Bella Gifts: Husband Edition

Husband is pretty picky about everything he buys so it’s good that he creates a wishlist on Amazon so I know exactly what to get him.  He doesn’t like ties or BBQ tools and clothes are always returned. That’s why I’m glad he found Tommy John last year. I would say this is the La Perla of men’s underwear. He prefers the Second Skin Trunks has slowly been replacing the other pairs that just don’t work, ride up or are boxers. I am helping him further his stock a little more for Christmas. I am hoping he likes the V-Neck Tee and socks as much as the trunks.

Husband also loves eating slices of cheese as a snack in the evenings. I bought him some Cheese Knives from Anthropologie a few years ago that need replacing. I like that the Colby Cheese Tray Set stores the knives in the tray. 

Lastly, I know for sure Husband likes both of these items as he received them last year for Christmas. He has a few Contigo Mugs and uses them daily. They are dishwasher safe and seal pretty tightly.

Though Husband already has some of these from past gifts I know these are appreciated (and well-researched) gifts.

Happy Husband Shopping!