So the new skirt I purchased/exchanged for in this post was called the Linen Sinclair Skirt on the receipt. It’s 90% Linen, 10% Nylon with a 100% Cotton lining. We are still unsure of the exact color name but Kathy had a good guess of Faded Citron, FCI. Style # is 26135 and it is not online yet and I’m not sure if there are/will be other colors. I measured it at 16 inches but it does sit about an inch below my waist and DOESN’T have an elastic band like the Nico skirts. This is a size 6.

Here it is with the Deco Shirred Skirt and the Terra Paisley Skirt for comparison.

Here it is on. Also, I put on the Deco Shirred Skirt for additional comparison. I’m wearing the Silk/Linen Retro Cardigan in Papaya.
I really like this skirt and since Linen wrinkles so easily I like that the slight pleating/shirring allows it to look like it should be wrinkled. I have a feeling if this is in another color or two I may be buying multiples.

Friday we finally had some sunshine, even though it was still cold. I was so tired of wearing jeans and fleece and thick sweaters and sweatshirts. So I saw the sun shining and the blue skies and decided to dress up for the day.

Here’s the Polyvore

Here’s the IRL.

And here’s what I really wore.

Um…yeah…I have my gray tee on backwards. It went over my head the right way. Not sure what happened.

So I didn’t like the way the Elizabeth felt with the tee over it. I think maybe a Perfect Fit tee would have been better or no tee at all. Also, since I wore tights the skirt kept bunching and riding up. I should have worn a slip so it would lay better.

I did go by J Crew to return/exchange two pieces of jewelry and they loved that I was wearing all J Crew, including two new arrivals and using the canvas tote bag. I also went in to try on the Unagi, the Neapolitan and the Double-Stretch Serge Pencil Skirt. OMG! I loved them all. I did get the Unagi which is a great fit in my normal size 6. I tried them all in a 6 and I think I probably could have sized down in the Serge to a 4.

One of the managers/SAs saw me pulling items to try on and said, “We got a new skirt in. You’re going to love it.” And he ran to the back to get it. Apparently they were still pulling things out of boxes. He brought it out and it is this gorgeous lime/yellow/green and in a linen/silk blend.

It’s a Linen blend and the tag says FCI for the color…Something Citron?? I tried on the 6 and loved it. It fits like the Terra Paisley or Deco Shirred Skirts. I’m thinking a white button down, with rolled sleeves and this scarf (or something similar).

So I ended up exchanging the two necklaces for the two skirts. I didn’t even ask when the rest of the new arrivals would be out. I was too excited about my skirts.

J Crew has new arrivals online and in-stores today. The only thing that really caught my eye was the Lipstick Gold Foil Pencil Skirt. It’s apparently catalog and online only so I won’t be trying it on.

Our perfect pencil silhouette—leg lengthening and fit to flatter—updated for spring in a gorgeous rose-gold foiled cloqué with a grosgrain ribbon waistband. Prepare for compliments. Italian silk/metallic threads/nylon.

It’s so pretty. IF I were to get this I’d probably go with an 8 due to the material. I’d also be afraid to sit down. It looks like it would tear and fray easily.
But oh so pretty.

I really like the style of the J Crew Celosia cardigan and kick myself for not buying more in the Fall. So when I saw this cardigan available for Spring my only decision was on which color or colors to get. Out of them all I liked the Wild Plum the best. The color looked so beautiful and saturated.

I was going through my closet to see all the things I would wear it with. I was really excited about this color! And then it arrived in the mail yesterday.

See the difference. The picture is the best I could take with my camera and get the best color. It’s dull and faded, like I accidentally washed it in the machine and then dried it on Super Hot. I know companies have all the fancy lighting and cameras and make their goods appealing so you’ll buy them but this truly is not the same color. So it’s going back.

Here are my other purchases.
Perfect-Fit Cascade Tee in Sheer Lilac, size Small oops, I mean Medium.
I like this. The “ruffles” are little more tame than the Tissue Garland Tank.
Linen Cotton Overstitch Tank in Heather Stone, size Small
I bought it to go with the Scalloped Zipper Cardigan but I realize that I have other things that go with it just fine. It’s going back too.

And, of course, the Vintage Bateau Top in Dark Pewter, size Small. It’s now on back-order until 6/15 in this color and the Pale Camel. I have the navy and bright pink from a few seasons ago.

So that’s it. Two are going back. I’m still so sad about the Wild Plum. Maybe if I take a picture outside it will look better?

The pieces I have from J Crew are so great for layering. Especially when it’s chilly outside and you just want to stay cozy inside.

Here’s the Polyvore.

2/9/2010 OOTD
2/9/2010 OOTD by audreybella featuring J Crew 

Shirt: J Crew Vintage Bateau
Turtleneck: J Crew Tissue Turtleneck
Pants: J Crew Toothpick Ankle Cords
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Ballerina in Camo
Vest: J Crew Sherpa
Here’s what I’m wearing.
I changed out the shoes from my Polyvore set. These are some cool Nike Blazers that are suede (brown areas) and tweed. The soles are a light purple.
I received my order yesterday (which had the Vintage Bateau top in it) and am disappointed in the Celosia Cardigan in Wild Plum. I’ll post my thoughts and IRLs later today or tomorrow.