Husband received a gift card and a shirt he didn’t like for Christmas so we went to the mall so he could find something he did like. He’s not a shopper so I decided to make sure I gave him my undivided attention. I only wandered off once. Not bad right? He actually found quite a bit of clothes for work.

Here’s what I wore. It was pretty cold today so layers were appropriate.

Blazer: J Crew Ecole
Sweater: J Crew Cashmere V-Neck
Tee: J Crew Perfect Fit
Skirt: J Crew Donegal Tweed Atlee
Leggings worn as tights: J Crew
Boots: Steve Madden
Scarf: unknown
Purse: Coach


Have a great evening!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I’m exhausted and am looking forward to a week off from work. I haven’t taken a full week off in a long time and it’s well-deserving. I have lists and lists of things to do but I’m not going to worry if they don’t all get done.

Everyone in the AudreyBella house received everything they asked for and then some. I received the cookware I asked for (dishwasher safe..YAY!) along with a WII! I squealed like a kid when I opened the gift. Husband sure did surprise me.

It was all about J Crew for Christmas. The Boy received some J Crew merino sweaters, a button-down and boxers. MamaBella received a beautiful beaded cardigan that was only in-stores. She saw it when they first brought it in back in September. I saw it on sale a few weeks ago and scooped it right up for her. I bought my grandmother her first piece of J Crew jewelry along with my aunts and first-cousins. They were ooohing and aaahing over their necklaces. And, PapaBella received two long-sleeved tees from J Crew which he really liked, and asked for more! I felt a little like Oprah…”You get J Crew. You get J Crew. You get J Crew.” Haha…

Here’s my Christmas Day outfit, all J Crew, except for the necklace. (pic taken at end of long day = no make-up)

Even though it was quite chilly on Christmas Day, it was pretty warm inside. I’m glad I layered the cardigan and blazer because I was able to be comfortable in just the tee while eating dinner.

I was told last week a small roll-out for Resort/Spring will happen this week at J Crew with a bigger one mid-January. This is probably why they are still having their 30% off on-line and in-stores. My store still had a lot of sale items when I last checked on Thursday. That’s when I bought the blazer. As soon as I saw it go on sale online I went straight there to grab my size. And the 30% off promo was still going on.

I’m staying inside today and not braving the shoppers. Are you checking out the sales today or making returns?

I had a few last minute things to do yesterday before out Christmas started today We’ll be busy the rest of the weekend starting in about two hours so I’m happy to steal myself a little time before the cooking and gifting and unwrapping and cleaning of it all.

It’s been a little gloomy the last few days with cloudy skies and a little rain today. Compared to the 80 degrees we had Monday and Tuesday, I don’t think I mind the rain and clouds. At least it makes you think the weather is cooler outside.

Here’s what I wore to get some cash, candy for bags, presents for the pets and then to the movies to see True Grit.

All items J Crew
Shoes: Tretorn Flannel for J Crew
And hmmm? Could these be holding J Crew “bling”?

The movie was pretty good. I actually saw the original the night before on TV. Both movies followed the book so there were a lot of similar lines/one-liners. The new version is more from Maddy’s experience than Rooster’s, which is more like the book. I do like Matt Damon’s LeBoeuf better than Glen Campbell’s and the new Maddy. I won’t compare “The Duke” to “The Dude” – that almost seems sacrilegious. My recommendation – Go see it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Have a great day! Take a little time for yourself before starting the preparing and celebrating.

On a whim I purchased the Buena Notte Bag last week as a Christmas present to me. On Friday, I walked into Anthropologie and saw the item I’ve been dying to try on since I first saw it on the website.

It nips and tucks you in nice and snug. I tried on both the 6 and 8. The 8 was a little looser but the 6 was va-va-va-voom. Such a pretty little lace-y thing and a pretty penny too! I am not a big lace person but this was just too amazing to pass up. Soooo, MERRY CHRISTMAS to me…again.
I wore it out to dinner with Husband and some friends Saturday night. We were originally supposed to go to Husband’s work Christmas party but he decided he didn’t want to go. I decided I was dressing up anyway.
Cardigan: Kohl’s (100% Cashmere)
Cami: Eyelash Lace Corset
Skirt: J Crew Taffeta Mavelle Mini
Shoes: J Crew Flannery Platform Peep-Toe

With the Buena Notte Bag (and part of my head chopped off).
Have a great evening!

“…get your adverbs here.” OK…so maybe not adverbs but that’s what I hear in my head when I see these pants. The J Crew Bright Dahlia Lolli Pants are amazing IMO and perfect for this holiday season if you are looking for an alternative to a dress or skirt.

I saw these in-store and on a new SA and she looked fab. I went ahead and tried them on and really liked them but didn’t get them. Little did I know these pants were all the buzz on the inter-webs and then I saw them on Debye, where she looked FAB in them.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them and was waiting at the store when it opened the next day. I ran straight to my “Lolli’s” and tried them on once more for good measure. As Debye said, they are very lightweight, unlined and the color is TDF!

I tried on an 8, and only because they didn’t have a 6, which I know now would have been snug on me. The 8 sits on my hips and the length is the perfect ankle length. I am debating on whether or not to get them hemmed so they are more cropped like they are meant to be (27 inch inseam).

They are sold out online but I’ve seem pop-backs daily. Have an SA or your personal shopper do a WWFIFY because my store did have some smaller sizes available as of Friday.

I was able to immediately wear these this weekend to our neighborhood holiday party. It’s basically our ladies luncheon but we get to bring our husbands. I was afraid Husband would make a comment about the color and not like them but he only mentioned the shoes I was going to wear. I was going to wear them with my Flannery Platform Peep-Toes but he said they were too “flashy” for the crowd we would be in and I had to agree with him. I opted instead for some small wedge Cole Haan’s which were perfect since I stood most of the evening.

Here’s my dinner outfit from the night before. Notice the sweater color? And I did wear my Flannery’s that night.

Anyone done shopping yet? I am almost done. Just a few little gift cards to get and another present for Husband. He’s trying to spoil his Christmas so I’m looking for something he’s not expecting. He figured out on Amazon that he can look at what was purchased from his wish list. He doesn’t know who bought what but just like a kid to “shake the box” and “inspect the packages”.

Have a great evening!