Here are my IRL pics of my outfit from Saturday night.
I got my haircut that morning and went crazy short in the back. My hair has all kinds of cowlicks back there and my stylist hates dealing with them. It’s funny hearing him grumble when he gets to them. He finally he had enough of them over the years and decided to whack it all off. I’m glad he did because I wasn’t bothered by the ruffle around the neck on the Frances cami.
REO Speedwagon played so it was great to remember all those songs from my teenage years. We had a lot of fun.
Have a great afternoon and don’t forget about my GIVEAWAY!

~Yes, that is my “Grinch” Christmas Tree behind me. We found it at a cute little home boutique in Knoxville two years ago. We got rid of our 6 ft tree and brought this little green “Grinchy” tree home with us. I love it. Sometimes I wish I had a big tree to decorate with ribbon and silver and lots of lights but I like to keep things simple and Husband is very practical so it works for us.

Day 3 of the work week OOTD…I’m on a roll. I guess it helps that I have tons of errands to run after working today.

Polyvore – This is very similar to my Thanksgiving outfit. I have the scarf handy ’cause it’s chilly in the house. Husband says I have to wear more clothes if I’m cold inside instead of turning up the heat. BRRRRR…Then he laughs at me when I’m sitting on the couch in a sweater, scarf, blanket and UGGS.


WAHM by audreybella featuring J Crew


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color of the Toothpick Ankle Cords.

Yucky drizzly foggy weather today here in South Central Texas. These are the days I’m happy I work from home. But I decided I wasn’t going to stay in PJs or sweats all day. I’m going to make an extra effort to get dressed at least 3 days of the work week. Since we also have the boy’s basketball game this evening that gives me a little more motivation to do this.


The neighborhood ladies Christmas Lunch is today and this is what I’m wearing. I love the Frances cami in this Moroccan Blue and I was finally able to purchase the Constellation Cardi on ebay. The pants are actually some cropped wide leg wool pants from the Gap a few years ago and I’m finishing off the outfit with my new Loubies.


I was inspired by Joyce this morning to get out of my work-at-home sweats and layer on some “real” clothes.

Here’s my Polyvore.


WAH OOTD by audreybella featuring J Crew


And here’s my IRL…I have a turtleneck, the Pewter Rosette Tee, Cashmere Argyle Sparkle Cardigan and the Velvet Eden Blazer.

I’m glad I changed clothes.