Happy Halloween everyone! The Boy is “too old” for trick-or-treating and he also has soccer practice so we will be missing the neighborhood kids this year. That’s kind-of good because all that candy around the kitchen is so tempting to keep for myself. I buy the good stuff – chocolate, Willy Wonka candies and chocolate.

The stores received the first roll-out of Holiday items last week and my PS emailed me to let me know she had some items on hold for me to try on. I was able to head in there on Saturday for a little while to do some try-ons.

Crochet Lace-Front Tee – White, M, #58195, Runs Small
Either this tee runs really small and short or I tried on a defective one. The Medium was short in length, barely reaching my waistband on my jeans and tight across the bust and arms. Pass

Dream Dolman Sweater – Heather Cypress, M, #54574, Runs Big
This is a soft sweater with Dolman sleeves and a loose fit. I’d size down in this one. Wishlist

Hadley Sweater in Stripe – Navy Henna, M, #49365
Cute sweater that’s great for jeans but didn’t really “wow” me in any way. Pass

Colorblock Minimalist Mockneck Sweater – Flame/Acorn, M, #55765, TTS
Great little sweater to pair with Minnies or the Viridian Green pencil skirt. It’s a 7-gauge merino and a little too thick for me. I would prefer to layer with thinner sweaters or cashmere in my milder winter climate. If you are not a fan of the colorblocking but like the mockneck it also comes in solid colors. Pass

Shimmer Bow Sweater – Sparkle Pebble, M; Sparkle Charcoal, S, #57105
This has a cute little black bow in the back and is very sparkly. The gold/pebble has gold threading throughout while the Charcoal has silver. I think this sweater will be great for holiday parties. I immediately pictured the gold with the Golden Bubbles Pencil Skirt from Holiday 2010. I also have the Degrade Swing Skirt that the Charcoal will pair nicely with. The Small (charcoal) is a better fit on me especially in length but if you want to layer something under this you might want to stay with your regular size (my RS is Medium). Purchased Charcoal

Kendor Cardigan – Dusty Cedar, S, #54540, Runs Small
A nice thick cardigan that I’d probably use around the house as loungewear. I’m sure I can find something similar elsewhere for that type of use that is not as expensive. Pass

Fanfare Jacket in Peacock Tweed – Turquoise, 6, #56794, TTS
Like the Rialta Tweed jacket, this has a “matching” skirt but it was not in my store to try on. The skirt is a mini, 18 1/2 inches, according to the online description. I really like the tweed and color on this jacket and would be interested in seeing the skirt. I would have preferred trying on the size 8 because I was unable to button this one and it was a little snug across the shoulders. Pass but like

Always Wrap Cardigan – Vermont Pine, M, #57955, TTS
Very cute, lightweight, soft cardigan. Again, I’d purchase for loungewear or quick errands. Wishlisted

Sequin Shawl-Collar Cardigan – Black, #62289
I saw this IRL but didn’t try is on. This is similar to the Holiday 2009 Sequin Shawl Collar Cardigan, that you can see on me here and here. This cardigan is longer and the sequins are sparse and not as filled in on the collar but if you did miss out on the 2009 version this one is still a good option. Pass

Jester Turtleneck Sweater – Navy/Acorn/Ivory, M, TTS, #55734
I didn’t take a pic but you can see it in some of my pics in the background. This fit TTS. Wishlisted

Colorblock Stripe Long-Sleeve Tee – #57762, This is a cute jersey (poly/rayon) tee IRL but I didn’t try it on. It’s very soft and lightweight so it better for milder climates or for Spring. Wishlisted

Classic Mini in Felted Wool – Decadent Red, 6 & 8, #51732; Ivory, 10
I liked the color and length of the Ivory in a 10 but it was too loose on me. There was only a slight difference in the 6 and 8 in width and length. I’d probably get the 8 and would wear with tight so the length on this mini is not an issue. I have a camel felted wool mini from years ago still NWT so I should probably wear that first before thinking about getting another. If I did I would like the Ivory and the Vintage Violet. Wishlisted

Silk Scoopneck Blouse in Seine Stripe – Navy Stripe, 4, #59612, Size Down
As you can see, I am wearing a 4 in this blouse and would have to say this runs a size small. I’m usually an 8/M in tops, depending on the shoulder/sleeve cut but this size wasn’t too bad. There is no pulling at my bust but I would buy a size 6 to have a little more room in the arms. Unfortunately, my store had 5 of these left (but not in a 6 or 8) so I’d have to order online to try the fit in my size. The Viscose/Rayon feels a bit like a rough chiffon or silk. Wishlisted

Elsie Skirt in Nightfall Floral – Eggplant, 6, #55784, TTS to Size Down due to elastic waistband
I like this skirt but two things about this skirt disappointed me. First, it’s cotton and I think it would look better in a silk/chiffon like the Soiree Skirt from the summer. Second, the waistband is elastic, so it’s pull-on only. The length is perfect for me at 19 inches and I don’t think the full-shape overwhelms me too much. I could use this now and then again in the late Spring and Summer. Wishlisted

