Did you catch that J Crew Factory snuck in a mini roll-out last week? The Horse Love Sweatshirt is back in gray with gold foil horses. The print and color of the Printed Flare Dress in Lime Green looks familiar but I can’t quite place the color name. I think the retail version was in a wool-silk pencil skirt. The Textured-Dot Split-Neck Dress is the Factory version of the Windowpane Dress. I ended up returning mine since I didn’t have a place to wear it. 

I really wish I could pull off a cape and I love the Navy Wool Cape Jacket. And even though we are only 9 days into Winter, the Textured Stripe Amelia Flat and Mixed Tweed Classic D’Orsay Flat have me thinking of Spring already. But the number one item and am really looking forward to trying is the Striped Jacquard Pencil Skirt. I own several sweaters I think will look good with this pencil skirt. I’m hoping to get to the Factory sometime this weekend.

What caught your eye in this mini roll-out?

There are so many goodies to chose from at J Crew Factory with the current 50% off everything promo (SHIPGIFTS) it makes my head spin. I already have my Holiday party outfits planned but there’s always shopping for next year right? I have been obsessed with the Sea Glass Brulee’ Necklace for a while and am very delighted to see a similar one in the Crystal Drops Necklace at the Factory. And who doesn’t love Camel for Winter? I can’t decide between the Striped Knit Scarf or the Plaid Scarf.

The Cora Loafers with Bow not only remind me of Kate Spade but they are great to wear to those parties where you know you’ll be standing most of the time. I have some dressy flats already but would get these in a heartbeat.

I did order some items during the Early Access that I’ll share with you now.

~ Velvet Blazer, size 8 ~
~ Peacock Collector Tee, Medium ~
~ Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Wool, Rhapsody Blue, size 8 Petite ~

The Velvet Blazer fit fine in the size 8 though I would have ordered a 10 Petite had it been offered. There’s a single-button in front which hits at a decent spot, not too low. The velvet is loose though and not structured like the old Schoolboy Blazer of yore, which is what I was expecting. The Faux-Fur Vest would be a fun option. The Peacock Tee fit fine in my normal Medium. The peacock is gold foil. I’m going to keep it as it’s fun and the gold foil on black background can be a little dressy.


I returned the Patio Pant in Wool in Blue Stone since I really didn’t think I’d wear it too often. I have whittled down all my pants but still have quite a few dressy options that I really didn’t need another pair. This Rhapsody Blue in the Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Wool is a great color duplicate. I prefer Petites in the pencil skirts at the retail and factory stores, when it’s offered, because the length is shortened to 19-20 inches instead of the 22+. That petite length hits me just above the knee and is so much more proportionate for my body. I do find the factory double-serge wool is a little thinner than retail but still a nice quality.


What are you shopping at the 50% off everything at the J Crew Factory? Are you shopping for you or gifts for friends and family?

The Factory rolled out a small collection with some Holiday and party items. I was actually interested in the lounge and sleepwear this time around. The Printed Flannel Pajama Short is cute in the Cove Blue, which is the same little Scottie Dog as the Intarsia Sweater. I would probably wear the Dog in Hat Collector Tee with it.

Of course, you should have expected the popular Elephant Skirt from retail to go to Factory. I also have the retail version of the Shiny Stripe Mini Skirt that rolled out two years ago.

I’ve recently been thinking of old JC holiday items and was trying to find the Confetti Sequin Sweater or Dress on ebay. Factory brought it this season in a tee, the Confetti Sequin Tee. I actually like that option a lot better than a sweater since I can layer it better under a blazer or wear it on warmer winter days, which we do have. The Tailored Tweed Blazer seems to have a similar collar as the old school Bella Blazer. I don’t have the neckline for the popped collar blazers so I have passed on them in the past. I could never do the popped collar on my “preppy” polos when I was younger either.

I haven’t made any purchases yet from this roll-out. If I do it will be from the lounge/sleepwear section.

What did you think of this Factory rollout?

I have a few more items to review from my latest Factory visit.

