

Today for Shoes-day, I have the Collins Tortoise Loafer.


During the “buy more/save more” promo I felt these looked nice enough to order and try on at home. They are a beautiful darker patent tortoise color than some other styles I’ve seen. They fit me true-to-size in my normal size 7.




I didn’t feel they fit tight anywhere, especially at the widest part of my foot. The toe is really pointy, maybe even more exaggerated than some might like.


I had been trying to think of a good reason to keep the Collins Tortoise Loafers because I really really liked them. I walked around for a few minutes once more on carpet and found they started stretching or widening on the sides. And this is only when I stood. When I walked they were more pronounced and felt a bit uncomfortable.  That was a deal-breaker for me and I ended up returning them.


I really like the Colette Tortoise Pumps, but I don’t think I’d wear them very often. I’ve added them to my wishlist in case I can get them on sale.

What do you think of the Collins Tortoise Loafer? Have you tried any of the other Collins Loafers?


Out of all the J Crew shoes new arrivals, aka #ShinyPonies, the Leopard Bow Gladiator Flats were the ones I wanted to try on the most. I knew my store would not get them so I was happy to see the tiered promo that didn’t exclude anything. But I don’t think these will get a whole lot of love once ladies start trying them.


The silk/wool upper in the leopard print is lovely at first sight. When I slipped my foot in the shoe I thought they ran just a little loose in my normal size 7 but once I was zipped in they were fine. There is still a little gaping so I think a 6 1/2 might have worked for me as well.


But, oh this top bow strap gave me grief. Anyone with “normal” legs will have an issue with these straps. This Leopard Gladiator Flat zips up the back so they are not adjustable. The bows are cute and seemed to be pretty sturdy. They were just cutting right into my skin.



You’ll need thin legs to wear these as well as the Velvet Bow. No amount of stretching would fix the straps issue.



They are so pretty otherwise. I know the lone reviewer of the Velvet Bow said the glitter stuck to the velvet. I have plenty of leopard print shoes so I’m not too heartbroken that they didn’t work out for me.

What do you think of the Leopard Bow Gladiator Flats?