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~ Double Stripe Shirtdress, size 8 ~

I liked the look of this striped black-and-white shirtdress on the hanger. But I think I look like I’m wearing a uniform in it. It’s a straight fit with a straight hem and even the belt looks a little sad. I think you could jazz it up a little with Tortoise heels and necklace.


~ Garden Blossom Dress, size 8 ~

This dress has a little mix of navy in the black and cloud white floral print. I like the fit-and-flare shape and the size 8 fits really well. I like the piping down the front and it seems to give the illusion of structure and additional shape. My only personal issue is the length. Since the 8 fits so well, I don’t think the 8 Petite would work. I would hem the dress to hit at the middle of the knee and add this little cropped cardigan.


~ Lacy Flare Dress, 8 Petite ~

The drape of the skirt on this dress is so lovely. It just flows so easily away from the waist to just above the knee. The 8 Petite fit just how I want it. I think the normal size 8 might have given me a little more room in the chest and just been slightly longer. Either size would work for me. I definitely need something to cover my arms in the dress so this little polka dot cardigan would work well.


~ Leafy Wrap Dress, size 8 ~

The wrap dress is the most flattering dress for any one. If you are concerned with showing too much cleavage you can add little cami. You also can’t go wrong with pink and navy and I like that the color of the belt contrasts against the more navy colored dress. The size 8 works and I wouldn’t go to a Petite.


The wrap dress comes in several different prints.

~ Modern Geo Tie-Waist Dress, size 8 ~

I loved how flattering this dress was when the tie was in the back. The length is a little long for me but I would hem it rather than size to a Petite. This tie-waist dress fits perfect in the size 8. The blush, navy and olive colors are peppered throughout the collection. The blush seems to make everything look so much more feminine.


~ Stripe Shirtdress, Petite 8 ~

I loved the blush tone of this dress mixed with the navy and olive stripes. I ended up grabbing the wrong size, originally thinking the Petite would shorten the length, which it did. But the arms are pretty snug, so would be better off in the regular size 8 in this dress. I would either change the belt, or not wear one at all, and add tall boots and rolled sleeves for Fall.


And here are a few other picks of mine.

Are you shopping the Friends of Ann Event? I think people are really liking this sale as the website has been having a few issues this morning.

These are the last of my Ann Taylor fitting room pics I found on my phone.

~ Fringe Tweed Top, Medium ~

The fringe is at the neckline, arms and hem. The medium fit fine though the shirt doesn’t have much shape to it and is boxy. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I did not find this cropped, but if you are taller than me and wear a Medium on top, I’m pretty sure it will be shorter on you.


~ Fringe Tweed Pencil Skirt, size 6 ~

The skirt is what I really wanted to try on. There was a J Crew Wool Pencil Skirt from 2009 that was similar to this. The color on this AT skirt is really pretty IRL and the tweed is substantial and not too thin. The size 6 fit me just fine and the length is hitting me just below the knee.



If I was in the office daily, I would get the skirt and probably pair it with a chambray shirt.


~ Geo Short Sleeve Sweater, Medium ~

I liked this pattern but feel it works better on the skirt than the top. The pattern gets a bit distorted around the chest. Since it’s a snug sweater it will show any bumps with the pattern probably accentuating them more than I would like. I was hoping it might work so I had another option for jeans.


~ Geo Knit Pencil Skirt, Small ~

I loved the skirt and the pattern on it wasn’t distorted anywhere that I could tell (but I didn’t check the rear). Since the knit is woven tight, I went with the Small and it fit pretty well. I just have no idea what top I would wear with this skirt other than the matching Geo Sweater above.




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As promised, though a bit late, here is a review of the Ann Taylor Embroidered Dot Perfect Shirt, as well as a few other items.

~ Embroidered Dot Perfect Shirt, size 8 ~
~ Striped Jacquard Pencil Skirt, size 6 ~


~ Embroidered Dot Perfect Shirt, size 8 ~

This fit well in the size 8, just like the J Crew Perfect Shirts. Like I said in this post, I prefer the Ann Taylor version over the Onyx Dot. The dots on the Ann Taylor shirt are Navy and they are embroidered on to the white shirt. This shirt is also less see-through that the Onyx Dot shirt.


