Anthropologie: Moineau Bouquet Tee, Reverie Pendant Necklace & Molly Hatch

I headed in to Anthropologie last Saturday when they had 15% off for Mother’s Day. I hadn’t been in a while so everything looked fresh and new to me. I spotted the Moineau Bouquet Tee by Vannessa Virginia but in a size 6 then a 12. I grabbed the 6 even though the arms looked pretty small. Sure enough, when I tried on the blouse, it was tight. Luckily, another lady in the fitting room had a size 8 she wasn’t going to buy and I found that to fit a little better. I loved it in the store but after seeing it in a few pics I don’t think I’ll keep it. It is very sheer but you can’t tell as I have on a nude cami underneath. I love the embroidery on top but the swing/a-line on the bottom makes me look larger than I am. I think the online model image has it pinned in the back to give it a little more structure.

I spotted the Reverie Pendant Necklace on a mannequin at the front of the store and immediately liked it. I love the long length though it is a bit delicate. One of the pendants had the larger stone missing from the middle. 
Two Christmas’s ago I put the Molly Hatch Peony Portrait Cake Platter on my wishlist, and received it. Then last year during the 15% off during Mother’s Day Saturday, I purchased the Peony Portrait Platter and Serving Bowl.
I would love to see different sized serving bowls or even mixing bowls in the Peony Portrait, though the paint may scratch or fade on the inside. 

My birthday discount is in June so I have a few more picks I’m waiting to try.

What has caught your eye at Anthropologie? Did you shop the 15% off on Mother’s Day Saturday?

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