J Crew’let Visit – Holiday 2011

I haven’t been to the J Crew Factory Store in ages. But today, I did a “hand-off” of The Boy to his great-uncle/godfather so he could go to the Longhorn/Tech game. I laughed so hard when my uncle called to tell me The Boy forgot his cell phone in his truck and he had to walk 20 blocks to get it at half-time. He was ranting and raving and all I could say, through my laughter, was “Welcome to the managing-a-teenager club.” But they’re having a great time.

I was able to get to the Factory Store right as it opened. I did a quick walk-through and then started picking out things I have been interested in from the online store. There were lots and lots of sales going on throughout the store. I’ll try to list all the ones I remember or took pics of. I will try to link to all the items I find on-line as well. Let’s get started.

Sequin-Front Tee – UGR, Small, #53120, $88 (plus $10 off sequined tees)
This fits TTS. I should have sized up to a Medium in this. This also came in a cream color which I liked too.

Drapey Sequin 3/4-Sleeve Tee – Black, Small, #53161, $69.50 (plus $10 off sequined tees)
This was a little snug for me in the arms so I tried on a Medium too. I tried on the Retail version of this last year and could feel the stitching of the sequins on the inside of the shirt. This one didn’t bother me so much. It also comes in Heirloom Pink and Dark Pewter. Here’s a link to the short-sleeved tee. It looks the same except for the sleeve length.

Size Medium – Fits a little looser

Tartan Scottie Graphic Tee – Black, Medium, #53244, $34.50 (plus 40% off tees)
Printed Flannel Sleep Pant – Red Dot, Small, #52344, $39.50 (plus 20% off flannel sleep pants)
The tee is so cute and fit TTS. I haven’t bought a graphic tee in a while so I did get this one. The pants are long on me but the fit is great. A medium would have fallen off me. There were lots of colors in-store and they are all online as well.

Sequin Snowflake Tee – Tuscan Olive, Medium, #33137, $45 (plus 20% off tees)
Fits TTS. Cute tee but green snowflakes don’t appeal to me. Plaid pants review is below.

Jackie Cardigan – Deep Poppy, Medium, #14041, $49.50 (plus 40% off cardigans)
I like this “red” color better than the retail Maraschino Cherry.

Cotton Tuxedo Tunic in Check – Dark Charcoal, Small, #33813, $64.50
This size fit great on me. I would not size to my normal Medium. I almost bought it but decided to pass on it not knowing if I would really wear it a lot.

Factory Plush Vest – #61970, $125 (plus 20% off)
I think I also saw this in black in the store. Cute but not my style.

Black Watch Tartan Wool Pant – Blackwatch, 6, #53183, $89.50 (plus 40% off, I think, maybe it was 30%)
Not sure why I tried on the 6 when 8 is my normal pant size. These pull at the hips on me but fit great in the booty and leg. I’d have to get these altered (I’m on my tippy-toes in this pic). I have the retail Cafe’ Capri so these are a pass for me. If you can get to a store with the email coupon these will be a great deal for you.

Plaid Pants – ESPresso, 8, #60967, $89.50
These are an EXACT match for the Cafe Capri in Houndstooth Wool that are currently on sale and which I reviewed here. I checked the tag and it does have a factory tag on it not a retail tag. They fit TTS on me.

Tartan Marvelle Skirt – Black, 6, #54361, $74.50 (plus 30% off skirts)
I’ve been eyeing this skirt online since it first came out. I love my black Marvelle Skirt from last year and was excited to see it in a plaid. But, it is cotton not taffeta like last year’s Marvelle skirt. I would also have liked to try it in a size 8 for just a little more length. It does seem to be popular in-store as there were only 8 left.

Black Watch Tartan Skirt – Blackwatch, 6, #53269, $79.50 (plus 30% off skirts)
I like this skirt and also tried on the 8 for length as well.

Size 8 – Not much of a difference in length. This was sitting on my hips as well.