~ Classic Button-Down Shirt in Flannel, Dark Chambray, Medium ~
I loved this blue color with the white pop. The shirt was also very comfortable. It’s not heavy but lightweight for flannel. The Medium fit well, which is my normal Factory shirt size. Unfortunately it’s not quite a color fit for my closet so I passed on it.
~ Homespun Popover Shirt, Barnett Plaid, Small ~
I loved this shirt. I originally thought it was Linen but instead is Cotton. It looks familiar and I think I may have bought this for my niece in August. Twins! This was almost sold through in-store and it’s probably because it’s lightweight enough for Central Texas Fall weather. I tried on a Small and luckily it fit with just a tiny little bit of snug in the upper arms.
~ Ribbed Knit Sweater-Dress, Heather Flannel, Small ~
This dress was an unexpected surprise. I would layer under it rather than over it. The Small fit well so I would say to size down, as my normal size is Medium. I liked the Heather Flannel and it also comes in black. Add a little Spanx and this is a great easy dress to wear.
~ Owl Collector Tee, Medium ~
If you’re still into the graphic or sequin tee this is a cute one to get. The sequins are mostly white with a little brown outline and around the eyes and nose. Also, the Elephant Tee is a exact dupe of the retail version. Almost like the cut out the tag and replaced it with a Factory tag. I did get another of those as I love wearing mine a lot.
~ 3″ Boardwalk Pull-on Short, Dark Forest, size 8 ~
I’m not sure if this color has sold out online or was an in-store only color. It’s a gorgeous Forest Green IRL. I also saw the Autumn Crimson and it’s just as saturated and perfect for Fall. The size 8 was the best fit on me. I was able to pull the waistband down a little so the 3-inch inseam isn’t that short.
~ Classic Wool Fedora, Burnished Brown ~
I absolutely loved this Fedora and it came home with me. The brown does read a little more on the red/burgundy side. I wish the Heather Carbon had been in-store as I might have chosen that one as well. It also comes in black.
That’s it for my Factory arrivals from a few weeks ago. Early Access for the latest October roll-out happened today so everything will be accessible tomorrow. I didn’t really see anything I needed to had to have. I hope I can make it to the Factory store again soon so I can the new arrivals IRL.

What do you think of these items? Or are you happy to see new arrivals at the Factory?

With the temps changing I’m always interested in additional outerwear to add to my closed. I usually go for a new blazer each Fall season since I wear those the most. I have a few coat options if the weather warrants it.

~ Wool Blazer, Green, size 8 ~

I am so happy I was able to see this blazer in-store. The green color is perfect for Fall and I have quite a few outfit ideas for it already. The size 8 fit fine though I prefer 10 Petite. I ended up buying this one since it was 50% off in-store and online was about $15-20 higher at the time. I usually don’t button my blazers but do layer under them.
~ Bonded Trench Coat, Medium ~

I found the perfect trench at the Banana Republic Factory Store so I was very underwhelmed when I tried this one on. The material is a little thicker, not much, but enough to notice. The sleeves have an elastic cuff and there’s no belt. There’s that collar strap hanging on the left but I couldn’t find a button on the right to connect it to.

The fit was good in the Medium and enough room for some layers.

I didn’t personally like this one and would have like to have compared it to the Trench Coat.

I debated between getting this vest or the Wool Blazer and chose the blazer. I loved this vest though. The Small fit well, same as my excursion vest size. I know some have sized down two sizes but I like the Small on me.

I really do like the Sherpa lining and it comes out so you can wear this into Spring. There’s a front zip and buttons and front flap pockets.

There is also an interior drawstring so you can cinch the waist. At the time I was in-store, this was 50% off. I highly recommend this vest, in case you’re still debating.

~ Quilted Jacket, Navy, Medium ~
I tried this on for the blog only but really liked it. The Medium was a great fit and still enough room to layer underneath. I liked the Navy color personally but I think the store was selling out of all three colors.

There’s a front-zip and buttons and high collar.

I liked that the sleeves had an interior elastic cuff to help keep the cold out.

The Wool Blazer did come home with me and the Sherpa Lined Utility Vest was very very tempting.

What do you think of this set of outwear?