I have just a few more gifts to buy and several stocking stuffers. I was going to by MamaBella this Tory Burch Fragrance Gift Set but it was already sold out in-stores. I stopped by Sephora to use a $15 gift and found the Holiday Cracker which was the same price as the rollerball but not in a fun package. The soap sets are a good gift too and you can break them up and give them a singles or doubles. I grabbed a few of the Holiday Crackers as gifts for my aunt and sister-in-law.

I have some Hunter Wellies as does my niece so these socks will great to wear with them, especially since we are rumored to have a cold, rainy Winter due to El Nino.

I’ve seen the Instax Mini Cameras at Nordstrom Rack for 40% off the retail price. And don’t forget the film! As a family we go through lightning cables like crazy, even when we are very careful to remove it from our phone after charging. They always tear and fray so I like to give them as gifts. And a bluetooth speaker is great for my nephew so he’s not completely tuned out wearing headphones.

Lastly, I am looking for a few more Stocking Stuffers to go with Husband’s Cheese Board and Knives I bought him. I will probably get him his favorite bottle of wine and a Wine Preserver. I have these exact wine glasses from Target and use them all the time over the stemmed glasses. My girlfriend loves Moscow Mules so I think a monogrammed mug will be perfect for her.

I am really trying to finish my Christmas shopping by this coming weekend. I have yet to decorate or put up the Christmas Tree so I’ll tackle that in the evenings this week. The Boy comes home Friday for a few weeks and I want to be available and not busy with things I know I can get done this week.

Are you almost done with your Shopping?

I received this email on Thursday about a flash sale happening this morning at J.Crew. This is an in-store promo of 30% off your purchase, plus an extra 10% off. I also have some $20 off $100 cards so I am hoping to use one of those as well.


Here’s what I’ve already bought and love.

I still need to find a few gifts for Husband and The Boy. Husband is sized out of J. Crew but there are some things I can still get him, like beanies and scarves. The Boy loves the half-zips and I’m hoping he’ll also like the Flannel-lined 770 cords.

Everyone in my family is asking for pajamas. I guess they weren’t prepared for the abnormally cold Winter we had in South Texas last year. I’ll throw in some cute socks too.

I’m hoping to find everything I’m looking for in-store. Then I can get them quickly wrapped and under the tree.

Are you attending your store’s “Flash Sale”?

Husband is pretty picky about everything he buys so it’s good that he creates a wishlist on Amazon so I know exactly what to get him.  He doesn’t like ties or BBQ tools and clothes are always returned. That’s why I’m glad he found Tommy John last year. I would say this is the La Perla of men’s underwear. He prefers the Second Skin Trunks has slowly been replacing the other pairs that just don’t work, ride up or are boxers. I am helping him further his stock a little more for Christmas. I am hoping he likes the V-Neck Tee and socks as much as the trunks.

Husband also loves eating slices of cheese as a snack in the evenings. I bought him some Cheese Knives from Anthropologie a few years ago that need replacing. I like that the Colby Cheese Tray Set stores the knives in the tray. 

Lastly, I know for sure Husband likes both of these items as he received them last year for Christmas. He has a few Contigo Mugs and uses them daily. They are dishwasher safe and seal pretty tightly.

Though Husband already has some of these from past gifts I know these are appreciated (and well-researched) gifts.

Happy Husband Shopping!

My J.Crew store recently added a Crewcuts section. I have no little ones that fit in Crewcuts but my friends do. I can’t really see myself buying, or them accepting, a $40-50 tee when Factory, Target and Old Navy have cheaper ones they will get dirty and outgrow in months.

The section does have some really super cute tees and sweaters and I wish I could fit into the Girl’s size 16 but it’s still too small. I can fit into the Boy’s larger sizing and tried something on last week.

~ Skiing Yeti Crewneck Sweater, Boy’s size 14 ~

I grabbed this on my way to the fitting room not expecting to get it over my head. Not only did my head fit, the sweater did too. It’s form-fitting in the size 14 so I could size to a 16 for a little looser fit. I normally wear a Medium/size 8 in tops. The length hits at my hips and isn’t cropped like I expected. I like the Yeti though he looks a little too angry. I can only assume it’s because he was forced to the Bunny Slopes.

Here’s what I would pick from the Boys’ Crewcuts section now. I love Star Wars and am so geeked out about the new movie. I suppose these would be good to get for the nephews as well. That Thomas Mason Flannel Shirt is one I’d love to try on in a size 16.

And I also took a peek around the Toys section. There are some pretty cool items that are right up the nephews alley. Some of these will make perfect Christmas stocking stuffers. Who doesn’t want a Lightsaber or at least the Popsicle version of one?
I told Husband I wanted to convert The Boy’s room to have twin beds just so I can get the Chewie version and Ballerina Bedding. He said no. 🙁

This is not something I would normally post but Husband will not stop raving about his new underwear by TOMMY JOHN. I pay attention when he mentions something he likes because he is so very picky. It’s annoying most of the time but helps when he plans vacations as we always find the best places to stay and eat.

When we first met he was a boxers guy. The boxers moved around and would ride up. I think he also didn’t like the various prints I would buy him. He then switch to boxer briefs. Those were good for a while but he said those also rode up giving him a wedgie. These Tommy John Trunks stay put all day long – no moving around or riding up. The material is a micro modal and feels really soft. Husband says it doesn’t feel like he’s wearing any underwear at all and had to check himself a time or two to make sure he didn’t forget to put any on.


The waist band also stays put helping with the fit. His favorite feature is their “quick draw fly”. I won’t be too detailed but instead of a side opening there is what he calls a “top-loader”. He says it’s very convenient so I’ll take his word for it.

The only thing he was hesitant about when buying his first pair was the price. They range from $29-32 per item. Not a bundle or two but each single item. He’s a bargain shopper if I ever saw one. But, once he wore them he knew they were worth their price. He still looks online to find the cheapest price but has several pair now and is slowly getting rid of all the others he currently has.

Tommy John also has t-shirts which he has yet to buy since they run $40-45 depending on the store. I’ve purchased him a bundle, for Father’s Day, from Tommy John directly and bought him a t-shirt to try. Now that I have found something he likes and can really use I’ll keep the link handy to purchase when he needs more, especially if he likes the tees.

Again, the fact that he is super picky but seriously raves about the Tommy John Trunks meant I couldn’t keep this hidden from you. If you have a man in your life who you struggle to buy for try these out.

Have a Great Day!