Next up we have Jules Dresses.

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Jules Dress in Stripe Silk Twill, Navy, #96940, $188, Sz 6 – This is the same shape as the Jules dress but has on-seam pockets not front pockets. This is red, white and blue, with the red stripe very thin and subtle. This is lined and a wonderful silk twill. The web-site says this has 3/4-sleeves but they are full sleeves on me. Also, please note the length on me. I like it but it will be shorter on taller ladies. Wishlisted
The size 8 only added bulk not length. I’d stay with the 6 which is my Jules Dress size.
Jules Dress in Snowcat, Black, #11330, $188, Sz 6 (says the tag) –  So the tag on this specific dress said “6” but when I showed my PS she said, “That dress is huge on you!” She found a size 4 and another size 6. Turns out this should be at least a size 8, maybe a 10,  and was mis-tagged as a 6. Pass since I have the Wildcat print.
Here’s the correct size 6. I am a fan of the Jules Dress. This one is lined in the body but not the arms. I like that as the Wildcat and Fanfare prints were not lined. 
This is the size 4, which wasn’t a bad fit either. It didn’t shorten the sleeves any and the length came up just a little. Size 6 was the best fit.
Jules Dress in Wool, Retro Jade, #90748, $198, Sz 6 – This print is GORGEOUS!! And look how lovely the Flower Lattice Necklace pairs with it. I hope there are other colors but I think this one will be my favorite. Wishlisted
The Flower Lattice Necklace is uber-gorgeous. I have been lusting after it since seeing it on DaniBP. Though she returned hers, this came home with me. As much as I like the colors of the Bubble Necklace, it is a bit too long for me. I need something closer to my neck, but not choker-ish.
What are your thoughts on these Jules Dresses?

One of my last few orders from the recent J Crew Sale-a-paloozas were the Jules Dress in wool and the Stripe Sweater Dress. I had been eyeing the Sweater Dress for a while and like how it is styled online with a white button-up underneath. I have much love for the Jules Dress in Wildcat and was hoping I would like one of the solid colors just as much.

First up the Jules Dress. I debated for a few days between the Heather Aluminum (Gray) and the Fresh Strawberry. I could add pops of color to the Gray or add black or navy to tone down the Strawberry so it was a tough choice. I ended up choosing the Fresh Strawberry to have a bright color to punch up the winter time.

This is a size 8, which is the same size as the one in Wildcat that I own. I’m not quite sold on this. The wool is nice and lightweight. The color is not a strong red but is still pretty bright. I think I should have gotten the gray but my size is now sold-out so if I return this one I may not have another chance at it again, in either color.

Next up is the Stripe Sweater Dress. This is a Size Medium. It is a little loose in the shoulders and upper arms for me, which is a nice change for me and means it won’t feel tight when I add a button-down underneath. As you can see, short-arm syndrome has struck again but the sleeves can be cuffed. I like the length as well on this too. And, it’s not itchy. And the color, I love the color.

Side View

Here it is belted, which I really like. I lost a teeny bit of length but now it has some shape to it.

Two front pockets you barely notice

I would say you could size down on this one. I could exchange it for a Small but because of how I plan to wear it, layered and belted, I will stick with a Medium. Also, I think the stripes are a nice width that they don’t make me look wider than I already am in the hips.

So what do you think of these two dresses? Plan on purchasing them during the new promo offer?

I stopped by the B&M to make some returns since I re-ordered those items with the 25% off and found a few new arrivals. First is the Jules Dress in Wildcat. This dress is amazing! I LOVE IT! I have a size 8 on as there was no size 6 in the store. I’m happy with the 8 because the 6 would be at least a half inch shorter. I happened to be wearing my brown boots and think they go well with the dress. I have the Bronson booties in camel and it will go well with this dress along with some camel tights. The material is rayon and is the same as the Scoopneck Blouse in Royal Paisley.

Two pockets in front.

Found the Double-Buckle Belt on sale to cinch the waist. If I did this I would add leggings and wear this as a tunic.

Scoopneck Blouse in Seine Stripe – I’ve tried this on before but this one is a size 8. It’s too big on me. I ordered the size 6 (twice) so that should be showing up any day now. I think that will be the best fit.
Wool Cafe’ Capri
in Yacht Blue – My store had these in stock and I was so happy to finally see this color IRL. These are a size 8. For some reason they are really loose on me. I have these in Camel so I’ll have to check that fit again

Talia/Scoopneck Blouse in Wildcat – Size 6, #57672, $118 – I really like this print. I have the Natasha Blouse in this print but may return it since the dress in this print is amazing. This will also come in the Jenna’s cardigan in one of the next rollouts.

Blythe Blouse in Silk – Fiesta Purple, Size 8 – This really is a pretty color and this camera pic doesn’t do it justice.
Wool Cafe Capri in Yacht Blue – Size 6 – This is a much better fit.

I just wanted to put these images out there, especially of the Jules dress, in case you were eyeing it online and wanted to use the 25% discount. I also caught a glimpse of the Holiday Catalog – Happy Holidays from the Italian Alps. There are some great pieces coming up for the Holiday rollouts, that my eyes glazed over skimming through it.
Have a Great evening!