Talia Blouse/Silk Scoopneck Blouse in Royal Paisley – 6, #60333, TTS
I really have no idea what the name of this blouse is. I keep seeing it two different ways online.
No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Royal Paisley – 6, #57494, TTS
This skirt is a longer length on me but is the “normal JC” 23 1/2 inches. I’ll hem this up an inch or two but I love this skirt. I like the pairing of the top and skirt together too but I think I would get the Blouson Dress if I wanted a full body pattern. The top will be great with my Viridian Green Pencil Skirt, Camel Cafe Capri’s, and casually with jeans. See the same styling on Rose from One More Shopping Blog. Blouse Wishlisted, Skirt Purchased

Cafe’ Capri in Harvest Tweed – Olive Mint, #55822, 8, TTS
Love. Love. LOVE! these pants. I wasn’t interested in them when I first saw them online but IRL they are gorgeous. I returned my Maraschino Cherry Cafe’ Capri’s and got these instead. I know I will wear these more. I plan on hemming them so they are true capri. I tried on the size 6 too and that size fit well except for the slight pulling right at my hips. Purchase

AND, I was able to score the Biella Heeled Loafers for $50. My PS saved them for me! 

Cafe’ Trouser in Wool – Maraschino Cherry, 6, #49982, TTS
I would prefer an 8 in these because there is just some slight pulling at the hips with the 6. These are gorgeous trousers and I’m tempted by the black since I do not have a basic black pant. These would have to be hemmed up at least 5-6 inches. I’m wearing the Biella Heeled Loafers and still have about 3 inches in length dragging. Wishlisted

Overtime Neck-Tie Top in Bird’s Eye Tweed – Navy, 6, #52356
I am so mad at myself because I tried on the Interoffice Skirt in Bird’s Eye Tweed with this top and looked like I came right off the “Mad Men” set but the picture came out really blurry. This top was a little snug and I think the 8 would fit a lot better overall. The tweed is actually wool but so fine and gorgeous and I love the little tie-neck bow detail. Another thing I like about this top – It has a side-zip that zips down, making for a smooth seam line. Skirt & Top Wishlisted

Blouson Dress in Polka Dot – Black, 6, #61022
I am a big fan of the Blouson Dresses. I have the Striped and the Black and Cream Lace dresses. But if I had to choose, I would get the Paisley Blouson dress instead of this one. Wishlisted

What do you think? Anything that’s peaked your interest now? Are you already waiting for the second Holiday roll-out to use your rewards card?

Husband and I went to a wedding this past weekend. It was held at an Art Institute that had a chapel on it. It was a very small wedding so we were happy to share in the wedding couple’s special day. We had lots of fun, ate great food, drank some good wine and did lots of dancing.

All Jcrew
 Golden Bubbles Skirt
Chiffon Tuxedo Cami
Beaded Scarf Cardigan
Super Opaque Tights
Christian Louboutin Wallis Mary Janes
Husband in brand new, all picked out by himself, suit, shirt & tie!

Here are my IRL pics of my outfit from Saturday night.
I got my haircut that morning and went crazy short in the back. My hair has all kinds of cowlicks back there and my stylist hates dealing with them. It’s funny hearing him grumble when he gets to them. He finally he had enough of them over the years and decided to whack it all off. I’m glad he did because I wasn’t bothered by the ruffle around the neck on the Frances cami.
REO Speedwagon played so it was great to remember all those songs from my teenage years. We had a lot of fun.
Have a great afternoon and don’t forget about my GIVEAWAY!

~Yes, that is my “Grinch” Christmas Tree behind me. We found it at a cute little home boutique in Knoxville two years ago. We got rid of our 6 ft tree and brought this little green “Grinchy” tree home with us. I love it. Sometimes I wish I had a big tree to decorate with ribbon and silver and lots of lights but I like to keep things simple and Husband is very practical so it works for us.

I finally made an “official” appointment with my P/S for this roll-out. Usually I just go in on the first day and she has stuff pulled for me. It was nice to walk in to the dressing room and have everything laid out for me already.

First up – Trim Beaded Cardi $138 (not on the website); Sequins! This fit TTS and the collar is like a shawl collar, meant to go higher up on the back of the neck. There are no fasteners in the front. It’s meant to be open.
I also tried on a really cute side zipper sweater in cream. It was very Anthro-like. Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic or remember the price but it was really cute.

Watercolor Leopard Skirt – I never read the description on the website and thought this was silk. It’s actually a cotton/silk blend, more cotton feel than silk. It’s really cute and I tried it on with the Elizabeth ruffle shirt in Lavender.

Sapphire Tweed Pencil Skirt – This was a great find. My store does not carry Collection pieces and this was a return after someone ordered it online. It was a size 4 but was so pretty IRL I HAD to try it on – knowing it wouldn’t fit (I haven’t been a 4 in yeeeaaarrrsss.) So imagine my excitement when…it fit…it FIT…IT FIT! I’m glad I didn’t order this online in a 6 because this is truly a size smaller and probably why it was returned to the store.
Black Nubby Tweed Mini – I have no idea what the actual name of this was. But it wasn’t a great fit – too square, too short and certainly doesn’t look good without some sort of leg wear.
Toothpick Ankle Cord in Dark Aubergine – This color is gorgeous. Over the summer I tried on both the matchstick and toothpick jean. The fit was awful – too tight in the hips and butt and the more I sized up the looser the waist was. J Crew must have adjusted their sizing because I love the fit of these. So much that I returned my Bootcut Cords.
I also tried on the Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jean in Amore Wash. Again it fit great but I have a BR dark wash Classic Skinny I love that I wear tucked into boots.