Shirts, Sweaters and my new favorite Jeans…Oh My!

My PS certainly has an eye for mixing prints and pairing button down shirts with pullover sweaters. Here’s what she pulled for this first Fall roll-out.
Confession – I actually did this pairing. I wanted to treat this color-way, Carbon Neutral, of the Tippi Sweater in Polka Dot, Sz M, as a neutral and put a pop of color underneath. What do you think? Now, I know Old Navy also has some polka dot sweaters and I purchased the White/Black. I’m happy with it and will Pass on this color-way.
Perfect Shirt in Medium Gingham, Timeless Turquoise, Sz 8 – This shirt is not on sale in the B&M but is online ($75 $49.99). This fit TTS for me.
Matchstick Jean in Old Glory Wash, aka “My new favorite jeans”, Sz 29S – These fit amazing! I love the wash, the fit, the feel of these jeans. I’d need to get these hemmed but that’s a minor issue. 
Collection Cashmere Polka Dot Sweater, Green Atlantic, Sz S – I usually take a Medium in tops/sweaters but this fit well in a Small. It is a lovely, vibrant shade of green. Again, Old Navy is hitting it out of the park and has a similar colored sweater, in a cotton, and much more affordable (Cotton vs Cashmere, $24.94 vs $268). See Gigi’s review of the sweater here. The JC cashmere sweater is nice and soft and has a cute three-button detail in the back. Pass
Liberty Perfect Shirt in Floral, Blue White Floral, Sz 6 – I would not have paired this shirt and sweater together but I love it. IRL, the blue of the shirt looks more vibrant with the green of the sweater. I will try to re-create this look with a blue-checked shirt and the ON green polka dot sweater. Pass
Boy Shirt in Snowcat, Black, Sz 6 – The shirt was a little snug but the print and color is a good solid black and not faded. I think it will be a great layering piece. Wishlisted
Bow Sweater, Ivory, #95623, WBL (? Black), Sz S – This is such a cute sweater with all the tiny bows on it. I think a little too cutesy for me. Pass
This color-way, Navy Burgandy, of the Tippi Polka Dot sweater is a favorite of mine. I wasn’t sure what colors ON had but I will go back and purchase this one. Will purchase
Stretch Perfect Shirt in End on End, Light Blue, Sz M – This fits TTS and looks like a men’s oxford shirt. It goes well with the Tippi in the Navy Burgandy color-way. Pass
One option I didn’t try on but it looks lovely. It’s the Blythe Blouse in Retro Jade. That seems to be the main Fall color for J Crew. It’s paired with the Rugby Stripe Boatneck Top, Retro Jade Navy, Sz S. I did try on this top and it is a size down for me. It fits well and you’ll see an IRL in the next few days. It comes in several different colors and though it’s only $65 it is a Rayon/Linen blend and Dry Clean only.  
What do you think of the shirts and sweater combos?

Here are a few remaining items I have tried on in May so far. It will probably be my last try-on until after my trip.

May part 3

I thought the Sequin Anchor Tank, Sz S, would be like the Sequin Stripe Tank, with more sequins and a tighter fit, but this is meant to be loose and drapey and has less sequins than I expected. I like it that much more now but not for $98, so off to the wish-list it goes. The other unexpected item was the Jardin Maxi Skirt, Sz 6. I had to size to an 8 in the midi-Jardin skirt and I actually need a 4 in the maxi-Jardin. The Morning Aqua color is gorgeous. 
The Tropical Cove color is just a pretty. I’m wearing the Size 4 in it and it fits great in the waist and hits about 2 inches above the ground. This is definitely something I want in either the 4 or 6 Petite in the Morning Aqua, but I will wait until after my trip to 1) see if it has gone on sale 2) I want it after I come back. 
My mini mini skirt has a name…Classic mini in Double-Serge Cotton. I decided to try on the Brilliant Blue color, Sz 8, to see if I liked it on. If it makes it to sale I would get it in this color. It’s super-cute and I love my Mint color. 
Poppy Scarf – Not online but so cute. Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of the tag.
I originally couldn’t wait to see the Tippi Sweater in Linen Stripe and then when I did I was really disappointed. I thought this was navy and white but it’s a lot darker than expected. I have on a Medium, which is my normal sweater size, and it fits great. I like that it’s lighweight but I prefer the Linen Cable-Knit Sweaters over the Linen Tippi Sweaters.
I was not expecting to like the Silk Bow Cami, Sz 6, but it’s a great little top. This was the only size 6 left in any of the colors or patterns in my store. It’s selling out quickly. The was not tight across the chest and there was enough material to make a nice big bow.
The Tessa Top in Linen, Sz 6, is another item selling quickly. I really wanted to try this in Chili but both the 6 and 8 were already sold out. This is a comfortable top and fits well across the chest and shoulders (my problem area usually causing me to size to an 8). 
The Size-Down-Two-to-Three-Sizes Peasant Blouse Whisper Gauze Peasant Blouse, Sz Small, is huge on me. And it’s selling like hotcakes. I would really need to size to an XS or even a XXS. And I really liked the Chili color too. 🙁
So, that’s it on the May roll-out for me. I am soooo ready for my trip and will be posting my final packing list in the next few days. 
Have a Great Day!!

