Shoes-day: Frye Melanie Slip-on Sneaker

I was browsing for some shoes and came across these Melanie Slip-On Sneakers by Frye. They looked like a great alternative to a ballet flat and less bulky than the slip-on sneakers.


I ordered my normal size 7. I tried them on as soon as they arrived. But when I slipped my foot in, without any struggle or using my hands, they were the most dreamy comfortable pair of shoes I think I’ve ever owned. They were a little snug across the top of my foot but within minutes the leather seemed to stretch out. I would stick with your normal shoe size because they will stretch.


From the outside, it looks like these Slip-Ons have no support but the inside is all leather and well padded. There must be memory foam or something in there. I wasn’t going anywhere but these shoes didn’t leave my feet the rest of the evening.


I bought them in black as well and as soon as I see MamaBella, I’ll make sure she likes them before getting her a pair too.


You have to get a pair. I’m not kidding. If there ever was a single pair of shoes to own, the Melanie Slip-on Sneaker is it. And, they come in a array of colors and styles.

I live in these shoes right now. I could almost get rid of all my other shoes and wear these forever. Almost.