Tory Burch: Karina Skirt, Juliana Skirt

I thought the patterns and colors on both of these next two skirt from Tory Burch were really interesting.

~ Karina Skirt, Sandshell, size 8 ~

The Karina Skirt is a pretty floral print on a wrap mini skirt, sitting at 18 1/2 inches. I would wear this with a solid sweater on top pulling from the more subtle colors on the skirt, like mint, olive or the cobalt blue.
The size 8 fit true-to-size to maybe just slightly big in the hips. I’d stick with the size 8 as the waist was a little snug for me. Sizing to a 10 would make the waist a little more comfortable but add more material at the hips.

I am a little worried about only two buttons holding this skirt in place. It’s definitely not for a windy day, though the bottom layer does go all the way across both legs.

I love the little fabric button on the outside. The inside button is a plain, sturdy clear button. You can see the subtle colors I mentioned above in this picture.

~ Juliana Skirt, Douglas Fir, size 8 ~
I tried this on for the print. The material is mostly cotton with a silk blend but felt almost like a quilt material. The wrap on this is more exaggerated than the Karina Skirt. The print matches up almost exactly where the top wrap meets the bottom. 

It’s also much shorter at 17 inches. The size 8 fit snug so I would size up in this skirt. Tights would also be a requirement for this skirt. Other than the Tanya Top in Black or Ivory I had a hard time trying to style this skirt in my head.

The print, though, is a conversation starter.

I passed on both of these skirt as well as not including them in my wishlist. They are not quite my style and the prints, though unique, are not what I’m looking to add to my closet at this time. I can’t love everything, right? 

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