Que Bella – Capsule Remix Week 2

I was pretty happy last week with everything I picked out to wear for my Capsule Remix. I realized that I need to include an additional top, as a back-up, in case one is not easily laundered (i.e.-Dry Clean Only). I usually know ahead of time what the plans are for the week and if we have anything scheduled for the weekend. Last week, though, I originally was not scheduled to go in to the office on Friday, but luckily I had already planned out to wear my favorite outfit.

For this week’s remix, I have to plan around the weather. We already dropped to the 60s and had quite a bit of rain. My original plan was shorts and skirt but I have changed that to jeans and pants along with long-sleeve blouses and a few lightweight sweaters. Everything this week is J Crew, except the White Denim Jeans.

Keating Boy Blazer in Linen, J Crew Factory ~
~ White Denim Jeans, Express (J Crew, GAP) ~
~ Isabelle Printed Bow Pumps, J Crew Factory ~
~ Cece Ballet Flats in Suede & Leather, J Crew ~

And what I wore Monday and Tuesday. 

 ~ Metallic V-Neck Sweater, J Crew ~
~ White Denim Jeans, Express (J CrewGAP) ~
Martina Wedges in Metallic, J Crew ~

~ Cece Ballet Flats in Suede & Leather, J Crew ~
Lest you think I’ve stopped shopping during this remix, I have some Mother’s Day finds from The Limited, Banana Republic and Anthropologie coming up this week!

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Did you hear???? J Crew now has REVIEWS online! Will you take advantage of that new feature? 


  1. May 14, 2014 / 12:04 pm

    I love that blazer in your capsule with the denim! I am speaking tonight at Chico's in the Village of Stone Oak at 6PM with door prizes…hope you could stop by and bring some friends! Would love to meet face to face!

  2. May 16, 2014 / 5:25 am

    How did you set up your capsule? Great idea to be organized for the week. I spend so much time wasted standing in front of my closet. Love your picks

    • May 16, 2014 / 1:08 pm

      Pix*see Style – I'm not sure if you have the Stylebook App but that's what I'm using. It's a pain in the beginning to add all your clothing along with all the detail (price, store, size, name) but once you have everything in there adding new items is pretty quick. Polyvore is great but doesn't keep track of whether or not an outfit is worn or Cost-per-wear.

      I'll do a quick post this evening on my thought process.