I had a salon appointment Thursday afternoon and since I was so close, I headed up to the outlets. I was very interested in seeing the new arrivals at the J Crew Factory Store, after hearing on Saturday they would be in Wednesday. There were lots of pretty new things, bright colors, new accessories and almost everything was on promo. Add the additional 20% off if you spend over $150 (see Alexis’s post here on the JCA blog) and you’ve got some good deals.

40% off Gallery Tees
30% off Fisherman Cable Sweaters, The Skimmer Pant, Footwear, Blazers, Jackets, Jackie Cardigan, Tunics/Cover-ups, Belts, and Jewelry
20% off Shorts, Skirts, Dresses and Suiting
Crewneck S/S Tee $16.99 promo
V-Neck S/S Tees $19.99 promo (The striped ones are very cute and I was tempted to get them in all colors.)

There were lots of cute little critter necklaces along with some new types of pearls and other necklaces. Here were just a few I was able to snap pics of.

Crab Necklace (I meant to get this, being a Cancer and all, but I completely forgot.)

Ship’s Wheel Necklace

Jeweled Bee Necklace

Ladybug Necklace

Round Bauble Necklace in Blue, also comes in a Mustard-y Tan (at the bottom of the pic)

Jeweled Bee Earrings

Belts in a lot of colors
Striped Jackie Cardigan – #65041, M, Navy – So I was eyeing this Loft sweater last week but it fit too cropped and tight in the arms, in a Medium, so I passed on it. This cardigan fits TTS and has bracelet sleeves and I don’t have a striped cardigan. And navy and white is so classic. – .$54.50 plus 30% off

Sailor Sweater – #65022, Sm, Sailor Blue – I sized down from my normal Medium. This fit well in the Small. I suppose it is meant to be loose and slouchy. Also comes in Black Linen. $69.50 plus 30% off

Floral Tunic – #12572, Sm, TAM – I believe this is meant to be worn as a cover-up, otherwise you’ll need a cami underneath to avoid exposing the girls. I have this pulled up some to avoid exposure. $59.50 plus 30% off

Factory Cap-Sleeve Blouse in Gingham – #66618, Sm, AGI Azalea Gingham? – Mary Ann or Ellie Mae? Cute but not for me. I don’t like elastic on my sleeves. See it here in Chambray. $44.50 plus 20% off

And look what’s made another come-back? I don’t/can’t see the style # but it is $59.50.

Cotton Shift Dress – #36740, 6, Navy – This is a very cute dress. It comes in Navy, Modern Red, and Natural. The Size 6 fit well through the bust and good through the waist seaming.

Modern Red, Sz 8 – You can see the pleating at the bust lays a little flatter than the 6. I preferred this size to the 6 but I would say get your normal size if you are interested in this dress. I would have bought this in both the Navy and Modern Red, if there had been an 8 in the Navy. $98 plus 20%

Cap-Sleeve Dress – #69414, 6, Popsicle Pink – This was a little tight in the bust an arms for me (elastic sleeve), and short. It zips up the back with an exposed zipper. And it a very PINK dress. I couldn’t not try it on, it was so bright. I would size up to an 8 but there weren’t any to try on. $89.50 plus 20%

Striped Dress – #68389, 8, Black – This is a very cute dress. It’s a pull-over style, with no zipper and only a button at the back of the neck. The waist is elastic in the back. As you can see it is a little blouse-y on top. I would have sized to a 6 but there were none left.

Dotted Strapless Dress – #23064, 8, Navy – This is a teeny tiny polka-dot dress, with pockets. I want to say this is the Lorelei style, in the retail version. Very cute.

Same Dress in a Size 6. This fit a little more snug in the top but I was able to zip this up all the way. I’d stay with an 8, which is what I’d normally get in a strapless dress.

Seersucker Mini – #23294, 8, Classic Navy – Very cute mini skirt with some adorable buttons. $59.50 plus 20%

Textured Cotton Mini – #25807, 8, Wild Blackberry – I liked the texture of this mini. I have a pencil skirt in the same texture. It has a slightly exposed back zipper and comes in Natural and Rhubarb. I could have sized to a 6 as this was a little loose in the waist and hips. $56.50 plus 20%

Twill Bell Skirt – #61251, 8, Poppy – I prefer to wear an 8 in these elastic waist skirts so I can adjust how I wear it to give me more or less length. $58 plus 20% off

Agate, 6 – If there had been an 8 in this Viridian Green-ish color I would have brought it home with me. Love!