**Yay! I was able to recover my photos from my back-up drive and my son’s MacBook.

Lots of reviews but not very many “gotta have right now” items. The Spring Collection has had some cute things but nothing really really special like the Casbah print from last year.

I was trying some of the new Picasa features which took a lot longer than I expected. Some cool features like borders, adding corners, and different types of processing. Anyway, let’s get to the reviews.

Blythe Blouse in Silk, Royal Violet, Sz 8 – I really like the Blythe Blouse and the Sz 8 fits perfect in the shoulders and arms but too big in the chest and body. The Sz 6 is just the opposite so I have to pass on this great shirt because of it.
Long No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Sovereign Paisley, Sz 6 – Oh how I wish this skirt came in at least the regular length. The petite length is 23 inches so I may have to try it. I really am liking this print, especially in the skirt. (And now it’s on sale for $99!)

Tippi Sweater in Orchard Print, Sz M – Whoops…seemed like this is sold out online but I took my normal sweater size. It’s a cute print and my PS paired it with the Postage Stamp Mini in Big Apple Print, Sz 8. If you’ll notice the length is not so mini on me because J Crew states they “tweaked the mini so you’ll never feel over-exposed.” Hmmm…I think me likey. I did purchase it but am deciding if I really want to keep it. I am wearing the Seville Wedge Espadrilles in a Size 7 and they are half a size too big. The Size 6 (no half sizes) was way too tight. I was really disappointed because I really wanted the Seville in Stripe.

Stripe Sequin Tank, Sz Small – I bought this right after it originally rolled out in lat February/early March but returned it. I’m waiting for a sale and hope it makes it. I really do like it. I can wear the Small but may size to a Medium, depending on what makes sale.

Stripe Twisted Stitch Henley, Sz Small – My store manager predicted this would go on sale pretty quick as it’s very box, although comfortable. She was right. Not even two weeks after I tried this on it went to sale. Size down one if you are interested. My PS paired it with the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Royal Violet, Sz 8 (although I take a 6 in pencil skirts). This is a very pretty purple but not needed in my closet right now. This color is on sale, online, for $59.99.

Here, the henley sweater is paired with the 5 inch Chino Shorts in Lemon Zest. I would size to an 8 for a more comfortable fit.

Now, I was really intrigued by the Tessallate Necklace when it appeared online a few weeks ago. I was happy to see my PS had it in my dressing room but up close I was disappointed. I was hoping it was gold painted enamel not resin (plastic). This was a pass after seeing it IRL. I can certainly find something similar for a lot less than EIGHTY-FIVE DOLLARS!!!

This is some sort of tweed-ish pencil skirt that was in-store but I can’t find online. Style #76956, $118

Colorblock Stripe Slash Henley, Sz Small – This shirt was flying out the door and I tried on one of the last two left. The Small fit well but the v-neck was cut really low. The Electric Orange of the 5 inch Chino Shorts are a nice vibrant color.

This is the Cafe’ Trouser in Linen in at least one size way too big for me. There was no size 6 or 8 to try on in the Festival Green or Navy that was in-store. I like this color and have it in the Perfect Linen Shirt. I think a Petite 8 might be my size for this pant but I don’t need it as I have an Navy linen pant from a few years ago.

The Maritime Colorblock Dress is not online (did I miss it and it’s sold out?). I have on a Sz Small which was a good fit. The cotton is pretty thick/substantial. I’ve missed my opportunity to wear it here as the weather is holding in the 80s daily now. I have it paired with the Mini Prints Scarf in Orchard. I can do the apple print in this piece and took it home with me. The first shipment my store received sold out in a day. I was happy my PS put this one away for me when they received their next shipment.

I had never tried the Amie Maxi Dress, Sz S, Bright Flame, before. I know the JCAs have been loving it and I know why. It’s amazing and comfortable and the drawstring helps define your waist. The Navy is online as are the solid colors.

