Que Bella: Harvest Moon

Some days you just know you’ve created the perfect outfit. The outfit that makes you feel amazing and chic and puts a little more bounce in your step. The hair and make-up may not be perfect but that outfit, oh the outfit, you want to wear it, or at least recreate it, every single day. Some people have a knack for pulling clothes out of their closet and it just works. Every time. I do not have that ability. Creating that perfect outfit daily is something I cannot do without a little help from my friends. (Pinterest, the Stylebook App, Instagram, other Blogs).

But today, I loved what I created. I just bought the Harvest Moon Poncho over the weekend during the 20% off sweaters promo. I tried it on with this skirt (reviews coming soon) and loved it. It has that bat-wing, open-side, dropped/no shoulder trend/s going on. It’s see-though so layering is in order and it’s a turtleneck, something I stay away from. But the turtleneck is slouchy and wide. Pushing up the sleeves helps with the bat-wing and the Silk Sleeveless Blouse was the perfect layering piece. 

 ~ Harvest Moon Poncho, Anthropologie ~
~ Silk Sleeveless Blouse, Ivory, J Crew ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch ~
~ Quinn Suede Ankle Booties, Dark Cedar, J Crew Factory ~

I even have little bulldogs on my socks (J Crew). I don’t see them online but they were in the sale section in-store. There are Elephants, Bows and I also love these Anonymous Isom socks
I was totally comfortable all day long.
Now to figure out what to wear tomorrow.

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  1. November 12, 2014 / 5:22 pm

    Super duper cute!!! I love this look, Audreybella 🙂