I ordered the Collection Gazebo Pant in Austrian Lace as soon as it hit sale. I had the black colorway on my wishlist since it first arrived online but just couldn’t pull the trigger on such a high retail price. The sale price is pretty steep too, IMO, but I did use a 30% off sale promo. It runs TTS and the length is truly cropped on me. Yay! The lining is a blush color that peaks through the pretty cotton lace overlay. I wanted to share three different ways to style these pants, with items already in my closet, in case anyone is contemplating a purchase.

~ Short-Sleeve Popover Shirt in Irish Linen, Warm Emerald, size 8 ~
~ Collection Gazebo Pant in Austrian Lace, Black, size 8 ~
~ Elsie Pumps in Mixed Plaid, size 6 1/2 ~

The first look is for Summer, pairing the lace pants with a linen shirt and fun heels. When I first make a purchase I add it to my Stylebook and try to come up with at least three ways to wear it. Sometimes that doesn’t always happen but the pieces are too special to return and other times the items are returned. There are also times when the outfit looks good on Stylebook but not so much IRL. I think this outfit turned out well considering I was not sure if the shoes would work. It would probably look better with the Ivory pants but I was challenging myself to style black pants around lighter colors on top and bottom (shoes).


~ Short-Sleeve Popover, Olive, size 6 ~
~ Collection Gazebo Pant in Austrian Lace, Black, size 8 ~
~ Collection Lillian Calf-Hair Low Wedges, size 6 1/2 (one, two, Splurge) ~
~ Tortoise Flower Necklace (one, two, three) ~

I wore this next outfit to dinner while in Vegas last weekend. I was very comfortable and the wedge sandals are from a few years ago. I always forget I have these but they were perfect for this outfit. The short-sleeve popover is really flattering but this olive color is the only one I’ve purchased. I felt really chic in this outfit and can’t wait to wear it again.


~ Tippi Sweater in Embellished Bee, Medium ~
~ Collection Gazebo Pant in Austrian Lace, Black, size 8 ~
~ Simple 70 Pumps, Cranberry, Christian Louboutin (one, two, Splurge) ~

The last look is a “Winter” option with the lovely Tippi Sweater in Embellished Bee. I still have not been able to wear it but hope to do so as soon as there’s a chill in the air. Since we have so many mild days in Winter I know I can get away with wearing these pants through the season, albeit with heels or maybe booties instead of sandals. I am sure I can wear it with a sparkly top for a fun Christmas party too.


The Gazebo Pant in general has been one of my favorite items from Summer. I wish J.Crew would keep the style for Winter but it looks like they are just adding pleats to wide-leg crops instead. There’s also the Collection Sequin Gazebo Pant in a pretty mauve color. I would be afraid to sit down wearing those though. It was fun to style these pants for you and I hope you get some great ideas. I’ll be styling the Rosewood Lace Blouse for you next week!

During one of the promos a few weeks ago, I noticed that a few of my wishlist shoes went on sale. I had to try them to see if I really wanted them so I placed a really big order. Let’s see how they all worked out.

~ Elsie Pumps in Mixed Plaid, size 7 ~

These are not on sale but I wanted to try them before they sold out. I love the colors of this plaid and I have the shirt-dress in this print. I am a 7 in most J Crew shoes but am a 6 1/2 in the Elsie. That size was sold out so I ordered the 7, knowing it would be a little big. I would need an insert to make sure they didn’t fall off while I walked but otherwise they felt fine. These are really cute IRL and the heel is a blue plaid. Unfortunately, I really think the 6 1/2 is the better fit in the Elsie and so these were returned.




~ Elsie Plaid Pumps with Bow, size 6 1/2 ~

I was in love with these the moment I saw them online. The print is one of my favorites and there are several shoe styles to choose from (espadrille, flat, slides, sandals) in this print. The size 6 1/2 in these Elsie Pumps are a much better fit. The little bow is set off to the side giving the pump a little sass, IMO. I did end up returning these, even though they were gorgeous IRl, but only because of the next shoe.




~ Printed Multi-Strap Sandals, size 7 ~

These babies are lovely. Surprisingly, I don’t have a lot of heeled sandals. Espadrille wedges or flat sandals are what I usually wear in Summer. But these are perfect for jeans, skirts, shorts, everything! I chose the size 7 because I was afraid the 6 1/2 would be too tight across the toe. These are perfect at that point thought a little on the long side, as you can see from the slight gap at the heel. The straps around the ankle are a little short and could be about a quarter inch longer with one more notch to buckle.




I wearing these today with some cropped jean and they have been comfortable so far, with the exception of the strap, which I moved to the last notch.


~ Gemma Tortoise Flats, size 6 1/2 ~

I’ve finally found some Tortoise shoes I will wear. The Gemma are a PVC upper with leather lining and sole. There are three little holes at the arch, for a little airflow I’m sure. There’s a little protector at the toe tip inside the shoe that you can barely notice. The size 6 1/2 works for me in the Gemma. I slip out of the size 7s. I haven’t worn these yet and am worried about one reviewer online who said that hers started cracking. I’ll certainly report back if there are any issues found after wearing them for a bit.




I kept both the Printed Multi-Strap Sandals and the Gemma Tortoise Flats as they were at the top of my wishlist. I tend to wear solid-colored heels and didn’t think I would get enough wear from the Elsie Pumps in Mixed Plaid and Elsie Plaid Pumps with Bow.

Happy Shoes-Day!