I’m not seeing a whole lot of reviews for some of these items online, so if you’re looking at them, here are my thoughts and pics.

~ Collection Gingham Cardigan in Gauzy Cotton, Small ~

I couldn’t decide between the Tippi Sweater in Blue-Emerald Gingham or this Collection Cardigan. I should have chosen the Tippi sweater. I did not like this cardigan at all. It is over-sized so take a size down from your normal size. But that wasn’t the problem. The gauzy cotton material was…blech! I don’t have a word to describe it but I didn’t like the look or feel of the material. It was gauzy, maybe a little thicker than medical gauze. I think it may have been that this is not 100% Cotton but is blended with nylon. I like the gingham and I like the length but other than that, it was immediately returned.


~ Tippi Sweater, Berry Melange, Medium Petite ~

I’ve finally found my real Tippi size, Medium Petite. That size has the arms at 3/4 length and the overall length is a little shorter than the Medium I’ve been wearing. The color is very pretty IRL, with hints of blue/purple throughout. The Tippi Sweater and Tippi Sweater with Ruffles are both 20% off with code NEWCLOTHES.


~ Gazebo Pant in Market Stripe, size 8 ~

I have been stalking these ever since they showed up on the website. They sold out pretty quick, especially in my size. I wasn’t able to catch them again until they were on sale with a great promo. I haven’t worn them yet but they are really nice pants. A great linen with an almost chambray stripe look to them. I’m really happy I was able to finally snag them on a pop-back.


~ Sloan Gingham Leather D’Orsay Flats, size 6 1/2 ~

The flats are just adorable. I originally thought they were printed canvas, silk or cotton but they are printed leather. The colors are similar to the Tippi. I wear a 6 1/2 in the Sloan and these are no different in sizing, even with the all leather outer and inner lining. They did crease almost immediately, just from trying them on and walking around for a short time. I always put the little tissue back after wearing my shoes to smooth things like that out. If you prefer, there’s also the heel.






~ Mixed Gingham Sandal with Ankle Straps, size 7 ~

I really debated whether or not to get these fun looking shoes. I was very leery about the ankle strap and how to get them to stay tied without cutting off circulation to my feet. I’m so glad I decided to order them. They are really fun sandals and the colors all pop. The size 7 was perfect, making these TTS. I tied them with a bow slightly to the side and love the way it looks. Even though I have plenty of white bottoms to wear with these, I’m looking at a few white dresses to wear with them too.







Here are a few 40-60% off sale picks with code NEWCLOTHES.

I think I am pretty much done with shopping Spring and Summer sale items. What about you?

A few basic items are up for review next.

~ Tippi Sweater, Deep Copper, Medium ~
~ Floral Cotton Short, size 8 ~
~ Slingback Flats in Snakeskin, size 7 ~

I loved this color combination. The Deep Copper of the Tippi Sweater immediately makes the floral short Fall friendly. I can definitely see myself wearing this on cool October evenings. I’m sticking with my normal Tippi size of Medium and the shorts are fitting well in a size 8.



~ Perfect Shirt in Liberty Isborella Print, size 10 ~
~ Toothpick Jean in Skipper Wash, size 30 ~


After the Cocktail Shirt try-on, I grabbed a size 10 in the Liberty shirt. That’s a much better fit, especially in the arms and across the shoulders. I really like the print and can definitely see wearing it all year. I have some returns to make this weekend so I will probably exchange for this shirt.


~ Toothpick Jean in Skipper Wash, size 30 ~

I don’t need skinny jeans but wanted to try these on anyway just to gauge sizing. Even though I went up to a 30 this year these still fit TTS. I know these will stretch some but I would stick with that size. I DIY’d a factory pair a few years ago that look almost identical, with maybe a little more rips and tears.


I’ll have some IRLs from the Art Tees later this evening. That Deep Copper Tippi may also come home with me this weekend. I will need to find a few more items in my closet to pair it with.

What do you think of the Isborella print of the Liberty shirt?

