I am really loving the Perfect Shirt in Foil Dot. I bought it in Navy with the Silver Dots as I knew it would work with more things in my closet than the Ivory Gold. I tried several options and thought these two were my favorites. It also looks great under the Chandelier Sweatshirt in Gray, if you have it. I’m sure the Ivory Gold Foil will look great under the Ivory Chandelier Sweatshirt as well.

I am really surprised by how versatile it is. I found several more sweaters to layer with this top. I will probably try to pair the Lace Panel Top under a cardigan or over my Tartan Shirt (Stewart Plaid).


~ Perfect Shirt in Foil Dot, Navy ~
~ Lace Panel Top, Navy ~
~ Pilcro Stet Ankle Jeans ~
~ Tortoise Flower Necklace ~
~ Martina Wedges in Tortoise, J Crew (LK BennettBoots-J Crew)~


Bows and Dots! My Mini Bows Sweatshirt went missing in my closet but after packing some Summer clothes away I found it. I knew immediately it would go well with this shirt. I absolutely love this pairing and I was able to wear my Navy Booties with it too. I received several compliments on this sweatshirt. It’s really cute with the mini-bows and tiny rhinestones in the middle.


~ Perfect Shirt in Foil Dot, Navy, J Crew ~
~ Mini Bows Sweatshirt, J Crew (Sequin, Kate Spade) ~
~ Pilcro Stet Ankle Jeans ~
~ Anzio Bootie, Navy, Alberto Fermani (Gray, Open-Toe) ~

I knew the Tortoise accents would go great with the Foil Dot Shirt. If you can find the Mini-Bows Sweatshirt via re-sale I would highly recommend getting it. I’ll be sure to keep this front-and-center of my closet this time.

These are the final reviews from the J Crew retail Holiday roll-out. And just in time for Black Friday shopping.

~ Boatneck T-Shirt in Multi-Color Stripe, Undyed Cinnamon Atlantic, Medium ~

I was happy to see this since the Saint James tee sold out so quickly. The medium fit well (normal size) but like the Boatneck T-Shirt I reviewed earlier, the neckline looks like it will start sagging. And sometimes I don’t pay attention to what I’m trying on and didn’t realize this is 3/4 sleeve and not long-sleeve.


~ Slim Broken in Boyfriend Cone Denim Jean, Portstewart Wash, size 29 ~

I have been trying to review the Slim Broken-in Boyfriend Jean for a while but my store sells out of the size 29 ad 30 so quickly. I finally found this lone size 29 and had them added to my fitting room. I feel these fit just fine in my normal size 29. I would probably have them hemmed instead of wearing them cuffed like this. I don’t need any jeans right now but want to keep my options open in case I need a pair of non-skinny ankle jeans.


~ Martie Pant with Tux Stripe in Glen Plaid, size 8 ~

Didn’t these just get released? They are on sale now for $99.99. I’ve tried on several different types of Martie Pants since they’ve come out in both the 6 and 8. It really depends on the material as the stretch cotton ones I needed an 8. The Sequin Herringbone is going to be better in a Petite 8 and these were perfect in the normal size 8. The only common thing between them all is that I would have to hem them.


I like the Glen Plaid and have several items in this pattern. The tux is faux leather but doesn’t look too cheap. I would probably pair these with my Tartan Shirt (Stewart Plaid) and sparkly heels for a party or Holiday gathering.


~ Perfect Shirt in Foil Dot, Navy Silver, size 8 ~

Gigi made me do it. I overlooked this shirt originally but Gigi made it look so good I had to go find it in-store and try it. I knew I would wear the Navy more so I tried that one on instead of the Ivory. Gigi is right in thinking the perfect shirts are fitting smaller. I wouldn’t size up to a 10 just yet but this is borderline for me. I love the little silver dots on these and already have plans to wear this layered with several sweaters I have. Que Bella post coming soon!


~ Lace Panel Top, Black Black, Small ~

I don’t wear a whole lot of lace. In the back of my mind I sometimes think it’s old-fashioned, if not on a wedding dress. But it’s really all in the styling isn’t it? And I found a fun way to style this top with the Perfect Shirt in Foil Dot. The color is Black Black but the lace is Navy. I would also pair this over the Stewart Plaid.

I have no idea why I grabbed a Small and not a Medium but it works. It fits very well and I like it more fitted when layering over the button-down. I would add the Tortoise Flower Necklace, the Mixed Crystal Necklace or the Factory Jeweled Compass Necklace. There’s also the Lace Panel Cardigan to layer with this top.


I’m going to assume there will be some sort of 25% off promo or “buy more save more” promo. They seem to have experimented with that a few times in recent weeks.

What promo do you think will occur for Black Friday?