Shoes-day: Asos – Minkie Loafer & Airbound Chelsea Ankle Boot

During the Black Friday weekend Asos had a pretty good promo so I finally ordered the Minkie Loafer in Tortoise. I didn’t want them to be alone in the box and have been looking for a flat black bootie so I also ordered the Airbound Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots.

~ Minkie Loafer in Tortoise, size 7 ~

I’m so very sad as this size was too small. I knew as soon as I pulled them out of the box that they wouldn’t fit. I put on the left shoe and the Minkie Loafer was so tight. They don’t come in half sizes so I would have to size to a 38. I think they would be fine in that size though and not loose at all. Especially considering how tight they really felt.


Oh, but I love the coloring of the patent. I like the lighter brown and tan as opposed to the darker colors of the Collins Tortoise Loafer. And the effect looks like a watercolor painting. The patent finish didn’t look cheap or plastic. The sole is a little thick but still flat. From what I could tell when I had the shoe on, it was really comfortable.


They are only $51 so I will re-order them in the size 8. Asos only allows returns, not exchanges. You have to re-order if you need another size. In hindsight, I should have ordered two sizes, especially since I had not tried shoes from Asos before. They also come in Black Croc and Tan.


~ Asos Collection Asos Airbound Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot, size 7 ~

So these were a better fit in the size 7 and they do come in half sizes. I was already disappointed about the Minkie Loafer not fitting so I wasn’t as excited about these as I could have been. These area  pull-on bootie and the upper is real leather. Originally, I was worried my foot wouldn’t slide down into the bootie but because the sides have some elastic they did stretch.


I’m really not sure what type of flat black bootie I want but these were just a little too plain, I think, for my style.


I should have gone for the Riddles or the Oasis Premium boots.


So, I re-ordered the Minkie Loafer, size up, and returned the Chelsea Boots, true-to size. I will keep Asos in mind when looking for shoes.