J Crew: Mini Skirt in Nautical Stripe, Gingham Pleated Mini Skirt, Cuffed Bermuda Short in Linen

Shorts and skirts are finishing out my reviews from J Crew. I’ll have some J Crew Factory/Mercantile reviews in the next few days.

~ Cotton Jackie Cardigan in Dot, Small ~
~ V-Neck Linen Tee, White Navy, Small ~
~ Mini Skirt in Nautical Stripe, size 8 ~

I thought the whole outfit was cute, mixing the dots with stripes. The blue on the Jackie and skirt are slightly different shades though. I think maybe a different colored tee/shirt would make that a little less noticeable. My store had two sizes left in the Jackie Cardigan in Dot, a Small and XS. Since this is a cotton knit and I don’t button my cardigans much the Small fit fine. Husband hates this cardigan, calling it “old lady” but I really like it. So much that I’ve already worn it twice since purchasing it last week.


My VPS put the skirt in the fitting room for me. It’s really odd to me for a few reasons. First, the title has “mini skirt” in it but this was 19-inches long. It hit me just at mid-knee. Second, there are pleats in the front and an elastic waist in the back. Those two things together make the skirt lay weird on me. I also think because of the pleats and elastic waist, it dropped the skirt lower, hence the visual longer length. I did like the cotton poplin material and that it’s machine washable.


~ Gingham Pleated Mini Skirt, size 8 ~

This skirt is now on sale and is really cute IRL. This mini skirt hit me just above the knee. The waist fit well in the size 8, my normal pants/skirt size. I did see the description states this could only be “spot-cleaned”. That’s a bit disappointing and could be why it’s in the sale section now. I do wish they would have offered this in the pink as well, like the blazer and pants. I probably would have bought it at full price in that color.


~ Cuffed Bermuda Short in Linen, Tuscan Olive/Byzantine Copper, size 8 ~

I have been waiting for these shorts FO-EVAH! I bought a pair of Collection Linen Bermuda Shorts almost three Summers ago, on sale (YAY!), and love them. They had been offered in black and white and only the white was in my size. A similar version was offered last Summer in a color similar to the Byzantine Copper below. Those were hideous. The length was well below my knees but not close to gaucho-style or super-cropped pant.


But these Linen Shorts are exactly what I wanted. I ordered all three colors (they come in Flax too) because I didn’t want to miss out on them. The size 8 is perfect and the 7 1/2 inseam hits above the knee. I was a little hesitant about keeping the Byzantine Copper color but found I have several items in my closet to go with this color. The linen is not heavy or thick but fairly lightweight.


There are a few differences between the Collection Linen Shorts and the current Cuffed Linen Shorts. First, the Collection Linen Shorts are pleated while the current shorts are not. They have a flat front, which I like a lot more. Second, the Collection shorts are lined, probably because they are white. I have no idea if the black color was lined. Lastly, the current Cuffed Linen Shorts have a cuff while the Collection shorts do not. The pockets are also slightly different with the Cuffed Linen Shorts having an on-seam pocket and the Collection short are placed a little more in front.


~ Sunday Slim Chino Short, Chrome Green, size 8 ~

The Chrome Green color was really pretty IRL. I don’t have a color like this in my shorts drawer but eventually decided to pass on them since I have way to many casual shorts. The size 8 was a good fit for me, as I like the Sunday Slim shorts to be a little more on the loose side.


~ Sunday Slim Short in Vintage Plaid, Bohemian Red, size 8 ~

I did not like the color of the Bohemian Red as much as the Patchwork. The red was too bright for me, IRL. Also, this version of the Sunday Slim Short is not chino material and feels a little more snug and not so loose in the size 8. I think I’d have to size to a 10 to get that loose feel I have with my other Sunday Slim shorts.


It’s not even June and I have already worn the Cuffed Bermuda Shorts in Linen all at least twice. They will all be in rotation heavily all Summer long.

Have you tried the Linen Shorts?


  1. Vava
    May 27, 2016 / 9:05 am

    I’ve been eyeing those linen shorts too. Is the inseam really 7″ though?

    • audreybella
      May 27, 2016 / 10:49 am

      Vava – The inseam is 7″ but they sit at the hips, not the waist. It seems longer once you have them on. You can see they hit just above my knee. The Sunday Slim are a shorter inseam.