Many years ago I disliked Cashmere very much because it was too itchy. My opinion has since changed and I love wearing it alone or layered. I must have had a bad batch or something because cashmere is no longer itchy to me but so soft and cozy. I could wear it all day, every day. And I pretty much have been doing just that.

Right now I am a J Crew snob and only have J Crew Cashmere BUT I do want to try other brands (Talbots, LE, etc.) if I can find just the right color. I have purchased at least one “fun” color and one “staple” color a year. I have a range of Tees (short and long-sleeve), Cardigans, V-Neck Sweaters, and Shawl Collar Sweaters. I have only bought my Cashmere on sale or with a % off or both (as it seems to be with JC these days). The rest I have found on ebay, quite the treasure trove out there, but I know you KWIM.

As far as my “fun” colors, I have Bright Dahia, Deep Poppy, a true Red from Old Navy, Jalapeño, Viridian Green or something similar to that, Dark Orange, Pink and Turquoise. For my “staple” colors, I have Snow (white), Black, Navy, Heather Caramel (camel), Cobblestone (gray) and Green. I like the fun colors because they do liven up a pair of jeans or pants. 

So, I found some time to take 3 outfit pics this week. I am lucky I have found made the time to get dressed every day. But each day I’ve had little errands to run so I’m not doing it at the last minute on Christmas Eve.

Monday…I felt patriotic but very warm and cozy. My legs were a little cold and could have used tights and boots instead of flats. I LOVE the Flair Skirt. It was a sizing issue for me that made me originally not like it but when I found my perfect size I was happy with the fit and “flair” of it all.

Sweater: J Crew Cashmere L/S Tee, Dark Poppy
Skirt: J Crew Flair Skirt, Navy, 8P
Shoes: Prada Calf Hair Flats (I’ve had these beauties for 6 years!)

Wednesday…I really like the color of these cords. I never saw them online so I believe they were an in-store only color. I had these hemmed for flats even though I bought the 29 Short. I think she removed at least two inches. As for this tee, I thought I had lost it. It had been missing for almost a year and then one day when I was going through my “handwash” only laundry I found it. Yay!

Cardigan: J Crew Cashmere Cody, Cobblestone
Tee: J Crew Reindeer Tee (2009)
Pants: J Crew Stretch Vintage Bootcut Cords, Bristol Blue (in-store color)
TOMS Shoes Black Glitter
Today…I wanted to somewhat re-create this look. I know the image is a little small and blurry but you can go here to see it. 
I liked the Tuxedo pant with the scarf and the glittery shoes. I completely missed out on this scarf but was able to find it at ASOS for much less than the JC Cashmere Scarf. Thank you Andrea, over at Life’s Divine blog, for pointing me to it! (Also see the Forever 21 scarf!) I wanted to layer the Cashmere Tee but realized I do not have a black button-down shirt other than the Tartan Perfect Shirt, which I wore Thursday (sorry no pic) so I couldn’t wear it again. (You can see it in my Polyvore strip on the right.) I settled on a J Crew Haberdashery in White from a few years ago along with Wool Tuxedo pants. I added the Asos scarf and I was off to J Crew. 
Shirt: J Crew Haberdashery, White
Sweater: J Crew Cashmere Tee, Snow
Pants: J Crew Wool Tuxedo Pants (ebay)
Shoes: Steve Madden Madee, Glitter

Scarf: Asos
I think I finally found a present for Husband the he will not expect. Not only is he hard to buy for but he spoils his gifts every year, including the Kindle he was going to get this year. He also found a stocking-stuffer and tried to use it before I caught him. The Boy is easy – cash and gift cards to Barnes & Nobles. But I am working with Santa on a special gift this year. Something he’s not expecting at all. As for what I want, thank goodness for the Amazon Universal Wishlist Button or I wouldn’t have anything under the tree. Not that I really want anything but it’s helpful for the in-laws so they can pick something they know I will like.
Well, I’m off to try and wrap some presents this evening. Tomorrow I will be shopping for the nephews and niece and grabbing stocking-stuffers.
Have a Great evening!

Merry Christmas!

On Wednesday I took the afternoon off and went to the Prime Outlets “up the road” with my friend Catalina. I hadn’t been shopping shopping at the outlet in a long time. Usually when I’m in town, it is for work and then I just pop in to the J Crew FS. I’ve never had enough time to walk around and pop in to the other stores. We had a lot of fun and brought home a few things.

First off, from J Crew, natch…Most everything in the store was an extra percentage off. One thing I did notice was that they received a lot more shoes so they had them on a wall as opposed to the other side of the jewelry stand. Otherwise, there was nothing new from my last trip there.

Cece Tortoise Ballet Flats

Tissue Turtleneck Tees

I have been looking for a brown bootie for a while. I have 3 pairs of the J Crew Bronson booties and love them. (I’ll do a “Shoes-day” post on them soon.) I found these Cole Haan Cheyenne booties at Neiman Marcus Last Call. I had originally found them at the Cole Haan outlet for $238 plus 30% off. Then we went to NMLC and I found them for $169 plus 30% off. Of course I took the others back. They don’t have Nike Air but that’s ok as Cole Haan shoes are well made. Cole Haan did have these in Black but NMLC did not.

