TOMS Sandals

We’ve booked our trip and I’m really excited about it. Most of it will be in sunny places so I started looking for a few sandals to try and take with me. I have my Birkenstocks that I’ll be taking with me but I also wanted another versatile pair or two that can go with shorts, a swimsuit or a casual dress. Enter some cute, casual sandals from TOMS.

~ Isabella Sandals, size 7 ~

The Isabella fits TTS in length but if you have a larger instep area like mine then the band cutting across will be tight. I wiggled my foot into both sandals but I don’t feel that part will stretch enough to be comfortable. I’d rather keep looking for something better.



The quality of the leather is really good though the sandal is completely flat with no heel or arch support. The footbed is cushioned and also leather. They also come in black. Sadly, I had to return these.


~ Solana Flip-Flops, size 7 ~

I love the colorful straps on the Solana. They will go with a lot. They fit TTs and have a cushioned foot-bed and arch support. They are just so cute and they’ll definitely be going on my trip with me.



These sandals also come in Cork and Braided Trim.


It’s so hard when planning a vacation to not buy a whole new wardrobe. I’ll be sharing thoughts on what I’ve purchased already and what I still need.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Tati
    March 9, 2016 / 9:20 am

    Oh, how fun! By your choice of shoewear, I’m guessing you’re going somewhere warm (perhaps tropical? Or Mediterranean?) I know what you mean about buying for a new trip, it’s tempting (and fun!!) Definitely worth at least a cute new outfit or two. My husband and I usually have a ‘big’ trip once a year — we’re thinking of going to Colombia this winter (only 6 hours away from NY and a decidedly shorter flight than last year’s to Thailand!!)

    Can’t wait to see your gingham espadrilles!

  2. audreybella
    March 9, 2016 / 9:22 am

    Tati – We are going to Thailand!!! By way of Tokyo and Singapore (where my brother lives). Would love to hear what Islands you went to in Thailand.

  3. Tati
    March 9, 2016 / 1:39 pm

    Oh how wonderful, what a coincidence!! We have visited a few places in Europe and South America, but we wanted a taste of something new so we headed to Asia, our first time. Flew there by way of Dubai, spent two weeks (flew all over the country, booking our own flights and accommodations — this was back in November, over Thanksgiving). Flew north to the countryside of Chiang Mai, then south to an island off of Phuket for a few days (Koh Yao Yao), then to Phuket itself (Kata Beach area), before finally heading to Bangkok for a few days.

    We only did day trips/sails out to Koh Phi Phi, but that is the one island I would love to go back to/stay on. (Wish I had more advice for you regarding the specific tiny islands b/c they really seem like the way to go — more ‘special’ and pretty than Phuket itself, IMO.) You guys are going to have a blast!!

    I don’t know if you’ve been to this part of the world, but if not, I recommend bringing an extra tote to lug home all those goodies you will find. Lots of fun shopping and eating (Thai food never jumped out at me here in NY as it did over there.) I am so excited for you!!

    Duh, just saw your email, will drop you a note! 🙂