Shoes-day: Leopard Bow Gladiator Flats

Out of all the J Crew shoes new arrivals, aka #ShinyPonies, the Leopard Bow Gladiator Flats were the ones I wanted to try on the most. I knew my store would not get them so I was happy to see the tiered promo that didn’t exclude anything. But I don’t think these will get a whole lot of love once ladies start trying them.


The silk/wool upper in the leopard print is lovely at first sight. When I slipped my foot in the shoe I thought they ran just a little loose in my normal size 7 but once I was zipped in they were fine. There is still a little gaping so I think a 6 1/2 might have worked for me as well.


But, oh this top bow strap gave me grief. Anyone with “normal” legs will have an issue with these straps. This Leopard Gladiator Flat zips up the back so they are not adjustable. The bows are cute and seemed to be pretty sturdy. They were just cutting right into my skin.



You’ll need thin legs to wear these as well as the Velvet Bow. No amount of stretching would fix the straps issue.



They are so pretty otherwise. I know the lone reviewer of the Velvet Bow said the glitter stuck to the velvet. I have plenty of leopard print shoes so I’m not too heartbroken that they didn’t work out for me.

What do you think of the Leopard Bow Gladiator Flats?