Did anyone attend the Loyal customer event Friday morning? I tried but my store had the doors locked and no one would answer when I knocked. And I SAW employees in there. Not sure if they didn’t get the memo or were running late but I already felt like an idiot waiting in front of the store when all the others were closed so I left. Anyway, still a little miffed by it but I was only making some returns and was going to buy the sweater below. I have no idea what the promo was either, unlike Madewell’s event this Sunday morning where they will have 25% off. I’m guessing it was 25% off too.

~ Tippi Sweater, Neon Watermelon, Medium ~

I have the Tippi Sweater colors I want except Navy and Black. I don’t have those only because I have them in Cashmere. But I really liked this Neon Watermelon color. It reads really bright on my phone and computer screen but it’s not really that neon bright. It does remind me of watermelon too.


~ Zip Mini Skirt in Feather Print, size 8 ~

This mini skirt is no different in style from the Zip Mini Skirt in Violet Poppy. This fit well in my normal size 8 and hits about two inches above my knee. There’s a back, un-exposed zip, and pockets that aren’t bulky. I prefer the Violet Poppy over this one in this skirt.


I thought I might like the print on this skirt and but I think I prefer it in the Gemma Flats or the Elsie Heels.


The Feather Print seems to be the floral print for November. You can shop all the Feather print items below. I also really like the Feather Collar Necklace but my store won’t get it. 

I find the Neon colors don’t sell too quickly so I’m sure I’ll be able to get the Neon Watermelon color on sale, with a promo.

Do you like the Feather Print?

“I don’t need another pair of pants. I don’t need another pair of pants.” That was my mantra as I fell in love with the Patio Pant in Violet Poppy.

~ Tippi Sweater, Lemon Zest, Medium ~
This was one of the styling ideas my store had set out for the First Look event. I would not have paired this color with the pants but after a little closer look at the print, there is a subtle yellow-green color in the print.

I like the fit of the Medium, especially since I layered the Boy Shirt underneath. That fit TTS as well in my normal size 8. The Lemon Zest color is bright and I debated on whether or not to buy it. After my VPS and I talked about all the sweater colors I have already, I decided to wait on getting this color. I could probably find this cheaper somewhere else, especially since I may only wear it with these pants. We’ll see.

~ Patio Pant in Violet Poppy, size 8 ~
~ Gemma Glitter Flat ~

I tried on both the size 6 and 8. Since this is Polyester with no stretch the pant has no give. Because of that the size 6 was too tight. That makes me suspect the 8 Petite might not fit as well as I would prefer. The size 8 is a nice fit with the length about 1 1/2 inches above the floor on my 5’2″ frame. I would rather buy the size 8 and have them hemmed to be cropped instead of sizing to the Petite. But I like the length as is on these though they might look a little odd with heels instead of flats. Did I mention they are lined?

So, who’s a Seinfeld fan? Remember the episode where George bought a suit at a great price and it turned out the pants rustled when he walked? Yeah, these are George’s pants. Not as exaggerated but the Poly material makes a little noise when you walk. I probably wouldn’t hear the end of it from Husband.

All the Violet Poppy options…

I don’t need another pair of pants but these are so lovely. It’s the print really so I’ll have a review of the A-Line Mini Skirt in Violet Poppy tomorrow, along with several color-styling options.

Happy Shopping!

I had planned on seeing my niece play in a basketball tournament on Saturday but it was cancelled at the last minute due to the weather. I ended up running a few errands instead and then doing a little closet cleaning.The Tippi Houndstooth Sweater is such a pretty color. I forget that the Tippi is not a long-sleeve sweater so I had a little more cuff from my Polka-Dot Blythe Blouse {similar} exposed than I originally wanted. The Factory version of the sweater doesn’t have the Houndstooth shoulder patch but is still pretty.

I put tights under my trusty Pilcro Stet Ankle Jeans to be a little warmer during the day. I wanted to wear my Quinn Booties but since it was raining I didn’t want to mess up the suede. I use this spray but I still prefer not to wear my suede boots in wet weather. The Studded Strap Booties are a great pair of booties for wet weather. The sole is rubber so it grips the ground a little better.

In Wendy’s post yesterday, she posed the question “What ouftit would you wear every day?” I know in Winter and Spring, this outfit is probably what I would pick. I would switch out the heeled booties for my Cece’s but this is an outfit I am definitely comfortable in daily.

Have a Great Day!