Que Bella – Just Peachy

I have had a really busy weekend and it’s not quite over yet. Husband left for India for 16 days on Friday and left everything to the last minute, including checking his departure time which was 2 1/2 hours before he was supposed to leave. Luckily he had just zipped up his last bag so he was packed. He made his flight, due to some super-speedy/no-traffic-on-the-way driving by me and is now safely in his hotel in India.

And, since “checking what time you are supposed to be somewhere” seems to run in the family, The Boy missed his bus Saturday morning by getting the words “be there” and “leaving at” completely confused. As we were driving up to the school we passed by the bus at the traffic light. He called his teammates who were on the bus and they confirmed that, yes, they had left. So, since I had nothing else to do but run a 15 year-old all over Central Texas I drove him to the game, an hour away.

And it gets better.

We got to the fields and his team wasn’t there. When we left we were about 5 minutes ahead or behind the bus. I even stopped for breakfast so if they were behind us they would have caught up to us. Turns out the bus broke down about 20 minutes from the school. If I had gone the same way as the bus I would have 1) met up with them and 2) handed over The Boy. So, we killed about 45 minutes waiting for his team. Luckily, we were in our old hometown of New Braunfels, from 5 years ago, so we stopped at our favorite German bakery, Naegelin’s Bakery, for some donuts, I grabbed a Starbucks, we drove by our old home and we drove by Schlitterbahn aka “The Hottest, Coolest Time in Texas” and was the top water park as deemed by the Travel Channel.

Whew! So, once The Boy was handed off, I decided that since it was only a 15 minute drive I would go to the outlet mall. I hit up J Crew, of course, so be on the lookout for a review later today. They said new Spring arrivals would be in on Wednesday. And, once I left, since I apparently wasn’t done shopping, I came back home and went to the mall and Ann Taylor. So look for that review soon too. They have some colored jeans that are similar to J Crew’s Toothpick jeans in the new bright colors but they fit much much better, IMO.

Of course, after all that driving and shopping I needed a night out. I met up with some friends for dinner at Perry’s Steakhouse, which just opened. I had a wonderful time and some fantastic food. I knew I wanted to wear my Giraffe Cuff so I planned my outfit around the peachy colors in it. I originally had on this skirt, which I found yesterday at the J Crew Factory.

Skirt: J Crew Factory Double-Serge Cotton Pencil Skirt, Byzantine Blue, 6 (Black and Neon Rose are online)

But when I walked outside it was just a little too cold to go bare-legged so I changed into these plaid cashmere pants I found on ebay late last year. They were a sample and fit like a dream. I had them hemmed to wear with heels. I added my Ecole Blazer in Brown Velvet for a little extra warmth on top.

You can kind of see that the peachy-pink tones of the bracelet go well with the sweater. It is such a statement piece. Our waiter even noticed it and commented on it.

I also stopped by Ann Taylor Loft on Friday and they had some very cute things for Spring, so I’ll be posting those items too. The only place I didn’t stop at and do try-ons was at Anthropologie. But maybe I’ll do that today or next weekend.

Have a Great day and look for my review posts soon.


  1. January 15, 2012 / 6:30 pm

    The blue in that first skirt is gorgeous!! Hey, you should come to the Texas Style Council's bloggers conference in March…I learned so much last year, just attending the one day of conferences and speakers!! Think about it…it is awfully close by!!

  2. January 15, 2012 / 10:20 pm

    Holy cow! That's a lot for one day! Glad to hear you were able to settle down a nice dinner and you look great in that peach color! I really like that bracelet. It's such a statement piece. I can't wait to hear what's at the outlet. I haven't been for awhile, so I'm anxious to get a status report!