Fireside Plaid Skirt – Rosy Red, 6, #53742, $79.50 (plus 30% off skirts)
This seems the same as the retail version of this skirt from last year. I think the factory version is not as “leggy” on the pleated side. You can see the retail version on me here.

Taffeta Marvelle Mini – Manchester Purple, 8, #46894, $74.50 (plus 30% off skirts)
This one is not as “poufy” as the retail version (see on me here). I also like this color and, of course, didn’t get it. Wish I had.

Sunnie Pencil Skirt – Gold Multi, 8, #53743, $89.50 ($10 off pencil skirts)
This one is a good material and doesn’t seem cheap. It is not as heavy as the retail version but still has a good weight to it and is lined.

Timber Tweed Pencil Skirt – Bronze, 6, #53734, $89.50 (plus $10 off pencil skirts)
This is another great factory pencil skirt with little bronze flecks throughout. I need another pencil skirt like I need a new pair of shoes…or a hole in my head.

Sequin Velvet Dress – aka “the I’m Kicking Myself Dress” – kick, Kick, KICK! – Black, 6, #55627, $198 (online $178, on sale for $168…in-store promo 30% off of the $198)
Not sure why the pricing is different but I don’t really care because I’m still kicking myself. First off, I don’t know where the velvet is on this dress. There’s no trim or lining in velvet. It is lined though and has a blousey top. This is a pull-over dress, no zippers or buttons. Ugh, this would have been about $110 with the in-store discount and my email coupon. I don’t know when I’ll be back to the store. Why oh freaking why didn’t I get this dress?!?!

Sundrine Shirtdress in Solid Flannel – Heather Elm, 6, #52615, $98 (plus 40% off)
Cute dress and I wore the perfect boots today to try this on with, the Anthropologie Pebbled and Primped boots. This was a great fit, has a drop waist and pockets. I can’t wait to add some tights and wear this.

Factory Suede Ballet Flats – These look just like the Cece Ballet Flats in Oasis Green. $79.50 plus (20% off ballet flats).

Other promos in-store:
Jewelry: 30% off
Hair Accessories: 30% off
Socks: 30% off
Hope these IRL pics help if you’re looking at some online items. I also had the email coupon for 20% off if you spent $125 or more. If you are near a Factory Store I suggest you print out the coupon, which Alexis posted about here on JCA. There are some great deals in-store and with the coupon, it makes the deals even better.
Have a Great evening! I’m off to see Stomp tonight so I need to find something to wear. Shouldn’t be too hard to do, right?


  1. November 5, 2011 / 8:27 pm

    All are great pieces, but I really like the black sequined top!! Did you see the email that I sent to you about an interview?? Let me know if I need to resend!!

  2. November 6, 2011 / 12:00 am

    Great reviews!!! That must have taken you an age. Fun to see so many of these IRL, so thanks for that! Love that sequin dress on you — maybe you could do a charge-send? 😉 Also love the sundrine on you as well — super cute with those boots!

  3. November 6, 2011 / 2:01 am

    Very helpful reviews! The sequin dress is beautiful on you…agree with shopwithm…do a charge-send 🙂

    I went to my Crewlet last night and ended up getting the Blackwatch pants and some flannel pj pants. They did have some really cute sequiny tops but didn't try them on since I have nowhere to wear them. It's always so much fun to see the retail styles reinvented at the crewlet!

    Thanks again for the reviews:)

  4. November 7, 2011 / 12:14 am

    the sequin drapey tee is really cute on you, the sundrine dress is adorable, and i am always happy when jcrew does tartan. i really wish that they would do it again. you found some goodies. i have not been so lucky at my local factory store:(

    thank you for posting. it's nice to be back. i have missed you and all of your cute looks. your hair looks great btw!

  5. November 8, 2011 / 3:13 am

    I love that sequin dress! I need to go to the Crewlet.

  6. November 8, 2011 / 9:00 am

    Woo hoo! I'm so glad to see the blackwatch pants on you. You're one of the bloggers closest to my figure. My pants are on the way. Thanks for all the great pics.