Vineyard Pencil Skirt – #65816, 6, DPE – A remade-for-factory retail skirt from last year. See it on me here. Fits TTs and just as cute as the retail version.

I did not try on any shorts but here are some in-store right now.
Pink Gingham

3-inch Critter Chino Short – Navy Ivory Anchors

 Bermuda in Modern Red and Pale Coral

And finally, here’s my OOTD and new ‘do.

Tippi Sweater – Heather Dark Grape
Anthro Havana Fresca Maxi Skirt
Cece Ballet Flats 

So what do you think of the New Factory Arrivals? Anything catch your eye?

I haven’t taken advantage of any of the J Crew-palooza promos since Cyber-Monday. But with today’s 30% off online and in-store I decided to stop in and make an exchange and see what new arrivals there might be. There were some bright new items for the Spring 2012 Collection. I was really excited to see new colors of the Tippi sweater. You’ll see three of them below. I tried my best to capture the truest color of everything but without the right light it was a little difficult.

Tippi Sweater – #46725, SGR (something Green), M, $72.50 – Love this color! I couldn’t pass up the 30% off so this one came home with me.

Truer to the real color

Tippi Sweater – #46725, NAZ(Neon Azalea), M, $72.50 – This is a great color too and not as bright as the Blythe in this color.

Floral Perfect Shirt – #60715, BBL, 8, $88, 57% Cotton/43% Silk – The texture reminds me of the Rose Vines Perfect Shirt. I do like it with the Neon Azalea Tipp and it looks good with the other Tippi below.

Jules Dress in Floral – #61607, BBL, 6, $188, 100% Silk/100% Acetate Lining – On the hanger this print is a lot to take in. But once you get it on it’s not so bad. I love that it’s 100% Silk.

Stripe Sweater Dress – I tried this on here and this one is the size Small. I decided to exchange the original Medium for the Small. It fits better and will probably stretch a bit.

Tippi Sweater –  #46725, LBL (something Blue, maybe Lagoon?), M, $72.50
Collection Striped Silk Tunic – #56512, FGR (something Gray), 8, $128 – This size was big on me but I didn’t have the chance to try on the 6.
Ankle Toothpick Jean in Garment-Dyed Twill – #62443, LCI (Light Citron), 30 – These jeans are so comfortable and soft and bright! But they do show things you might not want shown (dimples and extra things and stuff). Not sure if the Blue Grotto will be the same. The Neon Persimmon looks like a good color too.

Such a pretty color for Spring!

Closest pic to the true color.

Stretch Perfect Shirt in Classic Stripe – # 44175, SUN (Sunflower), 8 – I like it tone-on-tone with the jeans.

City Mini in Blackwatch Plaid- #62440, BLA (Blackwatch), 6 – This must have been just an in-store only release. Cute and there weren’t many left in the store. But I was able to snag the Schoolboy Blazer in Blackwatch Tartan on sale plus the 30% off so I passed on the skirt.

What do you think of some of these Spring items? I am really liking the Tippi colors and you’ll be seeing the green on me soon.

Many years ago I disliked Cashmere very much because it was too itchy. My opinion has since changed and I love wearing it alone or layered. I must have had a bad batch or something because cashmere is no longer itchy to me but so soft and cozy. I could wear it all day, every day. And I pretty much have been doing just that.

Right now I am a J Crew snob and only have J Crew Cashmere BUT I do want to try other brands (Talbots, LE, etc.) if I can find just the right color. I have purchased at least one “fun” color and one “staple” color a year. I have a range of Tees (short and long-sleeve), Cardigans, V-Neck Sweaters, and Shawl Collar Sweaters. I have only bought my Cashmere on sale or with a % off or both (as it seems to be with JC these days). The rest I have found on ebay, quite the treasure trove out there, but I know you KWIM.

As far as my “fun” colors, I have Bright Dahia, Deep Poppy, a true Red from Old Navy, Jalapeño, Viridian Green or something similar to that, Dark Orange, Pink and Turquoise. For my “staple” colors, I have Snow (white), Black, Navy, Heather Caramel (camel), Cobblestone (gray) and Green. I like the fun colors because they do liven up a pair of jeans or pants. 

