Ann Taylor: Floral Lace Trim Midi Dress, Lace Shift Dress, Tile Print Wrap Dress, Diamond Foulard Wrap Dress, Paisley Shift Dress, Paisley Mosaic Floral Dress

Ann Taylor Friends and Family ends tonight. Use code FRIENDS40 if you are shopping online. In-store they will automatically apply the code. I tried on several items but think dresses might be useful to most of you. For sizing reference, I am usually a 6 or 8 Petite/Small or Petite Medium in Ann Taylor.

I’ve seen this dress in the window display of the store. I really like the print but knew it would be too long for me. Still, I wanted to try it on to see if it was worth the purchase on sale and to hem it to just below the knee. The size 6 was a nice fit and still loose and flowy all over. The length was Midi and too long for me, hitting a few inches above the ankle on me. The lace trim makes a “T” in front and then is down the sleeve and on the the sleeve hem as well. The dress is made from 100% Polyester and is still $159. I don’t love it enough to pay that much, even at 40% off for Polyester. I’ve been wearing some silk sleeveless blouses lately (in this 100 degree heat) and still felt much cooler than I would have in a sleeveless Poly blouse or dress.
I like the print and might have considered it had it been on a skirt but overall, I think the dress is too “prairie” for me. The length and material confirm this dress is a pass for me.
~ Lace Shift Dress, Dark Ruby, size 6 ~
I didn’t originally purchase this dress because I already have a few party and occasion dresses for some upcoming Holiday events and a February family wedding. But, I loved this dress and am considering the purchase of it anyway. I wish the lighting in the Ann Taylor fitting rooms was better. The color online is very true to IRL, as is the Fresh Ink (Royal Blue). The size 6 was a great fit still showing off a little curve at the waist. And there’s still some wiggle room for a food-baby! The length for me hits about an inch above the knee it will be a little shorter for you taller ladies. The sleeve and hem are scalloped. The material is a Cotton-Nylon blend.
This was the dress I ended up purchasing. I chose this over the Lace Shift Dress due to how often I would probably wear it. The size 6 fit really well and I compared it to the size 8 Petite in the Diamond Foulard print (below). The length hits just at the knee in the size 6. The wrap covers the chest nicely without any need for a safety pin or Fashion Tape.
The description says the sleeves are 3/4-length but they are bracelet-sleeve on me. I would probably pull them up some, like in pic below. One of the best parts is that this dress doesn’t call for any Spanx! I would probably still wear the Shaper Shorts if I was leaving the house just to smooth the bottom. I chose this print over the Geo Foulard and Diamond Foulard.
The fit was a little more snug in the 8 Petite. The length came up above the knee as well. I don’t usually mind that but since this is a wrap dress I was thinking of when I sit down how well the skirt would stay shut. The navy print is nice though I like the Tile Print a little more.
I liked the paisley print at the neckline and hem but the pink background wasn’t anything special for me. The Medium fit good through the body and just so in the shoulders and arms. I might have tried a Petite Medium if I was really considering this dress as a purchase. The shift silhouette has just a slight curve at the chest but then A-lines to the hem, which hits me just above the knee.
~ Paisley Mosaic Floral Dress, Dark Sky, size 6 ~
I thought the dress looked really nice on the mannequin and I think it looks ok on me. I wish the hem was hitting the knee and think the 8 Petite would accomplish that. I liked the mix of the two prints as well. The dress is 100% Polyester so, though sleeveless, will be warm to wear through the Fall. With a little cardigan this is a nice office-wear dress.

So tell me, what did you purchase from the Ann Taylor Friends & Family event? I honestly don’t need a whole lot and am really really trying to be thoughtful in my purchases. But sometimes, you just can’t get something off your mind. I see you Lace Tee and Lace Shift Dress.


  1. August 24, 2015 / 6:59 pm

    Thank you for the reviews Audrey. AT is really hit or miss for me and I rarely bother checking it out, so I appreciate your reviewing the highlights.

    IMO, the lace dress is pretty, and pretty on you, but we've seen you in lots of pretty dresses that are more unique. Then again, I am in a "don't buy unless you love it, or it's cheap enough to only wear once" stage.

    As for the others, what is up with all the 100% polyester??? JC, AT, and BR — such a bummer! I actually think the poly dresses (except the prairie dress, which I can't imagine being especially flattering on anyone but bizarrely seems to have gotten good reviews) look great on you, but polyester is a difficult material for me: washes well, but sticky in warm weather and staticky in cool. Too bad; the last dress especially would have been great if it were cotton or silk…

    I am passing again on this round. The last purchase I made from AT was in winter with their cashmere, which I do think wears as well as or better than JCs. Not sure if you have much use for that in Texas tho…

    • August 25, 2015 / 12:56 pm

      You're welcome AudreyS! Shopping Karma was against me yesterday and I wasn't able to get the dress. I had a work emergency and wasn't able to get to the store or even browse online too much. I will just wait and see if the dress makes it to sale and then I'll know the dress and I were meant to be.

      I tried on an AT cashmere sweater last year and thought it was really good quality. I usually wear the Cashmere Tees from JC during the Winter and then add a wool Lexington Blazer over it. A few days will usually require an actual coat but the cashmere does it's job keeping me warm when I'm home.