The only new arrival I picked out was the Indigo Demin Skirt. I’ve been wanting to wear it since I bought it but I have had no where to go. So here’s my work-from-home OOTD.
Trying on my new wedges. *Hi Sammy!
Close-up of the skirt (and Gus-He was feeling left out not being on the blog.)

Maybe a little poufy but it’s really cute. It also has front pockets. I was a bit hesitant on getting this because of the length since the website said it was 15 inches (too short!) but I was able to try this on in the B&M and the size 6 measures 17 inches from the top of the waist to the hem (much better).Also, I changed the shirt once I saw the pics. It didn’t really go. (I’ve got a tank and cardi on now.) I would love to get the Brodie leather ankle booties this is styled with but I’m realizing that…um…3+ inch heels are not an all day shoe for me anymore. I’m sure if the bootie goes on sale I’ll forget all about that though.

I went to the mall because my uncle gave me an Express gift card for Christmas. They had their “Shop the Box” sale where they put most of their sale items (tees, tanks, scarves, belts, etc.) in boxes by size. I didn’t find anything on sale and didn’t need any new pants (love the Editor’s) or skirts. I’ll have to wait to see what their Spring collection brings.

I headed over to Anthropologie where they were having a SALE. I love their sales. You know, the ones where the racks are out in the store as opposed to the little room in the back. They also had some Spring items in.

Snowscape Tank-on sale
Elevenses Short-Sleeved Cardi Jacket – on sale (Not sure of the real name b/c it’s not online any longer.)
Emerald Cascade Blouse by Odille
Buds & Stripes Top – I wouldn’t have noticed or looked for this if someone hadn’t done a post on the new arrivals. Love it and the back is too cute.

Leaves of Grass Purse – I found this purse/clutch at an Anthropologie-esque store called Francesca’s Collections. I really like this boutique. They have an online store and also B&M’s throughout the U.S. I first found it when I lived in Knoxville and was excited when they opened one here.

I’m sure all the northerners are laughing at us southerners who can’t handle this freaking cold streak we’re having. We don’t like below freezing. Especially for 3+ days in a row. How can you handle it?

So, I went out to the mall looking like the Bumble. But I was warm!
Stay warm!

More like Burnt Orange!


Hey look…it’s Bella.

The front is sweeping through Central/South Texas and we’ve already hit our high temp for the day – 39. Brrr-rabbit…So layering is required. I’ve got work then the boy’s basketball game and then sitting down to watch the Texas Longhorns take on some football team from Alabama (tee hee). Can’t wait for the game and we’ll have some delicious turkey chili to warm us up while watching.


Sometimes the first outfit of the day is NOT the best choice.

For example:

Um yeah…what was I thinking?!?

Now, after a few more sips of coffee.

…Much better

J Crew Tissue Turtleneck in Light Berry
J Crew Mohair Retro-Stripe Cardigan
J Crew Favorite Fit Cords – from Fall 2008 – I love this color!
Prada Leopard Calf Hair Flats

And I love it! Almost all my clothes and shoes are in that closet (still gotta keep some tees and jeans in the master closet for those “throw something on” days.) It all fits with room to spare.


Ooops…A big mess on the bed.
Painted (gray) and partially shelved.
Shoe wall…a freaking SHOE WALL…7 shelves which can hold 10 boxes each.
Some of the shoes will be hidden which is why I try to have a picture on every box. I’ve got some updating to do as some boxes are missing pics. It’s a really great way to find the shoe you need quickly. I stole this idea from a Clean House episode. Clear shoe boxes work well too. I love the black shoe boxes with the red trim but sadly cannot find any more. I found them at Ross, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, practically stalking every store in two cities to get as many as I could. Now I try to keep all my shoe boxes for any new pairs of shoes.
Top Shelf – Hat Box storage, Sweater box storage
Top Hang – shirts organized by color and type (sweaters, button-downs/blouses, tees, tanks)
Middle Shelf – Boot box storage
Bottom Hang – Short coats, shorts, skirts, pants
Floor – More Boot box and Sweater box storage
Long Hang – Dresses, Long Coat
2nd Shelf on Long Hang – More Sweater Storage
Brown box on the floor in the corner has more sweater storage. I think I need to purge my sweaters. It looks like I’ve got too many and not enough cold days to wear them on.
The lids of the hat boxes and shoe boxes.
And look what I found (among many other things)…
Silk camis
Silk shirts
I forgot I had these. I was wondering where they went.
I have yet to add my purse hanger on the wall along with my flip-flop hanger. I found this at The Container Store. It hangs on the wall and hold up to 6 pairs of flip-flops or sandals. I love that store!
Now I can shop my closet and stop buying another white shirt or black heels or silk shirts and camis.
As always, thanks for reading.