June is over and July is here! I was so busy last month ending with taking The Boy to orientation at his new College and my birthday on Monday. He is now a registered College Freshman and leaves in mid-August.

I spent most of my birthday shopping and having a lovely lunch at Mariposa, the restaurant at Neiman’s. I love going there for little special occasions. Of course I stopped at J Crew as I received some gift cards for my birthday.

This little top is from Anthropologie using my birthday discount. It’s by HD in Paris but I don’t know if it hasn’t made it online or already sold out and is the Swingpane Tank. I am wearing a Medium though most people have sized down, according to the SA. There are ties at the neck in the back to adjust it some. The neckline is a thin halter so a strapless bra is probably the best for this top. I love it and I received so many compliments on it. I paired it with white shorts from Banana Republic and my Valentino Lace Espadrilles from a few years ago.

There are some other fabulous ladies who also have birthdays this week. Both Gigi and Dina have birthdays today and Ema’s is later this week. We are a bunch of fabulous JCAs! Happy Birthday ladies!

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I love that my birthday is smack-dab in the middle of Summer. The retailers are trying to sell off all the Spring and Summer items to prepare for Fall and I always find some amazing deals on higher end items. This year I found three things I’ve been lusting over FO-EVAH! All on Sale! 
First up is the Tory Burch Priscilla Pocket Tote Bag in Emerald. The color is actually a divine mint green and the leather is smooth and supple. I found this in-store at Neiman Marcus on sale and also was able to get an additional 25% off. It has handles as well as a detachable shoulder strap. 

Next is another bag I really wanted for Summer. I have my J Crew Brompton Straw Mini-Hobo which served me extremely well while in NYC. It was just the right size and survived getting completely soaking wet. I first saw the Chelsea Market Small Coal in Shamrock at Kate Spade online. I then saw it IRL at Nordstrom’s and while I loved the color I did not like how big it was. I though Small meant just that and not a giant Tote.

Well, about a month ago I saw the Chelsea Market “Mini” Coal in the same color. The Mini was smaller and $100 less. I decided to wait it out until the Anniversary Sale to see if I could get a better price on it. Two weeks ago, I saw it was on sale, at the same time the Small was on sale. Even with the 25% off sale that KS had the Mini was still cheaper, and the one I wanted so I bought it and LOVE IT! It comes in Orange as well but I love the mix of greens and blues on this one.

Of course, I couldn’t just let my birthday go by without some shoes, right? Last Friday, a new Tory Burch Boutique opened up at my mall. I walked in just to take a look around and found out some shoes were already on sale. What a way to get new customers. Open your brand new store and have some items already on sale!

I loved these Laser Cut heels when they first came out. There were variations of the Laser Cut on sandals, wedges and bags too. I couldn’t believe I had found a pair in my size. I tried them on and didn’t even notice the 110mm heel. I try to stay at 90mm (3 inches) or less but these were so comfortable right away the height wasn’t noticeable at all. There was also the same promo that was going on online last week so I was able to get 20% off of these and another pair of cute gladiator sandals, the Amalie.

No toe-cleavage as the Laser Cut is sexy enough.

I know retailers are gearing up for Fall, but for me, Summer has just started. I can’t even think about wool, cashmere, long-sleeves and boots right now. 
Have a Great Day!

Today is the big 4-0 day! Yep, today’s my birthday and I’ve been up since 5 a.m. and ready for a nap. I seem to recall, with my failing memory, that it’s what my grandparents did.

Anyway, I treated myself to a lovely pop-back last week. Every time this showed up on the J Crew website, I could not add it to my cart. Then, last Saturday morning, it added. I clickety-clicked as fast as I could and voila! Happy Birthday to me!
And here are a few more to keep you entertain.
In my first year…I was a chub-monster.
First of many birthday parties
Oooh, 2nd swimsuit shot you’ve ever seen of me.
Does anyone remember when these glasses/props were popular?
1st Runner-Up Miss Zaragoza
Honor Grad
Thank you to all my readers and followers for lurking, reading, commenting and just enjoying my blog. It’s a guilty pleasure and I’m happy you’re around.

I was blessed to celebrate my birthday yesterday with my family yesterday. We had lunch at one of my favorite places in SATX, La Gloria. Husband and I went there last year for my birthday and loved it. They have these great life-sized metal art figures in the front. Perfect picture taking spots. They also just added an outdoor, fully-stocked bar.


Menu Board complete with metal Ants crawling around it.

My regular…Pollo en Escabeche Sopes

I’m wearing an Eddie Bauer Crinkle Dress in Plaid. I am in my normal size 6. It was nice and casual and cool for the day. I added a Cole Haan purse I received for Christmas and my new Christian Louboutin Brown Espadrilles.

MamaBella, AudreyBella, La Senora-one of the art figures, MomoBella

Husband and The Boy shopped at Anthropologie for my presents this year and they did good.

Lunar Cycles Top in Dark Orange

Here’s a teaser for “Super Shoes-day” next week…While shopping at one of the little boutiques in Boerne, a small town nearby, I found these TOMS. They are the Bimini Stitchouts in Yellow. Unfortunately the TOMS site only has two sizes left in the red. I love the yellow and the Top-sider accent. I took a 7 1/2 for three reasons. 1) I really wanted them but this was the smallest size they had left. That immediately told me they were very popular and I would be hard-pressed to find this color in my size elsewhere. 2) They run slightly smaller than my Black Glitters, which are a 7. 3) I really wanted them. I read in some of the reviews that a lot of people are going a half to a full size up in these.

Have a Great Day! I have a busy day and weekend ahead of me preparing for our party tomorrow. See you “Shoes-day”!

Oh…and Feliz cumpleaños to Gigi and Dina!!! Have a wonderful birthday!

I received my Anthropologie birthday discount in the mail a few days ago. I have had my eye on a few things (this and this and this) online and was hoping at least one of those was in my store. The Boy was getting a haircut so I wandered over to Anthro to “browse”. I didn’t find anything on my list during my first walk-around so I grabbed a few other things I was interested in, including the Gull Wing Dress by Girls from Savoy in plum.

I’ve tried this on before in the red and loved it. I felt really sexy in it. I think the plum is a much better color for me but also grabbed the black polka dots too.

Wearing a size 6

OMGEEEE…totally in love with this dress. Even if I didn’t have my birthday discount I would have bought this. I feel more amazing in this dress in the plum than I did in the red. I didn’t even try on the polka dot one. This is a perfect dress for our super hot (95+) and getting hotter weather.

As I was in the dressing room, one of the SAs showed me the Back View Dress. I guess they had just received it because I didn’t see it on the floor. It’s on my wishlist so I tried it on. This is such a pretty dress with beautiful vibrant colors throughout. I ended up with a Small. I didn’t even notice the side zip until I tried it on again at home. (I was able to fit it over my head with ease without unzipping it.) It’s currently sold out online so if you are interested in it call the stores.

Lastly, I tried on the Bosky Lace Skirt in Green. I’m not sure what’s with me but I have been drawn to lace crochet lately (here and here). And green is my favorite color. This is a size 8 and has a slightly loose fit. A size 6 would have been a little snug over the hips, so an 8 is fine by me.

So, as you can see, my Anthropologie discount card didn’t last two days into June. But!…I was surprised to receive an email from Anthro yesterday with another discount that I can use online. Yay! My store doesn’t carry shoes so I’ve found a few I like and it also didn’t have some of these vases I’ve been eyeing.

Have a great night!