So, I found some time to take 3 outfit pics this week. I am lucky I have found made the time to get dressed every day. But each day I’ve had little errands to run so I’m not doing it at the last minute on Christmas Eve.

Monday…I felt patriotic but very warm and cozy. My legs were a little cold and could have used tights and boots instead of flats. I LOVE the Flair Skirt. It was a sizing issue for me that made me originally not like it but when I found my perfect size I was happy with the fit and “flair” of it all.

Sweater: J Crew Cashmere L/S Tee, Dark Poppy
Skirt: J Crew Flair Skirt, Navy, 8P
Shoes: Prada Calf Hair Flats (I’ve had these beauties for 6 years!)

Wednesday…I really like the color of these cords. I never saw them online so I believe they were an in-store only color. I had these hemmed for flats even though I bought the 29 Short. I think she removed at least two inches. As for this tee, I thought I had lost it. It had been missing for almost a year and then one day when I was going through my “handwash” only laundry I found it. Yay!

Cardigan: J Crew Cashmere Cody, Cobblestone
Tee: J Crew Reindeer Tee (2009)
Pants: J Crew Stretch Vintage Bootcut Cords, Bristol Blue (in-store color)
TOMS Shoes Black Glitter
Today…I wanted to somewhat re-create this look. I know the image is a little small and blurry but you can go here to see it. 
I liked the Tuxedo pant with the scarf and the glittery shoes. I completely missed out on this scarf but was able to find it at ASOS for much less than the JC Cashmere Scarf. Thank you Andrea, over at Life’s Divine blog, for pointing me to it! (Also see the Forever 21 scarf!) I wanted to layer the Cashmere Tee but realized I do not have a black button-down shirt other than the Tartan Perfect Shirt, which I wore Thursday (sorry no pic) so I couldn’t wear it again. (You can see it in my Polyvore strip on the right.) I settled on a J Crew Haberdashery in White from a few years ago along with Wool Tuxedo pants. I added the Asos scarf and I was off to J Crew. 
Shirt: J Crew Haberdashery, White
Sweater: J Crew Cashmere Tee, Snow
Pants: J Crew Wool Tuxedo Pants (ebay)
Shoes: Steve Madden Madee, Glitter

Scarf: Asos
I think I finally found a present for Husband the he will not expect. Not only is he hard to buy for but he spoils his gifts every year, including the Kindle he was going to get this year. He also found a stocking-stuffer and tried to use it before I caught him. The Boy is easy – cash and gift cards to Barnes & Nobles. But I am working with Santa on a special gift this year. Something he’s not expecting at all. As for what I want, thank goodness for the Amazon Universal Wishlist Button or I wouldn’t have anything under the tree. Not that I really want anything but it’s helpful for the in-laws so they can pick something they know I will like.
Well, I’m off to try and wrap some presents this evening. Tomorrow I will be shopping for the nephews and niece and grabbing stocking-stuffers.
Have a Great evening!

Merry Christmas!

First off, don’t forget to enter my Giveaway!

I have been waiting to wear my new Flair Skirt since I received it. I thought today would be the perfect day to wear it. I have errands to run, baking to do and, of course, my actual job. Also, this skirt is not meant for Thanksgiving Day, if you want to eat. I cannot hide a food-baby up in this flair.

This a very simple outfit and I feel very 50s housewife/mom in this.

J Crew Cashmere Tee, Black
J Crew Flair Skirt in Floating Rose
Easy-Peasy…so simple. 
Have a Great day! 

Here are some OOTDs from last week. The first is from Wednesday where it was still 80 degrees outside. This was perfect for our outdoor dinner that night at a local pizza restaurant (outdoor seating only). The shoes were a great casual match for this skirt.

By Friday we had received a shift in temps and layering was required. Oh, how I wanted to wear boots and a scarf but even though it was chilly outside the sun was out trying to make you warm. We had a dinner that evening and Husband’s boss’s house so I added my Bella blazer to keep warm that night.

Shirt: Boy shirt in Quincy Tartan (tried on here)
Jeans: GAP Essential
Shoes: Cece Ballet Flats in Sapphire (Shoes-day here)

Blazer: J Crew Bella in Riviera Blue

Question for all you “Bella” owners out there…How do you keep your collar to stay up? Mine is sort of in-between and sometimes one side is up and the other is down. Do you steam it or lay something on it with the collar up?

Have a Great day! I’ll have some J Crew in-store reviews posted tomorrow.