The Cafe’ Capri in Foulard, Sz 8, fit me really odd as do all of the cotton Cafe’ Capris. I think I need a Petite 8 for a better fit. It’s reminiscent of the Mahali Dot Print from a few years ago.

Gondola Stripe Top, Sz 8 & 6 – This is a very comfortable silk shirt. The silk is soft and IMO it runs a little big. As you can see, the size 6 is loose through the body on me but that would be the size I would get.

IMO, the Seaport Maxi Dress does nothing for me. I mean, it’s comfortable but pretty long on me. It feels like a long nightgown to me. I’m not sure if sizing to a Small would change my mind.

This is a gorgeous in-store only floral lightweight wool scarf. It came home with me. Style #88503, $59.50

A yellow paisley scarf that was also in-store only. Style #88503, $59.50

I don’t know how to feel about the print on the Big Apple Tunic Dress. I mean I like the print but I think, for me, it needs to be on a smaller scale, like the mini skirt. I know the website says it has a back zip but I don’t remember one. See, for being such a big print, it’s not memorable, like the Jaipur from a few years ago.

I sometimes wish I worked in an office setting and not from home, only if to buy and wear beautiful work-wear dresses like this. The size 6 of Director Dress was a perfect fit for me. And of course, the Bright Dahlia is one of my favorite J Crew colors. Alas, I have the Andre’ Dress in this color I’ve never worn. Maybe I’ll get it on sale with a discount? Here’s to wishful thinking.

So, I know these are a few weeks old but I wanted to post them anyway since I know some of you are my size and/or shape. I’m sure there are now April arrivals in my store. I may end up not even seeing them as I have been swamped.

I did manage to set up my iPad as a mini netbook, with a keyboard and everything, since my laptop is being ridiculous. Oh, and if any of you Blogger iPad users are looking for a Blogging App try Blog Docs. It’s $1.99 but it really is cool. You can write up your posts, add pics, change your formats, add a signature, etc. I did my last post completely in it and have two more drafts written that I hope to post this week.

Have a Great Day!

I am quite enjoying our beautiful weather here in Central Texas. It looks like a lot of you have been experiencing milder temps for Winter. But now it’s Spring!, which came really fast. I can’t believe April is less than two weeks away. Staying busy with work has made the time fly by. And now I have something to really look forward to.

We booked our trip to Europe!!! Whee!! I’m so excited but Husband is making me be very PRACTICAL about what I pack. That word isn’t even in my vocabulary and now I have to figure out how to do that very thing with packing. I’ll worry about that later. Besides…that’s what Polyvore is for.

I was so excited to finally wear the Gimlet Skirt in Coaster Stripe and my new Tippi Sweater in Succulent Green. I am a sucker for beautiful shades of green. Both have been sitting in my closet for a while but they were both pieces I knew I would enjoy wearing. I added my new Stuart Weitzman wedges that are the most perfect shade of Nude. You can hardly tell I”m wearing shoes. They are comfortable and I lasted all day wearing them at the office without any issues. The Gimlet Skirt is something I so want to bring to Europe with me but won’t be able to because it’s not practical. Blegh…bad taste in my mouth for that word even when typing it. 

Next up is the Crepe Myrtle Shirtdress by Sarah Ball from Anthropologie. I tried it on here and instantly fell in love with it. I added the sunny colored Featherweight Cotton Cardigan and Anthropologie’s Dearie Me Wedges. I was un-prepared for the height of these shoes. I did last all day long at the office but will need to make some adjustments with the strap so it’s a little tighter on me. This dress would be another great Europe item but won’t be travelling with me this time.

Lastly, my outfit from today. This is the Old Navy Wrap Dress in the black print. You’ve seen me in the green print dress here. I added an old Banana Republic lace cami and brought out my Lanvin Espadrille Wedges. This wrap dress is a great item and is now on sale for $10 in-store! Grab it if you can. I also have it in solid black and red.

Have a Great Evening!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Husband and I don’t celebrate the day because our very first date was a week later. But, on Monday, the sneaky guy was going out of town for work, which also happened to be on the way by my office where I was for the day. He waited patiently in the lobby while I finished up a conference call and had a dozen roses in his hand and also a little gift. How sweet is that? Completely unexpected and absolutely adorable.

The “Floating/Blurry Rose” print is one of my favorites from J Crew. I was happy to pull this out of my closet for my office visit. I had created a Polyvore with this skirt and black boots but decided to go with brown instead. I paired it with the Cashmere Tee in Snow, my Corso Como boots and let the skirt have it’s day.

I contemplated pairing this with gray tights and booties but maybe next time with the dress