~ Fine-Striped V-Neck Cardigan Sweater, Ivory/Navy, Medium ~

When I originally saw this cardigan and felt it, I thought it was cotton but it’s actually Merino Wool. The wool is very fine making the cardigan thin and not feeling like the Tippi. I know we are in Winter but the lightweight feel of this will be a great transition into Spring. The other color in this is Ivory/Ash which is light gray. I prefer the Ivory/Navy.

The length hit at the hips on me and though the sleeves are a little long I felt comfortable in my normal Medium.


~ Striped Boatneck Tunic, Small, Navy/Ivory ~

My store only had a few left of this tunic in both the Navy and the Slate/Black. And I know why. It’s amazingly comfortable and the stripes are a good width apart. It’s cotton and has a sweater texture but isn’t super thick or thin. The lone reviewer only states it the perfect mix between a tee and sweater and I agree. I felt more comfortable in the Medium (reviewing later) but looking back at these pics the Small doesn’t look too bad on me. At $55, it’s a great deal and something I will probably wear at least twice a week. I’m rotating between 5 sweaters right now and don’t feel like wearing anything else in my closet. This will be good to break up the routine.


~ Lookout Highrise in Sanford Wash, size 29 ~

I like the Lookout jeans in general though prefer the crop version, if it’s available. I ended up tucking these under about 1 1/2 inches so they didn’t bunch at the bottom. The 29 fit me just fine and I like this darker wash with a limited amount of fading. I am looking for new jeans that are not skinny but not overly wide-leg. I still love my Wide-Leg Crop pairs I have an am hoping to find something similar to those but at a floor length.


~ Fine-Striped V-Neck Cardigan Sweater ~
~ Striped Boatneck Tunic ~
~ Lookout Highrise in Sanford Wash ~
~ Gemma Flats in Stripe (Leopard, Glitter) ~

Right now the Gemma Flats in Stripe are in-store only. My store received a few pair and they are lovely. I used to have the Factory Addie Loafer in stripe but never wore them. I did size down to a 6 1/2 and they fit much better than my size 7 Glitter. The 7s fit but are a little loose. The 6 1/2 still has the length but don’t feel as wide. They are absolutely adorable IRL though. As much as I like the Gemma in Stripe I really don’t think I’ll wear them enough.




~ Fine-Striped V-Neck Cardigan Sweater ~
~ Striped Boatneck Tunic ~
~ Lookout Highrise in Sanford Wash ~
~ Gemma Flats in Stripe (Leopard, Glitter) ~


With a return I made I bought the cardigan and ordered the tunic in a Medium.

What do you think of these striped items? Are the Gemma’s so cute?

Funnel Sweatshirt in Stripe, Small – I loved this sweatshirt jacket. It was so cozy and fit well. Now, to just get rid of all my hoodies for this little jacket. I do like the gray over the navy but maybe because I’m thinking I could layer the Navy Excursion Vest over it.
Toothpick Cone Denim Jeans in Parker Wash, Size 29 – I liked the wash and feel of these Toothpick Jeans but I need to size to a 30. I passed as I found another pair I loved more.


The Downtown Field Jacket, Medium, Black – I loved this color. I have the Factory Navy version but would definitely get the black too.
Suede D’Orsay Flats, Size 6 1/2, Black – This was the better size compared to the gray version. I’ll have a closer look at them on Shoes-day.

Sateen Toothpick Pant, Size 29, Dark Fatigue – The sateen on these feels more suede-like than sateen, and very comfortable. Again, I’d size to a 30 as I do all my retail Toothpick jeans. My store seemed to have sold through all the size 30s in various colors.

Mixed Media Sweater, Medium, Vintage Cabernet
Lookout High Rise Jean in Kirk Wash, Size 30 – I have been hoping for high-rise skinnies I loved for a while and am hugely satisfied with these. I will need to have these hemmed but that’s the only minus. The waistband sits just under my belly button. LOVE!


That wraps up all my fitting room outfits from the new Fall arrivals. What were your favorites?
Whoops! I have one more set on Sunday!

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