I waited two days before wearing these Isabelle Bow Pumps even though I was going crazy knowing I had them. Thank the weather for that. But Thursday was a beautiful day and required these shoes to be worn.

Keating Boy Blazer in Linen, J Crew Factory ~
~ White Denim Jeans, Express (J CrewGAP) ~
Isabelle Printed Bow Pumps, J Crew Factory ~
So far, for Week 2 I’ve learned that I need a new pair of white jeans. I bought these from Express waaaaay back in 2006 when I still a skinny-minnie and could wear low-rise jeans. Jump to my almost 42-year-old self and mid-rise jeans are high on my radar. As soon as I find a new pair of white jeans that are 1) mid-rise but not mom jeans, 2) thick enough that you can’t see through them, 3) just skinny enough and 4) ankle length I will find a new home for these. I’m glad I stuck with this week’s remix even with the weather challenge. 
Have a Great Weekend!

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I was pretty happy last week with everything I picked out to wear for my Capsule Remix. I realized that I need to include an additional top, as a back-up, in case one is not easily laundered (i.e.-Dry Clean Only). I usually know ahead of time what the plans are for the week and if we have anything scheduled for the weekend. Last week, though, I originally was not scheduled to go in to the office on Friday, but luckily I had already planned out to wear my favorite outfit.

For this week’s remix, I have to plan around the weather. We already dropped to the 60s and had quite a bit of rain. My original plan was shorts and skirt but I have changed that to jeans and pants along with long-sleeve blouses and a few lightweight sweaters. Everything this week is J Crew, except the White Denim Jeans.

Keating Boy Blazer in Linen, J Crew Factory ~
~ White Denim Jeans, Express (J Crew, GAP) ~
~ Isabelle Printed Bow Pumps, J Crew Factory ~
~ Cece Ballet Flats in Suede & Leather, J Crew ~

And what I wore Monday and Tuesday. 

 ~ Metallic V-Neck Sweater, J Crew ~
~ White Denim Jeans, Express (J CrewGAP) ~
Martina Wedges in Metallic, J Crew ~

~ Cece Ballet Flats in Suede & Leather, J Crew ~
Lest you think I’ve stopped shopping during this remix, I have some Mother’s Day finds from The Limited, Banana Republic and Anthropologie coming up this week!

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Did you hear???? J Crew now has REVIEWS online! Will you take advantage of that new feature? 

The Aberra Tee from Tory Burch has been on my wishlist since it came out. It was never in my local store so I wasn’t able to try it on. I decided to wait to see if my size made it to sale and luckily enough it did. With beautiful warm sunny days and busy weekends it feels good to bring in Spring without sweaters and coats.


~ Aberra Tee, Tory Burch ~
~ White Jeans, Express (Tory BurchJ CrewOld Navy) ~

The Boy’s Varsity Soccer Team is rolling through playoffs so I’m off to another game tonight! Hopefully this one is a straight up win. The last two games have both gone to 2 overtimes and Penalty Kicks! Nail-biters for sure.

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I think you all can agree with me that today is a beautiful day. We can all celebrate that it is FINALLY SPRING! Yes, there may be more snow and cold and rain on the way (shakes fist at Groundhog) but that is all snow/cold/rain weather in SPRING and not dreadful Winter.

I chose green, white and silver to welcome Springtime to Central Texas today. I could not wait to wear my Lillian Mirror Metallic Low Wedges. I paired them with the Drapey Crepe Henley Tunic and White Jeans from Express (Tory Burch, J Crew, AG, Old Navy). I even added some jewelry with the Grande Crystal Drops Necklace and Sparrow Cuff.

I’ve had these jeans for almost 8 years! Probably the oldest item in my closet. The back is a little exposing but I usually wear a belt. White Denim is so hard to shop for. You don’t want the material too thin as it will show everything. Since my skin-tone is darker I have to be careful that thinner light denim is not see through. I’ve tried on some J Crew Toothpicks from a year or two ago in Mint and my skin-tone showed right through. Crazy!

Hope you’ve all had a great first day of Spring!

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Some friends had a dinner party a few weeks ago and the dress was casual. I had to work in the office that day and it was a Friday.

For work, I paired the Linen Dot Sweater, my old White Express jeans, Tory Burch Sandals, finishing off the look with the cute J Crew Elephant necklace.

For dinner, I switched out my top and shoes for the J Crew Grenada Palm Cami and my Hunter sandals. 

I love my casual dinner outfit. The Grenada Palm Cami is one of my favorites. Though I was a little over-dressed with a silk top, I prefer this casual look over a tee, shorts and flip-flops (J Crew of course). 

Have a Great Day!