At the Lucky Brand outlet, Catalina and I both loved this cardigan and we both bought it. The embroidery on it is just perfect. I’ve always been a fan of their items that have embroidery on it. This, as well as a few other items in the store were buy one get on 50% off.

At Talbots I tried on a few skirts that were reminiscent of the J Crew Harvest Tweed items but was unable to find a size that fit well. I felt like I was in The Three Bears: The 6 was too small. The 8P was pulling at the hips and the 8 was too loose. None were just right.

When I walked out of the dressing room, Catalina had this skirt in her hands. I found another one in the petite section. It is exactly like the J Crew Merino Pleated Skirt except it is not 100% wool but a wool blend. Considering what happened to my original skirt from J Crew, the first thing I did was pull at the waistband seaming to see if it would come apart. I guess because it is a wool blend the stitching was staying put. This, and most skirts, were 50% off so I go this for $40.

Kate Spade was another stop we made. I hadn’t been in the store since it opened a few years ago. I wanted almost one of everything. Handbags were all 30% off and some were even another 30% off. After seeing the wallets I really wanted one but couldn’t make a decision on which one so I ventured to the clothes. I found the City Lights skirt but since I had just received my City Lights scarf from the Sample Sale I passed on it.

I did find the Matinee Floral Top on sale for $89 plus 60% off. I love all the different colors in it.

I also found the Celeste Too Pumps in Fuchsia on sale for $225 plus 40% off. They also had the black satin and the black wool, both very pretty. I just couldn’t pass up this gorgeous festive color.

We had a lovely afternoon browsing and getting each other’s opinions on clothes. I always shop alone and it was kind of fun to shop with someone else for a change. We promised each other we would not wear our cardigan at the same time (but if we do, I won’t mind because it is just too cute.)
And here is what I wore. I wanted to be comfortable but not chilly since it was cool outside so I layered a tee, dress and scarf.
Dress: J Crew Sweater Dress, ebay find
Tee: J Crew Perfect Fit
Scarf: Airy Wool Scarf
Boots: Corso Como

We had one last holiday meal on Sunday and with the lovely cold front we received I was able to bundle up and wear some new purchases. I added the Velvet Schoolboy blazer again instead of a bulky coat because we would be in the car most of the day.

All J Crew
Tissue Turtleneck Tee, Black, 2010
Minimalist Mockneck Sweater, Heather Graphite
Trouser Jeans (finally hemmed for flats)
Airy Wool Scarf in Wildcat/Savannah
Steve Madden Intyce Boots, Black

Velvet Schoolboy Blazer, Black

Now that we are finally done with the Thanksgiving holiday, we are preparing for a busy December. We have several parties and dinners, and hopefully, a quick weekend trip, all before Christmas.

Happy Cyber Monday!

Today is Husband’s birthday, along with my friend Cata. To celebrate we all went out to dinner last night and then to a few places for drinks after. The meal was delicious and Husband tried raw oysters for the first time. Our waiter surprised us with not one but two “Happy Birthday” desserts that were A-MAZ-ING!

Of course, going out with the possibility of dancing being involved, was the perfect reason to wear the Jules Dress in Wildcat. I really really like this print. I have the Natasha Top, which you saw in this post. I purchased and returned the Scoopneck Blouse and I just purchased two of the Airy Wool Scarf in Savannah, which I’ll be wearing today (see it on Tammy). I do have to exchange one of the scarves because there is a 4-inch snag in it (guess QC missed that one) but, as Tammy said, it is very versatile.

On to the outfit…

All J Crew
Jules Dress in Wildcat
Suede Bronson Booties, Black

Velvet Schoolboy Blazer, Black (2010)

Husband and I turned out to be the night owls. After our friends went home, we made our 3rd after-dinner stop at a Cuban club near our house. I’ve been wanting to go there for years and Husband was in such rare form last night that he said yes to stopping by. We enjoyed ourselves and the live band entertainment and will certainly be back.

We have one last Thanksgiving meal today with some of my in-laws extended family. We are a little tired from our late night out but this is a once-a-year visit so we can’t back out.

Have a Great Day!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? We were at my little brother’s house which was great for many reasons – turkey, dressing, desserts of all kinds, football, gossip. You name it we had it or talked about it. I had on a sweater dress that I Polyvore’d but changed because the weather was beautiful. I lost the cardigan about two hours into the day. It was just too nice and warm.

J Crew Jenna’s Cardigan, Black
J Crew Miller High-Heel Boots, Brown

These are my “Tim Gunn” jeans. The pair I bought to be able to meet him. I had them altered in length a few weeks ago for heels and they are amazing. They have just the right amount of stretch and accommodated all my Thanksgiving eating without an issue. I was comfortable all day.

Today, I was up by 4:30 a.m. thinking about going to Anthropologie at 6 but I just couldn’t bring myself to actually leave the house even though it is only 10 minutes down the road from me. I did get online and ordered the Fire Ants Maxi Dress. I’ve never tried it on so I’m hoping the size 6 will fit.

My in-laws took us to lunch for Husband’s birthday which is Sunday. He was actually born on Thanksgiving Day way back in ’69. Again, gorgeous mid-70 degree weather decided my outfit.

J Crew Chiffon Rose Tee
J Crew Tuxedo Scout Chinos
J Crew Suede Cece Ballet Flats, Bright Flame

I hoped you got some good deals, if you braved the shopping madness today.

Have a Great Evening!