~ Striped Jacquard Pencil Skirt, size 6 ~

This is a fairly stretchy skirt, from what I can recall. I liked the color and stripes on this. The length is midi on me hitting at the top of my calf. The size 6 fit me just a little tight so I would either size to the 8 or the 8 Petite. I always confuse brocade and jacquard but this is textured material.


~ Embroidered Dot Perfect Shirt, size 8 ~
~ Fluid Stripe High Waist Flare Trousers, size 8 ~


Clown Pants was what first came to mind when I saw them on the hanger and I had to try them on. I guess because they are high-waist pants the cut is different from ATs other pants. These were really tight in the size 8 and the length was super long. I do like the navy and gray vertical stripes though.


~ Colorblock Pullover, Small ~
~ Kick Crop Jeans, size 6 ~


~ Colorblock Pullover, Small ~

I really liked the mix of colors on this sweater as they reminded me of the Anthropologie Emperor Kiss Sweater from a few years ago. This was pretty cozy on and the Small fit very well to a little over-sized. I passed on it though but would reconsider it if it goes on sale.



~ Kick Crop Jeans, size 6 ~

I grabbed these to try on with the sweater and they fit ok in the size 6. I would size to an 8 for more comfort. They are not cropped on me, of course, so they 8 would be just a touch longer.


Ann Taylor has been having some sort of sale every week, usually 40% off but sometimes 50% off. That’s what it was in-store when I bought the Embroidered Dot Shirt. There isn’t a sale today but I would think another one is coming later this week.

I tried on several dresses over two fitting room visits to Ann Taylor. Currently, the have a 40% off promo with code WEEKEND.

~ Sleeveless Shirtdress, Navy, size 8 ~

I love the cut and style of shirt dresses. I try to stick with sleeveless styles as the ones with sleeves are usually a little snug in the arms for me. The size 8 was perfect on me. The pleats on the skirt don’t create a whole amount of fullness. The pockets are hidden in the mix of the pleats. This also comes in Hot Tropical Coral. I saw that color in store as well and though it would go well with my skin tone, I will stick with the Navy. There’s also a Denim Shirtdress that has a pencil skirt bottom. I know I’d need an 8 or Petite 10 in that as it looks very lean and small in the arms.



~ Striped Double V Sheath Dress, Small –

This is a fitted knit dress fit well in the Small. I don’t mind the length going past the knee but would like to try the Petite Medium to see if the length will hit me closer to the knee. There are vertical stripes on the side, breaking up the front horizontal stripes, and, in my opinion, create some shape. This was another of my favorites that I tried and made me long for Spring to come quickly. I can see wearing this with flat sandals or heeled espadrilles.



~ Spacedye Flare Dress, Small ~

I wasn’t too sure about this dress on the hanger. I kind of liked the spacedye pattern but didn’t know how it would look when I tried it on. I’m still on the fence with the dress since the pattern is horizontal on top and vertical on the skirt. The Small of this fitted dress fit fine though I think I would prefer the Medium a little more. The length is just below the knee for me so a Medium would be a little longer. There’s also a midi skirt in the same pattern.  I think, even on sale, this dress is a pass for me.



~ Tweed Shift Dress, size 6 ~

This dress is currently on sale and you can take an additional 60% off, not 40%. I liked this dress and the fit of the 6 was good, especially through the hips. I like the color mix of the tweed and it’s not very thick. If I worked in an office this would definitely be in constant rotation since it would be so easy to just add a Navy Blazer. It also has a matching tweed jacket.



Code WEEKEND will get you 40% off regular-priced items and 60% off sale. There are several types of dresses on sale, plus the 60% off, to choose from.

Are you shopping any dresses during the Ann Taylor WEEKEND promo?

Ann Taylor has a promo for the long weekend, taking 40% off your purchase with code WEEKEND.  I was able to try some things on last weekend that I’ll be sharing soon.

The print on the Shadow Floral Pencil Skirt and blouse are reminiscent of the Inky Floral from J Crew last Spring/Summer. During a 50% off promo last weekend I bought the Embroidered Dot Perfect Shirt. The size 8 worked for me.

The dresses are what really got me when I did try-ons. Especially the Sleeveless Shirtdress and  Striped Double-V Sheath Dress. Those two are on my list to find in-store this weekend. The Striped Midi Dress sold quickly in-store and I didn’t have an opportunity to try on a Small or Medium. I’ll also be looking for the Drapey Crop Pants to try on as well.

Have you checked out the Ann Taylor WEEKEND promo yet?