I was at the outlet a few weeks ago and it was crazy busy. I made the mistake of going on a Saturday, in the middle of the day. Not the best time for shopping. But since I was there and I had the time, I pushed my way into the Tory Burch store. The store itself is pretty small and carries clothing from seasons past. From what I’ve been told and from what I’ve seen, they do not make clothes for the outlet store. Everything is overstock from the retail stores and boutiques. On this trip I was able to find some things I had either originally passed up or couldn’t get because they sold out quickly.

~ Kerrington Wallet Cross-Body, Diamond Print ~
This is similar to the Marion Cross-Body I own though just a little bigger. It’s made of PVC with a leather removable strap. This pattern was one of my favorites from this Spring. I just couldn’t decide between the Kerrington bag or this Cross-Body and they both sold out. This was the only one in the store and I was very surprised to find it. Once I did, I didn’t let go of it.
It has several card slots as well as room for keys, phone, lipstick and a few other small items. I don’t ever over-pack my Cross-Body Wallets. The price was $136.50 down from the original of $195. I know it’s not a significant price cut and is what you would have found had it been in the retail store on sale. It’s a great colorful alternative to my Marion Cross-Body.

~ Lidia Lace Polo (solid, print), Indian Blue/White, Medium ~

I found this blue version of the Lidia Lace Polo shirt in the store as well. I have a few solid colors of the Lidia Polo and love them. The ruffle collar and button placket dresses up what would otherwise be another standard polo shirt. This one goes one step further and has a lace overlay with white lining. I know this also came in white and green and was timed with the Botanical Floral print. I bought the Mia Slim Boot Jean and love them. This blue polo will pair nicely with them. You can re-visit my review of the solid Lidia Polo here and the Linen Stripe here.
~ Brigitte Blouse in Linen (solid, Paisley, Geometric), Red, size 8 ~
No IRL on this one since this is at the cleaners. I was so giddy when I found this blouse at the outlet store. It was on a rack in the dressing room area and there weren’t any on the floor. I have never tried the Brigitte as I thought I would need to size to a 10 since it looked a little small. But the size 8 was perfect and I was so hoping there were other colors as I would have bought every single one. The Linen is very lightweight. I’ve worn it twice already and just love it! I’ve been scouring the reseller sites (ebay, The Real Real, Tradesy) for any of these in another color but I’ve had no luck just yet.
They are currently carrying items from what looks like Spring 2014. A lot of items in this Botanical Garden but not that dress specifically. I was told by my retail store SA that they are able to look up all inventory, including those items at the factory stores. I don’t think they necessarily have an “outlet” or “factory” section they look up but can find items in inventory if you know the name or style number. The SA wasn’t able to find any more of the Brigitte Blouses for me.

There was not a promo on bags that day but there was a 25% off promo on clothing. I bought the Brigitte Blouse for $35 and the Lidia Lace Polo for $105. Still a little pricey for that one but the original retail was $250. I hope to get back to the outlet in a few weeks to see if there are any new arrivals. By then, the Summer shoppers will be gone and the store won’t be so crazy.

Have a Great Day!