I made some returns to J Crew and I found a few items to try on from the new arrivals.

The Pleated Stretch Flannel Dress caught my eye online and I’m happy I was able to try it on, in a Size 6. I could Spanx it in a 6 but I would prefer a little wiggle room and would size to an 8. The material was flannel with a little stretch. I like the fit-and-flare shape and am a big fan of A-line skirts. I would also probably buy the Heather Indigo instead of this Heather Flannel color.

My VPS suggested I try on the Stretch Herringbone Skinny Cargo Pant, Size 8. I liked the Herringbone part of the pant but this was a little too skinny for my hips and thighs. The 8 was the right fit.

I was not a fan of the Lace-Trim Swiss-Dot Top in the Style Guide but liked it once I tried it on. I have on a size 6 and this seems to run big. I would normally be satisfied with the 8. The body is lined while the sleeves are not. This would be a good work top but also work well with denim, I’m thinking my new Toothpick Jeans in Dolphin Grey.

The Toothpick Cords in Neon Amethyst are gorgeous IRL. I fell in love with this color and it was on sale too! Sadly for me, I already have a similar color, not as bright, from a few years ago so I passed on these. I took my normal size 30 for the Toothpick Jeans/Cords.

I own the Matchstick Cords in Sea Salt and love the color, size 29. I debated on whether or not to get a second pair in this same color but decided against it. I paired it with the Jaspe Tunic in Heather Silver, which looks more Ivory/Cream IRL, and the Houndstooth Baseball Cap. Now, I know the Jaspe knits are comfortable but I originally thought this was the Vintage Sweatshirt and about choked when I saw the price tag…$118! The size Small was a good fit in the Tunic but major pass on this Tunic.

What do you think about some of these? Interested in any? 
Have a Great Day!

The pieces I have from J Crew are so great for layering. Especially when it’s chilly outside and you just want to stay cozy inside.

Here’s the Polyvore.

2/9/2010 OOTD
2/9/2010 OOTD by audreybella featuring J Crew 

Shirt: J Crew Vintage Bateau
Turtleneck: J Crew Tissue Turtleneck
Pants: J Crew Toothpick Ankle Cords
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Ballerina in Camo
Vest: J Crew Sherpa
Here’s what I’m wearing.
I changed out the shoes from my Polyvore set. These are some cool Nike Blazers that are suede (brown areas) and tweed. The soles are a light purple.
I received my order yesterday (which had the Vintage Bateau top in it) and am disappointed in the Celosia Cardigan in Wild Plum. I’ll post my thoughts and IRLs later today or tomorrow.

Day 3 of the work week OOTD…I’m on a roll. I guess it helps that I have tons of errands to run after working today.

Polyvore – This is very similar to my Thanksgiving outfit. I have the scarf handy ’cause it’s chilly in the house. Husband says I have to wear more clothes if I’m cold inside instead of turning up the heat. BRRRRR…Then he laughs at me when I’m sitting on the couch in a sweater, scarf, blanket and UGGS.


WAHM by audreybella featuring J Crew


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color of the Toothpick Ankle Cords.

I finally made an “official” appointment with my P/S for this roll-out. Usually I just go in on the first day and she has stuff pulled for me. It was nice to walk in to the dressing room and have everything laid out for me already.

First up – Trim Beaded Cardi $138 (not on the website); Sequins! This fit TTS and the collar is like a shawl collar, meant to go higher up on the back of the neck. There are no fasteners in the front. It’s meant to be open.
I also tried on a really cute side zipper sweater in cream. It was very Anthro-like. Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic or remember the price but it was really cute.

Watercolor Leopard Skirt – I never read the description on the website and thought this was silk. It’s actually a cotton/silk blend, more cotton feel than silk. It’s really cute and I tried it on with the Elizabeth ruffle shirt in Lavender.

Sapphire Tweed Pencil Skirt – This was a great find. My store does not carry Collection pieces and this was a return after someone ordered it online. It was a size 4 but was so pretty IRL I HAD to try it on – knowing it wouldn’t fit (I haven’t been a 4 in yeeeaaarrrsss.) So imagine my excitement when…it fit…it FIT…IT FIT! I’m glad I didn’t order this online in a 6 because this is truly a size smaller and probably why it was returned to the store.
Black Nubby Tweed Mini – I have no idea what the actual name of this was. But it wasn’t a great fit – too square, too short and certainly doesn’t look good without some sort of leg wear.
Toothpick Ankle Cord in Dark Aubergine – This color is gorgeous. Over the summer I tried on both the matchstick and toothpick jean. The fit was awful – too tight in the hips and butt and the more I sized up the looser the waist was. J Crew must have adjusted their sizing because I love the fit of these. So much that I returned my Bootcut Cords.
I also tried on the Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jean in Amore Wash. Again it fit great but I have a BR dark wash Classic Skinny I love that I wear tucked into boots.