The Jules Dress is probably one of my favorites from J Crew. Though it could be longer the shift silhouette is great for me. I find this dress is perfect for date nights with Husband. Since The Boy seems to be making us practice being “empty-nesters” before our time I am taking advantage of it. The Jules is great to just throw on, slip on some heels and grab a clutch and go. I have it in the Wildact, Fanfare and Stripe Silk Twill. I prefer the size 6 in this as the 8 only adds bulk and not length. 

OK, yes it’s short…so no dancing all crazy in this dress, or lifting my arms up above my head.
This is partially lined, in the body only, not the sleeves.
The J Crew Babette Heels pair nicely with the dress. The bronze is almost an exact match in the dress.
I know because of the length most will either pass or treat it as a tunic. But from what I’ve seen, despite less than stellar reviews, the Jules always seems to sell out when it hits sale. So some people are liking it.
I decided on this instead of the Origami Dress from my Fall Shopping list. I know I’ll wear this more often than the Origami, especially when it’s paired with tights and boots and this dress is more me. Also, the print reminds me of the Terra Paisley print from a few years ago. 2009 maybe? I had the skirt but sold it because I needed a bigger size but stil haven’t found one. I’d love to see this in a pencil skirt. Wouldn’t that be gorgeous?
So, do you like it or will you be passing on this dress?

I might have gone a little overboard in the Bright / Neon color category with the last J Crew 30% off sale.

Exhibit A
Telegram Hobo in Byzantine Blue
Exhibit B
Sydney Patent Sandals in Casablanca Blue and Neon Azalea
Not enough evidence?  Ok…how about altogether?
Cashmere Tee in Neon Peach
Cashmere Tee in Neon Fuchsia

You should see them all IRL. No flashlight needed when the power goes out. I’ll just grab one of these items to light my way.

I can work with all of these, actually, except for the Neon Azalea Sydney Sandals, unlike Pink Peonies. She’s rocking the Neon Azalea. I walked my closet twice and tried to make them work with at least two things, other than jeans. I couldn’t do it. Those will be returned since that color was not Final Sale. 
What do you think of my new brights? 

~Word to your mother!


OK, I get a little skeeved out by snakeskin prints. So when I saw this print in the No. 2 Pencil Skirt I knew it would not be making it into my closet. But, there’s no harm trying it on for blog’s sake, right?

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Snake Print, Sz 6 – This is a wool/silk blend and fit TTS. The length seems a little long, more than normal. If I were to buy this it would be in a Petite 8 to shorten it up a little.
Blythe Blouse, Neon Kiwi, Sz 6 – Wow, is this bright. Even more so when paired with the Collection Cashmere Cardigan, in Neon Kiwi, Sz M.
This skirt is a pass for me. I’ll wait for another skirt in a print I prefer.
What do you think of this print and skirt?

Next up we have Jules Dresses.

See Part 1
See Part 2
Jules Dress in Stripe Silk Twill, Navy, #96940, $188, Sz 6 – This is the same shape as the Jules dress but has on-seam pockets not front pockets. This is red, white and blue, with the red stripe very thin and subtle. This is lined and a wonderful silk twill. The web-site says this has 3/4-sleeves but they are full sleeves on me. Also, please note the length on me. I like it but it will be shorter on taller ladies. Wishlisted
The size 8 only added bulk not length. I’d stay with the 6 which is my Jules Dress size.
Jules Dress in Snowcat, Black, #11330, $188, Sz 6 (says the tag) –  So the tag on this specific dress said “6” but when I showed my PS she said, “That dress is huge on you!” She found a size 4 and another size 6. Turns out this should be at least a size 8, maybe a 10,  and was mis-tagged as a 6. Pass since I have the Wildcat print.
Here’s the correct size 6. I am a fan of the Jules Dress. This one is lined in the body but not the arms. I like that as the Wildcat and Fanfare prints were not lined. 
This is the size 4, which wasn’t a bad fit either. It didn’t shorten the sleeves any and the length came up just a little. Size 6 was the best fit.
Jules Dress in Wool, Retro Jade, #90748, $198, Sz 6 – This print is GORGEOUS!! And look how lovely the Flower Lattice Necklace pairs with it. I hope there are other colors but I think this one will be my favorite. Wishlisted
The Flower Lattice Necklace is uber-gorgeous. I have been lusting after it since seeing it on DaniBP. Though she returned hers, this came home with me. As much as I like the colors of the Bubble Necklace, it is a bit too long for me. I need something closer to my neck, but not choker-ish.
What are your thoughts on these Jules Dresses?

Shirts, Sweaters and my new favorite Jeans…Oh My!

My PS certainly has an eye for mixing prints and pairing button down shirts with pullover sweaters. Here’s what she pulled for this first Fall roll-out.
Confession – I actually did this pairing. I wanted to treat this color-way, Carbon Neutral, of the Tippi Sweater in Polka Dot, Sz M, as a neutral and put a pop of color underneath. What do you think? Now, I know Old Navy also has some polka dot sweaters and I purchased the White/Black. I’m happy with it and will Pass on this color-way.
Perfect Shirt in Medium Gingham, Timeless Turquoise, Sz 8 – This shirt is not on sale in the B&M but is online ($75 $49.99). This fit TTS for me.
Matchstick Jean in Old Glory Wash, aka “My new favorite jeans”, Sz 29S – These fit amazing! I love the wash, the fit, the feel of these jeans. I’d need to get these hemmed but that’s a minor issue. 
Collection Cashmere Polka Dot Sweater, Green Atlantic, Sz S – I usually take a Medium in tops/sweaters but this fit well in a Small. It is a lovely, vibrant shade of green. Again, Old Navy is hitting it out of the park and has a similar colored sweater, in a cotton, and much more affordable (Cotton vs Cashmere, $24.94 vs $268). See Gigi’s review of the sweater here. The JC cashmere sweater is nice and soft and has a cute three-button detail in the back. Pass
Liberty Perfect Shirt in Floral, Blue White Floral, Sz 6 – I would not have paired this shirt and sweater together but I love it. IRL, the blue of the shirt looks more vibrant with the green of the sweater. I will try to re-create this look with a blue-checked shirt and the ON green polka dot sweater. Pass
Boy Shirt in Snowcat, Black, Sz 6 – The shirt was a little snug but the print and color is a good solid black and not faded. I think it will be a great layering piece. Wishlisted
Bow Sweater, Ivory, #95623, WBL (? Black), Sz S – This is such a cute sweater with all the tiny bows on it. I think a little too cutesy for me. Pass
This color-way, Navy Burgandy, of the Tippi Polka Dot sweater is a favorite of mine. I wasn’t sure what colors ON had but I will go back and purchase this one. Will purchase
Stretch Perfect Shirt in End on End, Light Blue, Sz M – This fits TTS and looks like a men’s oxford shirt. It goes well with the Tippi in the Navy Burgandy color-way. Pass
One option I didn’t try on but it looks lovely. It’s the Blythe Blouse in Retro Jade. That seems to be the main Fall color for J Crew. It’s paired with the Rugby Stripe Boatneck Top, Retro Jade Navy, Sz S. I did try on this top and it is a size down for me. It fits well and you’ll see an IRL in the next few days. It comes in several different colors and though it’s only $65 it is a Rayon/Linen blend and Dry Clean only.  
What do you think of the shirts and sweater combos?